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The fire rises and sparks at night
Dead dry branches surround flames as a fire burns on dry cracked earth
A bonfire made with tall sticks on a triangle formation burns in a desert at night
A bonfire blazes outside in front of a large hill
A fire burns from the ground in the desert
Flames covering an area of ground are burning in the darkness
A fire burning on some soil
A lone wispy orange fire plume slowly drifts upwards surrounded by blank darkness
A fireball explosion against a black background
A table on fire in a living room next to a chair
The race track is empty near the city
Clouds hang low in front of hills as a truck travels on an empty road
An aerial view of a downtown area with office buildings skyscrapers and cars driving
A steady stream of smoke rises from the rooftops of several downtown skyscrapers
The John Hancock building surrounded by a frozen lake
Aerial view of the skyscrapers in chicago skyline at sunset
View of an empty and closed playground
Closed and empty playground during covid 19 pandemic
Aerial of a huge snowy mountain range in the purple dusk
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
Four skiers in a vast glacial field at sunset
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at day
Aerial wrap around a snow covered mountain and an old avalanche
Aerial view of snowy mountains and an old avalanche
Aerial of glacial mountains in the mist
Aerial of fog around a snowy mountain at sunset
Aerial of winter mountain ranges
Aerial view of a snow covered mountain on a cloudy day
Aerial movement along a mountain plain at sunset
Aerial of snowy mountains draped in clouds
Aerial of a skier descending a huge mountain at high speed
Aerial push over tidal area and ocean in front of snow capped mountain range
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Aerial pull over ice flow in the arctic at sunset
Aerial descent over a stunning arctic area at sunset
A quiet neighborhood street
Flowers bloom in empty Washington Square park near downtown
A city street lined with apartment buildings is empty of people
Skyscrapers tower over traffic light
Wind blowing over snow covered mountains on a winter day
The building has a clock and statue at the top
Single car drives through city empty streets
An eerily empty grand central station
Skyscrapers tower over the leafless tree tops on a cloudy day
A car waits at a red light as a van turns onto the city street
Traffic traveling along a street between rows of tall buildings in a city during the day
Steam coming off the roof of a building in city downtown
Birds fly past a cathedral in a city
Wind and snow blow through a rocky landscape
A view of a modern skyscraper in downtown
A park bench on the side of an empty park walkway
The trees are beginning to blossom in the empty park
The tunnel is dark before the staircase
Train crosses Chicago highway
Fearless girl statue in front of new york stock exchange
A cement staircase leads up to the sydney opera house
A stone wall dividing the area in the street
A wide staircase leads to the sydney opera house
Two bicycles are parked next to the curb and lawn on a neighborhood street
Bicycles on a sidewalk with trees vehicles the street and buildings in the background
Rows of blue reclining chairs on a stadium at night
Rows of empty seats in a dark stadium
Several bright lights shine down from metal scaffolding located in a studio where filming can occur
An empty bench sits on a train platform
A city street with vehicles buildings and steam coming out of the sewer system
Steam rises up from the city street and billows in front of buildings
A chimney with steam with buildings in the background
Posters line the walls of an empty subway tunnel
Empty view of the subway
View of the empty subway
An empty metro station
A taxi cab and a city bus cross through a city intersection on a city street
A city skyline and embankment
Dark fabric drags across arid ground away from fog and branch
A long black cloth is dragged through arid cracked soil of a flatland through clouds of dust
A fire made of a pile of sticks grows taller and sends sparks flying into the air
A fire starts from below a pile of a sticks formed into hill in the desert
Flames burn dry branches at night
A campfire is burning and full of sticks
Rising flames send sparks flying in the air
The fire is burning in the sand
Flames covering the ground are burning in the darkness
A room with fire burning with a wall and doorway in the background
Aerial of snowy mountain peaks in pink sunset light
Aerial view of a vast glacial plain
Aerial of a massive glaciated mountain
An aerial view of a rocky mountain peak and vast glacier
Aerial movement through stunning huge mountains
Rows of blue reclining chairs in a stadium at night
The train tracks run through the desert
A building at an empty intersection with a bench in front and an american flag flying
Flying closely alongside a rugged cliff wall above a wide and barren canyon valley
Wide shot of a rural area with railroad tracks
A branch is being dragged on a black robe
A large sand dune is outside of the city
Snow is covering the mountains in winter
A tree with no leaves under a dark sky on a snowy night
Snow blowing in the wind near a light
Snow blowing in the wind near a light
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11147647   (RM) 
Heavy rain pours down at night
Snow falling around a street lamp during a blizzard at night
Snow blowing around an illuminated street lamp during a blizzard at night
Frost outdoors is visible in front of a lamp post at night
Snow falling in front of a light at night
Snow flying in front of a light during a blizzard at night
White particles flow past light creating glare against surrounding darkness
A car with headlights driving in a blizzard on a snow covered road
Flags wave in a breeze in front of a city building
Under a bridge with a bench and pillars with an opera house and the sky in the background
The sydney harbour bridge crosses the water and leads to the sydney opera house
Buses and cars approach toll booths at a highway merge
An empty pedestrian bridge walkway with city buildings behind
Empty fenced pedestrian walkway show city and sydney opera house nearby
A single car drives through the empty city
Two boats on the ocean with waves next to a large ship
A fence in a beach boardwalk with pigeons and sand and the ocean in the background
A sign hanging on a bannister on the coast
Bench bordered by bushes sits near marina with buildings occupying slope in background
The playground is empty
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