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An aerial view of two lakes in a forest
A pair of women walk a dog along a path beside a lake at the bottom of a hill in a small town in the country in the evening
Two ducks in a cage eating from a bowl on the ground with water
People on a boat traveling down a river
Two lakes divided by land and trees with a mountain range and the sky in the background
A road with vehicles and people surrounded by snow and trees
Two dogs going into the water of a lake with people trees and a mountain range in the background
People with pet dogs on the shoreline of a lake near the pine trees on the mountain
Two birds are standing on a light post during the day
Two people swimming underwater with scuba gear on a shipwrecked with sharks and fishes
A pair of divers close a box on the sea floor as sharks swim all around them
Two females are swimming underwater while wearing snorkeling gear
A pair of divers swim with a group of sharks underwater during the day
Close up of sharks swimming underwater
A shark swims above two divers
Scuba divers feeding sharks over a wrecked ship on the bottom of the ocean
Two people with scuba gear underwater on a shipwreck with sharks and fishes
A boat with people on it traveling down a river
A view of a river between snowy mountains
An aerial view of a river between some mountains
Tire marks run along a snow covered trail in the mountains
A river runs through a narrow valley in a snowy mountain range during the day
Subtle ascent from urban woodlands to reveal downtown Bellevue with the Olympic Mountains and Seattle skyline in the distance
A man and woman walk on a seawall past a marina full of boats
A view of a city skyline featuring two bridges and a waterway at sunset
A woman in a wedding dress stands in a field and a man stands back looking at her
A person walking on grass towards another person covered in a sheet with the sky and clouds in the background
Male walking to female
Man stands in field facing shrouded figurebacked by red tinted horizon and forest
Man and woman are surfing on the ocean at dusk
Two men are in the ocean surfing at dusk
A woman swims in an infinity pool as two people along the ledge
A silhouette of people rowing on the water as seagulls fly overhead at sunset
Sun shines through tall bare trees
Leaves are blooming on tree branches as the sun shines brightly
A waterfall down the side of a mountain during the day
A small white flower is on the branch
Countless tall trees fill a forest as sunlight shines between their branches
Sun shining through tall trees high in the sky
A stream runs over rocks with plants near the water
River and road run in parallel past forest covered mountains
The sun shine down on a forest
A woman waits as her partner climbs up a ladder at a beach
Grassland with snow covered mountains in the distance
A light dusting of snow covers the top of a mountain
Man and woman walk next to the lake
Sand piles up in a cove on the side of a cliff in the coast
Sunlight is reflecting in the water
Calm lake at the base of a mountain range with tall peaks covered in snow
Two scuba divers are swimming underwater near a school of fish
Grass is blowing in the wind in spring
White and yellow flowers and plants blowing in the wind
Cherry blossoms bloom on tree branches
Flowers are blossoming on a tree branch
Flowers on a tree are blooming
Sun shines from blue sky through tree branches covered in purple maroon and pink flowers
A plant is producing multiple small flowers all along its branches
Two scuba divers swimming in front of a big school of fish on the ocean
Close up of a cherry blossom tree
Sunlight is reflecting on the water in the river
A bee walks on the petals of a yellow bloom as the wind leaves and grass
A bee collects nectar from a flower in a field during the day
Close up of two horses in a pasture
Two people row paddle boards near a city skyline
Fireworks exploding in the night sky over a body of water
People walking in a city with trees and buildings with the sky and clouds in the background
Two animal statues on a mossy tree trunk in a forest
Two adirondack chairs next to trees on a summer day
Two wooden lounge chairs outside on the edge of a slope in a forest at daytime
Small yellow boat arrives at the coast near the mist covered mountains
A boat on the ocean with birds flying in the sky and clouds in the background
Motorcycle driving on a two way road in the mountains stops in the middle lane
Two whales swim in the ocean below
An ocean with rippling waters with two whales
Two whales swim near the surface of blue ocean water
Two whales swimming side by side under water in the ocean
Kadinjaca memorial complex
Valley of heroes monument at Tjentiste
A monument and a sculpture made of concrete surrounded by rocks and grass
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
An aerial view of a ruin that is in a field
Aerial view of a conical monument in the snow covered clearing in the forest
A large stone monument in an open arena setting with outdoor stone seating in a forest on a misty day
An aerial view of ruins in a field of grass
A large stone circular shaped piece of environment art outdoors in a forest at daytime
An aerial view of a statue in a park
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
Two whales swimming in the ocean with water and waves
Geometrical carved sculptures standing in the snow in a park
Aerial view of a monument erected on the snow covered mountains at sunset
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures in a fog covered park
A view of a statue in a park
Geometrical hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
Large stone artwork with sculpted faces outdoors
Heavy fog surrounds the stone
Heavy fog surrounds the stone
Enrique Pacheco 
GS11110581   (RM) 
Large stone wedges with faces carved into them stand with trees and fog behind
The Kosmaj monument in the hills of Koracica Serbia
Monument to the fallen soldiers of the Kosmaj detachment
A sculpture made of concrete surrounded by snow
Aerial view of a star shaped monument on the top of a snow covered hill
A large architectural sculpture sits at the bottom of a hill near lighthouses
A wooden sculpture sits on a grassland above a forest
A large hammer like monument casts a shadow onto the grass in a rural field
Monument to the revolution of the people of Moslavina in Yugoslavia
A large concrete sculpture on a field
A large stone monument on a hilltop out in a forest at daytime
A sculpture in a park with grass and trees in the background
Aerial view of a spiral staircase inside a tower on the top of a hill
A spiral staircase leading to the top of a tower in a field during the day
Two people in a raft with paddles going down a river with trees and cliffs in the background
People on a raft on a river next to railroad tracks with the sky and clouds in the background
Two people float down a river that runs through a canyon on an inflatable boat
Tilt down tracking shot of a drone flying over a beautiful beach as waves wash ashore
River vale between two mountains under a very cloudy sky
Two red flowers covered in dew orbit and spin in opposite directions
Two large snow plows move steadily through thick snow on their way towards a remote group of houses
Lights on two slow moving snowplows lighten up road passing through forest
Several two story homes with nice patios are standing side by side
Two bees are pollinating a sunflower and then one flies away
Two geese are swimming in the river
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