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Vegetation growing on the ground in nature
Ice crystals on an evergreen branch shimmer in the sunshine with a tree line behind
Birds eye view of a frozen alpine lake with snow covered logs and shoreline
Evergreen trees of an alpine forest meet the edge of an icy wetland pond
Top down view of a frosty lake shore between an evergreen forest and glacial lake on a winter day
Flying along the frozen banks of a snow and ice covered forest pond
A tall tree looms high over frosted and densely packed new growth of an evergreen forest
Ascending twist over the tops of a wintergreen forest
Top down descending twist of a frosty winter forest
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Ascent at first light over a frosty evergreen forest with tall mountains in the distance
A dense fog flowing along the mountainside starts to envelop a forest below
Tilt up reveal of the morning sun rising above a dense evergreen forest
Ice floats on water sparkling in sunlight
Pullback traverse along the tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Fog and mist intertwine between the dark trees of a spooky mountain forest
Fog and mist intertwine between the dark trees of a spooky mountain forest
Aerial Edge 
GS11163615   (RM) 
Alpine trees grow below the timberline of snow covered mountains under wintery skies
Pullback ascent over a mist and fog shrouded forest
Top down view of streams and small ponds in a wintery alpine forest marsh
Pullback descent over misty tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Traversing above the trees of an alpine forest on snow covered mountain slopes
Water falls off low ledge into river between snow covered ice crusted plants
Small green plants grow out of a tree trunk as heavy snow falls
A large tree trunk and bare branches with snow falling
A person sticking a stake into the snow and ice
A view of a mountain with snow and ice on it
Heavy snow covers the canyon
The cliff is covered in heavy snow
Top down traverse over icy river water flowing between snow covered rocks in a frosty evergreen forest
Skimming along the tree tops of a mountain slope forest under a blue sky
A plant with leaves next to a tree with snow falling
A yellowing plant sways in the wind as snow falls from the sky
Snow covered mountains and deep canyon with dry riverbed
A snow covered mountain in the wilderness on a winter day
Heavy snow covers the mountain range
Snow crusted conifer forest stands on mountain slope under overcast sky
A stunning painted sky over frost covered trees in a forest with mountains along the horizon
Descending along the slope of a foggy mountain forest
Skimming over the tree tops as fog and mist flow over a mountain range
Traverse above an alpine river in the woods as fog shrouded mountains loom high in the distance
Ascending over a mountain forest as thick fog rolls over the trees
Pullback ascent along a mountain river running through a fog shrouded forest
Ascent toward a river surrounded by misty trees and a rugged mountain range
A wisp of fog drifts over the tree tops on a hillside forest
An icicle hangs from a rock next to green vegetation
Smoke billows over bushes and trees
A green car is parked in the snow
A green car is parked in the snow during midday
Snowflakes through green ferns
Rain falls on windshield with the blurry tree images in the background
Tiny lines and cracks on the surface ice
A pipeline with a dirt road beside it cuts through trees and snow
Adrian Houston 
GS11130406   (RF) 
Snow and green blossoms as the seasons change
White water flows down a rock slope and onto the water where a boat sits
A wind turbine turns on a clear day
Aerial view of wind turbines spinning on the snow covered hills at daytime
An aerial view of vehicles on a highway
Clouds move by in a star filled sky and the northern lights shine green
Water falls down a snow covered cliff in a woodland in the evening
Aerial view of mountains next to green forest
Aerial view of forest trees
Mountain valley forest with a mountain range in the distance on a cloudy day
A sunset that is over a mountain area
Green vegetation across a snowy field from a ridge of snow covered mountains in the evening
Clouds flow over the icy tundra
The town sits at the edge of the mountain
The sun is rising on the town near the mountain
Snow falls with trees in the background
Snow flakes falling over a lush green fir tree in a forest
Two green tents with tibetan flags in the snow covered mountain peaks at morning
Low lying clouds obscure snowy mountain bordering circular coast covered in snowy forest
An autumn forest with snow above
Sun glares through green pine needles of snow covered forest
A turbine on a wind farm turns on a clear day
A wind turbine on a wind farm turns on a clear day
Wind turbines on hills with cars driving past
The northern lights shimmer and wave in the sky above icy water and a glowing tent campsite
Snow and ice covered land
A water fall rushing down a cliff in a forest
A birds eye view of a frozen river in a pine forest in nature
A stream of water flowing over snow and ice in nature
An aerial view of mountains with snow on them
A waterfall flowing over a cliff in snowy mountains on a winter morning
Trees in a snow covered forest
A cabin with snow with trees in the foreground with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Water flows down an ice and snow covered rock face into a hole in the ice below
A waterfall spills down a snowy cliff in an evergreen forest during the evening
Aerial view of a waterfall flowing over the rock cliff of a mountain at winter
Waterfal pouring ver the frozen cliff of a snow covered mountain
Water and snow flow down a rock face in a landscape of evergreen trees and snow
A waterfall down a snowy cliff into a valley covered in snow and ice
A waterfall flowing over a snowy cliff in the wilderness
A river and waterfall surrounded by trees cliffs and snow
An aerial view of a city near some snowy mountains
Aerial view of a rural area in winter is displayed
The smoke rises from industrial area in the town
Small town on the coast of a lake near the mountains at sunset
The factory at the bottom of the hill is giving off smoke
Vegetation in a foggy flatland below a mountain at sunrise
Time lapse of green aurora polar lights in the sky at night over the mountains
Lighted tepee tents under green northern lights
Time lapse of green waving aurora polar northern lights in the sky at night
Snow falls from the sky on tall green fir trees
Green of leaves contrasts with white background
The traffic light turns green to red
Fog and clouds cover trees on a mountain slope
Clouds and fog cover evergreen trees
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