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Time lapse of cars driving across a bridge in a city
High rise buildings along sea wall next to ocean with boats and yachts
A man and woman walk on a seawall past a marina full of boats
A haze obscures the air over a city by the sea
Boats sailing on the water in front of the city skyline
A view of a city skyline featuring two bridges and a waterway at sunset
A view of a building in a city
A reveal shot of a city
An aerial view of homes in a neighborhood
A person kayaks in the waterway past downtown and docked boats in a marina
An aerial view of cars houses and apartment buildings in a neighborhood with the downtown skyline in the distance
An aerial view of houses in a neighborhood
The port near the city is brightly lit at dusk
A city with buildings and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Skyline of a city at evening
A neighborhood with buildings and trees with a bridge the sky and clouds in the background
Ocean waves curl and splash on shore at sunrise with palm tree silhouettes behind
A snow capped mountain on a cloudy horizon behind a tree covered shore
A river surrounded by trees with a city skyline the sky and clouds in the background
The washington monument and the lincoln memorial reflecting pool with a bright sun on the horizon
The silhouette of a woman standing in the grass with her full body covered in a green sheer veil
Red evening sky sits over the lake
A view of a silhouette of mountains in the distance
A view of a sunset from the sky
Aerial view of a lake at sunset
Buildings and trees sit next to the river while a snowy mountain sits in the distance
Snow covered mountain sits near the lake and forest
A city with buildings and trees with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of a city is displayed at dusk in spring
Skyscrapers sit in the city as the mountain sits in the distance
Ocean waves breaks against the beach with mountains and buildings in the background at dusk
The city is full of tall buildings
A city with a river bridges buildings and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Fog sets over a dense city filled with tall skyscrapers near a mountain range
An aerial view of a water way with vehicles driving past and a city skyline in the distance
A snow capped mountain looms in the distance of a city skyline
Reveal of a 5G tower near homes in a small town neighborhood along a bay
Aerial view of a downtown city next to an ocean is displayed
Ships and boats docked in a marina near a ferris wheel with a city skyline behind
Counter clockwise orbit around a neighborhood cell tower at dawn
An aerial view of the ocean with buildings on the shore
Vehicles move along a river bridge outside a large city
Buildings are under construction in a city full of smog
Skyscrapers on the coast of a metropolis at sunset
A boat traveling away from a city in the ocean at sunset
Snow covered roads and trees line the land surrounding lakes at dawn
Boat driving at sunset
Pink tinted sky shines over conifer forest sitting on shore near ice covered water
Waves roll towards shore where broken ice floats on the surface
Chunks of ice float on the ocean water
The shore by the lake is covered with snow
Water is frozen on the ocean at dusk
Snow covered forests and mountains surrounding a lake under a cloudy sky
BC Place stadium is situated amidst multiple tall buildings and skyscrapers downtown
The sprawling downtown city of Vancouver is nestled between a lush forest and snow capped mountains
City skyline shown on a clear morning with towering mountains in background
Downtown Vancouver is seen through the trees on a sunny day with North Shore mountains in the background
Light twinkle near ceiling of entrance to Granville Island Public Market
The reflection of buildings in water
A train travels past a bridge and a barbed wire fence
A skytrain passing under a bridge in the rain with barbed wire in front
A train travels beneath an overpass that is surrounded by tall trees
Heavy fog rises from under a green bridge
Woman stands on a hill and holds on to a post while looking out at the city at night
The sun is setting over the city ahead
A large bridge supported by steel beams stands above a forested park area
Traffic travels along a road towards a bridge on a foggy day
Clouds and fog move over Lion's Gate Bridge and coastal city skyline
Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park is revealed through the fog and trees
The clouds drift aside to reveal downtown Vancouver on a foggy day
A time lapse of downtown Vancouver skyline at sunset
Vancouver city skyline seen from a distance at sunset
People sitting on the grass in Burnaby Mountain Park at sunset
Downtown Vancouver skyline is seen through layers of trees from a distance at sunset
A forest with trees and hills with the sky and clouds in the background
Fog covers the mountain range
Tower sits in the forest with the city in the distance
Waves from the lake roll in to shore as a city sits in the distance
Waves roll onto sandy beach past promontory as city skyline sits on horizon under red tinted sky
People on sidewalks and bicycles and in vehicles and buses all head on city streets toward downtown
A large sculpture in a park in Vancouver city on a sunny morning
Architecture in park
Mountains sit behind a Vancouver city skyline that's reflected in the water
Small coastal town in the pine tree forests near the snow covered mountain on the horizon
Sun shines through blades of grass forming colorful spots of glare
Landscape view of boats on the water in front of a Vancouver skyline
Boats travel in the ocean near shore leaving wakes in the rippling surface
The boats are docked by the city harbor at dawn
Kayakers paddling on the water during a stormy day in the city
An elevated view of high rise buildings on the shore and boats sailing in the waterway
Traffic flows past water and building topped with planted trees under cloudy sky
Timelapse of paddle-boards moving through calm water by the city
Boats sail in an ocean inlet lied with tall condos
Cars travel across a highway bridge with a coastal city and skyline on the horizon
Lightning and storm clouds moving over a rural area
A group of buildings in a metropolis during the day
Clouds move over a tree in an open field as the sun sets
Graffiti marks the dome of a city building across from downtown
The rainbow is in the sky by the ocean
A view of a rainbow over the ocean
A view of a rainbow over the ocean
Aaron Lieber 
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A landscape with grass and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Multiple lightning bolts strike down onto a rural field near a windmill
Time lapse of a powerful tornado sweeping through the countryside
Time lapse of storm clouds moving over a grassland
A layer of ice and snow covers a mountain range and surrounding water
Waves roll in on the beach as clouds move across the sky
A flock of birds fly over a city skyline at night
Birds fly over city skyscrapers and buildings at sunrise
Lightning flashing in the gray cloudy sky over a road through a grassland during the day
A bird flies past the city at sunset
A storm is forming in a rural area
A tower in a metropolis bordering a river at night
Tree dotted neighborhood contrasts with city downtown near water with mist covered mountains on horizon
A city with buildings trees and skyscrapers with a mountain range sky and clouds in the background
Sunlight reflecting on polen particles floating over a field near small trees
The seattle space needle with buildings roads trees and vehicles in the background
A landscape view of a downtown area off the water with a ferris wheel on the shore
A city with buildings skyscrapers and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of towers in a city skyline
Fog settles over a downtown city where neighborhoods are surrounded by forest
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