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The silhouette of a woman in a hat standing outside at sunset
Abstract red metallic sculpture over the snow in a plaza between buildings
Abstract red metallic sculpture over the snow in a plaza between buildings
A man running outdoors
A man running outdoors
Man jogs along street through graveyard as sun turns horizon over ocean red
A man stands under an architectural sculpture
Friends snap pictures near the sculpture
A woman holds up a cell phone to take a selfie of herself and friends
A group of people taking a photo in front of a monument at dusk
People are outdoors taking a photo together
A group of people standing together and talking outdoors as it grows dark
A group of friends are outdoors at sunset
A woman in a hat is silhouetted against the sky at dusk
Girl standing looking at the sky
Silhouette of a young woman standing outside and looking across the landscape
A woman is standing outdoors wearing a hat and watching the sun set
A woman wearing a hat turns her head as she looks at the sky at sunset
Silhouette of a person at dusk
The silhouette of a woman in a hat standing outside at sunset
A woman is looking around at the dawn sky
A womans shadow is standing outside wearing a hat
A woman in a hat standing outdoors during the sunset
A man taking a photo of a rock monument
A man is outdoors looking at a sculpture
A man is putting a sculpture together outdoors at dusk
People standing and talking in the desert next to four large rock sculptures
Colorful rock pillars stand in a desert on a sunny day
A group of people are gathered outside at dusk
A group of people laugh together while standing outside with little sunlight
Friends hang out at the sculptures
People stand outside with their arms raised above their heads while holding tubes with smoke coming out of them
Silhouettes of people at dusk
A person holds up a smoke flare in a group
A group of people holding smoke bombs in the desert
A group of people wave smoke around a display of large stacked rocks
A group of people are celebrating with smoke bombs in the evening
A young woman spins around and release powder in to the air
Several people are waving smoke bombs around on a dusky evening
A man holds something pouring out red smoke
A man and woman hold hands while walking through an outdoor plaza filled with sculptures made out of christmas lights
Woman overlooking the landscape around her
Woman overlooking the landscape around her
Marko Roth 
GS11613253   (RM) 
Woman sits outside by palm trees on a cloudy day
Man looks at a small sculpture made of twine
Pottery cups sit in rows after being created
A woman is carving fine details into a clay jar
A soldier statue is surrounded by trees
A home decorated with christmas decorations
Two people spar under a large city structure
Statue stands outdoors near leafless trees under bright and dark clouds
The lion of lucerne monument rock relief in switzerland
People travel around the park
Classical marble sculpture in front of a blue sky
Close up of the heads of a sculpture in front of a classical building
Time lapse of the merlion park statue in front of marina bay sands
A ferry boat transporting across the harbor with statue of liberty in the background
A passing view of an outdoor wall with a sculpted design pattern in the daytime
Willie mays statue on oracle park in san francisco
Facade of a the towers and sculptures of a church caught on vintage film
People walk through the monuments of London's Royal Buckingham Palace
People walking around the cloud gate or bean sculpture in chicago
A view of a church with a clock tower
A clock sits atop a city building
A statue with a building with pillars the sky and clouds in the background
A sculpture of an asian mans head runs the height of an ancient building
Grave monuments crowd together in graveyard with town and red horizon in distance under cloudy sky
Headstones and monuments in a cemetery on the coast
Clouds obscure red tinted sky on horizon of ocean in background behind cemetery
A large textured tube is made to look like the ocean and shows views of the ocean
A statue in front of buildings
A reveal of a abraham lincoln memorial
A large sculpture of a seated abraham lincoln is illuminated by sunlight at the lincoln monument
A statue of a man on a horse stands in a park with buildings visible through the trees
Father picks up child near statue and are also silhouette by sun shining through city
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
Aerial view of a conical monument in the snow covered clearing in the forest
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
Geometrical carved sculptures standing in the snow in a park
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures in a fog covered park
Geometrical hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
A sculpture made of concrete surrounded by snow
A large architectural sculpture sits at the bottom of a hill near lighthouses
Gargoyle statue with fall trees in the background
A statue is outdoors in autumn
Globe sculpture at columbus circle in central park west new york
A large statue of a man in a suit with arms crossed carved partially out of stone at sunset with trees and the blue purple and pink sky in the background
Green of leaves contrasts with white background
Heavy fog is covering the plant being waved around
A bouquet is placed down in the fog
Heavy fog covers the bouquet that is dropped
Fern fronds brighten as day dawns then darken as night falls
Jessica Sample 
GS1623245   (RM) 
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