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An aerial view of mountains and forests with a small town in the valley
The ski resort is at the top of the mountain
Aerial view of a city set on hills and greenery during the day in summer
A sculpture of a standing buddha sits in a gazebo on top of a brick structure outdoors
Top down view of an active construction site along a busy freeway
The sun shines down on steel beams and girders at the top of a new building under construction
Aerial view of buckingham palace and the surrounding grounds and city with people standing in front
A town with snow covered houses and trees with streets with vehicles
A town with snow covered houses and trees with streets with vehicles
Carlos Asse 
GS11120424   (RM) 
Traffic flows past water and building topped with planted trees under cloudy sky
Aerial shot of cars driving over a bridge which is made on top of a river
Top down view of tanks and pipework at a waterfront industrial facility as a train travels alongside
Aerial view of a spiral staircase inside a tower on the top of a hill
Top down aerial view of the buildings and warehouses on an industrial area
A weathervane sits at the top of a tall column on a historical building
While moving down the street lined with trees the skyscraper comes into view up to the top
A small church sits on top of a tree covered mountain peak
A tower on top of a building in a city
Large livestock facility on top of a grass hill in front of a sunset
Livestock building on the top of a grassy hill at sunset
Men climbing into and securing go karts on a speedway during the day
A steel building with windows and a pointed canopy at the top against a blue sky
Lighthouse on top an ocean side cliff shines a beacon of light
A wide shot of the tops of skyscrapers with one under construction
Downtown with tops of buildings against a blue sky and passing a power line
House on top of a hill in a remote location next to a large river where it connects to another side
Tops of tall glass and brick city buildings viewed from the city street below
Structure in ruins on the top of a hill surrounded by other hills on a clear day
A small town is on the mountain top golden hour
Aerial view of houses built on a hill golden hour
Large building on top of a snow covered mountain
A large refinery sits on top of a mountain
People standing on a deck at an observatory on a mountain top
Rocky cliffs and trees surround buildings of a coastal city
A large building with a tall clock tower on the top under a bright daytime sky
Ferry crosses ocean toward snow capped mountains as waves hit shore near dock
A monkey sitting on the top of a building
A layer of melting ice and snow covers the top of a river that runs through a city
A monkey sits on top of a building in a city as two people walk by
Building sits on snowy flat plateau on top of mountain in mountain range
Fog obscures town near shore and islands in ocean under overcast sky
A ski lift building resort on top of a snow covered rocky ridge
Helicopter hovers over mountains in background as cable car arrives at tower on snow covered mountain summit
An aerial view of a car driving through a rural area
A window run leading passed snow covered buildings and hills in the countryside during the day
Car traveling on a road with snow covered surroundings
Aerial view of snow covered land and homes with two people walking indoors down below at daytime
An aerial view of cars driving on a snowy road near houses in a neighborhood
A truck pulls up to and enters the garage of a house at the base of a large hill on a snowy winter day
A town with houses roads with vehicles and trees covered in snow
An aerial view of a river between mountains
A tight shot of a ball on top of a tower
A bridge over water at sunset with an american flag on top and a city skyline in the background
Skimming along the top edge of a tall tower crane working at a construction site
Top down view of multiple tower cranes working above a new building foundation
A large flame is let off of the top of a tall tower at refinery facility
A tight shot of the tops of buildings from the ground
Rope is rolled up and placed on top of a saddle stand at a log cabin
Aerial view of sea waves crashing rocky shore at sunset
Man walk toward mirror set outdoors near passing train and warehouse
Aerial view of fog covering a forest and mountain range
A wide moat surrounds a pentagon shaped building with a red flag flying on top
White monument of standing man contrasts with tree tops under clear sky
Top down view of pipes and buildings at a natural gas pipeline compressor station
Top down view of an insane maze of machinery pipes and other industrial factory components
Medium sized black birds sit on the roof of an asian shrine that has colorful flags hanging from the top
A statue on top of a building in a city with skyscrapers the sky and clouds in the background
A train with many people riding on its rooftop travel through a rundown city during the day
People ride on top of train cars passing through a city in a developing country
People walk along a pair of train tracks running through the slums of a city
People walking on train tracks next to houses and trees
An aerial view of a train driving on tracks through a poor beat up neighborhood as people walk along the tracks
People standing on top of a train with buildings and the sky in the background
Small shacks sit next to tall apartment buildings in a city in a developing country
A train passes through a rundown section of a metropolis as people walk along the opposite track
An aerial view of a downtown city is displayed
A city with building trees roads and vehicles
Aerial view of a train going through an primitive city
Aerial view of a train driving into a city over lakes
People ride on the rooftop of a train as it passes through a city during the day
A train traveling through a city in a primitive area while kids walk along the tracks and people walk along the roads
People ride atop a train as it travels under an overpass in a dilapidated metropolis
A government building with a sculpture on top under a clear daytime sky
People on a large observation deck on top of a mountain
People on top of an observatory on a mountain top
Aerial view of a cableway station atop of a snow covered mountain range over the clouds at sunset
A church and steeple in the trees
Building occupies peak of snow covered mountain sitting above clouds as sun rises on horizon
A tower on top of a hill
Barbed wire curls across the top of a chain link fence
A lookout tower on top of a mountain
A man and woman stand at a cross on a mountain top next to an observatory
Teal Thomsen 
GS1912501   (RF) 
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