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Clouds of steam rising from a power plant in a small town near a lake at night
Boats go across water behind pier and in front of city skyline
Skyline of new york city in front of a river filmed from the highway at morning
A panning shot of a skyline
Cars driving a long a road on the shore with a city skyline across the water
Vehicles drive on a highway alongside a river that leads to downtown
Train follows train tracks away from mountains past forest and paralleling river
A river runs along a bank filled with fir trees
A house with a vehicle parked underneath with the sky and clouds in the background
A bird soaring over ocean waves in the daytime
Overhead view of a fire damaged hillside slowly starting to recover
Ascending a hillside with many bare and broken trees
A boat travels a river under a bridge
Car towing a boat crossing an arched bridge over a river
Cars traveling on a bridge over a river near a small town
Tilt up from Lake Washington to reveal the Bellevue skyline behind Meydenbauer Bay
Sunrise ascending reveal of Meydenbauer Bay and downtown Bellevue from behind stunning lakeside homes
Traverse toward downtown Bellevue as the silhouette of tall trees reveal Meydenbauer Bay
Mount Rainier peeks out from behind a Bellevue hillside neighborhood along Lake Washington at sunrise
The skyline of downtown Bellevue in the distance behind trees and homes of a hillside neighborhood
Waterfront homes line the hills in front of the Bellevue skyline
Time lapse of an arctic lake next to a rocky terrain with pointed glaciers and low mist moving overhead and northern lights appearing at night
Small pieces of ice moving around on the surface of water next to ice glaciers pointing out from a rocky mountain slope
High rise condo buildings next to still water at sunset
A person kayaks in the waterway past downtown and docked boats in a marina
Miami skyline is lit up as the sun sets
Miami buildings and skyscrapers with the sky and clouds in the background
A landscape with hills and a river with the sky and clouds in the background
The sun is nearly set behind the river
Aerial view of an ocean is displayed
Aerial view of a water reservoir behind a dam in the mountains
An aerial view of hills surrounded a lake in nature
A landscape with a river with water with the sky and clouds in the background
A river with water with a dam
City skyline next to the river with boats floating on water at dusk
Aerial view of downtown city at night is displayed
City lights shimmer and glow at night along the waterfront
Street parallels river passing bridge and refinery across from skyline on misty day
Traveling along a road near a river with a city in the distance
Distant skyscrapers loom over the industrial section of a metropolis on a cloudy day
Vehicles drive past a power plant on the shore with a city skyline in the distance
A city skyline with a skyscraper and tall buildings is along a river front
Traffic moves along a highway as the skyscrapers of a metropolis loom in the distance across a bay in the evening
Aerial orbit around a large drone flying over a beach at sunset
A drone descends from the sky toward a beautiful beach at sunset
Landscape of a beach coastline with trees and a drone flying in the air during the day
Tracking shot of a drone flying through a coastal forest environment
A long pier juts out into the ocean as people surf and boat
Small boats bob in the water as they are parked in a marina near a neighborhood
A harbor with boats with houses trees the sky and clouds in the background
The boats are all docked by the shore
Several small boats bob in the water on a windy day at a coastal dock
Empty clothesline sways in breeze against pink tinted horizon
A sunset that is over a mountain area
Green vegetation across a snowy field from a ridge of snow covered mountains in the evening
A bird flies over a shore with the skyline and mountains in the background
Clouds over the snow covered peaks of a mountain range near a lake at sunrise
River with grass around and mountains behind it with pink clouds in the sky
The town sits at the edge of the mountain
A cargo shipping boat on a river filmed from a bridge at morning
A barge loaded with containers moves across the water
The sun is rising on the town near the mountain
The sun is rising on the town near the mountain
Derek Pueblo 
GS11107738   (RM) 
A wide shot of a landscape
Clouds of steam and vapor rising from a power plant in a small town in the coast of a lake at dawn
A city below a mountain range and across a large lake is lit up at night
Small town in the coast of a lake in the mountains at sunset
A shot of a power plant across a lake at night
A factory producing smoke
Smoke rising from a factory next to a mountain lake at night
A power plant that has steam coming off of it near a lake
Traffic travels along a freeway on the coast on the outskirts of a metropolis
Beautiful colored trees along the river on a cloudy day
Calm waters of a river flowing throught the bushes at day time
A river flowing slowly past trees and tall grass in the fall on a sunny day
A landscape view of the water with office buildings on the shore
River surrounded my forest trees with fall colored leaves on a cloudy day
Ducks swim side by side toward the center of a pond in the middle of a forest
A sail boat sailing in front of a city skyline
A lake surrounded by trees and tall grass against a cloudy sky
Motorboat and sail boat on a lake in a metro area
Traffic lights on the streets of the citys downtown at morning
A city with roads vehicles and a factory with a lake and the sky in the background
City skyline with a body of water with a boat
A boat on the water behind trees and in front of a city skyline on a sunny day
Boats at a pier and a boat driving in the water with the city skyline in the distance
Distant big city skyline seen from a car driving across the bridge
The city is brightly lit at night
Boats on the water with the city skyline in the distance
Vehicle driving across a bridge heading towards a city skyline
Sun reflecting over the river near the new york city skyline at sunset
The low evening sun over a metropolis at sunset
A bridge in front of the new york city skyline at sunset
Skyline of a coastal city downtown filmed from a moving car in the highway
A duck hops into a lake at a park and swims off
Two geese are swimming in the river
Geese swimming in and climbing out of a lake in an autumn forest at daytime
Forest tree line reflecting in the calm waters of a lake at day time
A tree that is missing its leaves can be seen reflected in the surface of clear water
A city skyline is reflected on the surface of a nearby lake
Slope leads to snow patch that leads to dirt trail toward mountain
An aerial view of a mountain valley on a summer day
A tugboat slowly passes by a building that is built right on the edge of the water
River boat carrying passengers down a river next to a city
Boat drives in a river next to a shore with a long bridge and construction crane in the distance
Aerial shot of a bridge over water at night with traffic and car lights in distance
Neatly trimmed bushes sit in front of brick apartment buildings
Haunted gravestones line a brick wall
Out of focus shot of spanish moss hanging from tree limbs
An aerial view of the golden gate bridge with traffic on the bridge in hazy weather conditions
Exterior of a two story home at daytime with small branch overgrowths at the doorway
Close up of the decorated iron fence in the front porch of a house
A car drives past a store with clothing and a sculpture in the window
Branches of a tree hang over a fence near a road in city during the day
Out of focus blurry footage of the sparse canopy of a tree at daytime
Trees and tree branches reaching out and covering the sky at daytime
A walking narrow walking bridge in a city during the day
A person is pushing a carriage under the bridge
A shot of the underside of wind chimes
A going out of business sign hanging on a store door
Aerial view of a small town with houses and shops next to a lake
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