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Smoke floating away from sticks of burning incense
Paper prayers on a wall
Paper prayers with foreign characters
A vehicle drives a large open area next to snow dusted mountains
A sport utility vehicle towing a boat sits parked in a lot near a canyon
A newspaper lying on a city sidewalk in the daytime with front page headlines about the presidential election
Syringes and liquid falling on counter with a small glass bottle
Liquid and bubbles moving in a syringe with markings on the side
The holy bible on a table in a room
A bible sitting on a table
A vehicle slowly approaches a one lane bridge below a mountain range
Sign outside an american legion veterans association caught on vintage film
A cruise ship is docked down to downtown skyscrapers lit up at night
A green sign board is posted with several lines worth of warnings
A flag flies on a flag pole in the wind
Red color fading and changing into different shades with light
Syringes in a container
A candy thermometer sits in a metal pot
A thermometer sitting in a pot with water
A closed posted sign on a gate at a skatepark
Street sign on an easel warning visitors to check for covid symptoms
Two covid19 signs with warning labels next to a barrier outdoors during the daytime
Street sign on an easel for a clinic performing covid 19 tests
Sign to a covid 19 clinic on an easel in the sidewalk of a street
Posted covid 19 social distancing sign outdoors in australia
A sign hanging on a fence at an airport
A sign that is on a fence at an airport
An older dark blue sedan is parked outside near a line a trees
A red sign hanging on a chain link fence surrounding a parking lot
A sign hanging outside
A small pontoon boat is anchored in the ocean
A bicycle rests on its side on gravel
The outside of a bus station
Signs and badges referencing a mask initiative lay on flat surface
Text on a beach next to cliffs
An old fashioned control panel contains multiple colored buttons and dials along with an incorporated telephone receiver
The large book is open on the table
A road with a vehicle passing by with a sign and trees and the sky in the background
Mosaic art work
A sign and shark statue on an island
A mosaic of a whale and other sea life on the tiled wall outer wall of a building
A blue and white sign with text relating to covid 19
Vehicles driving in a city
Close up of a sign
The wind is blowing the social distancing sign
Police tape bars the entrance to an area surrounded by a wooden fence
A digital display counting down above a white board with an exercise routine mapped out
Digital timer counts down the seconds
A wall with a digital clock whiteboards pipes and an american flag above
Stevie Jean 
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Michael Turek 
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The large menu on a wall in a restaurant during the day
Black frame with white lettering
A fan on the floor in a room spinning
Page of a book over the bright surface of a light table
A large globe of earth sits near a window
Metal slabs with writing on them stacked on top of each other in a warehouse
Close up of a toy model of a rocket inside a dimly lit room
Close up of a toy model of a rocket on the night stand in a bedroom at night
Blueprints with graphics taped on a table
Headlights turning off on a car
The sidewalk is empty of pedestrians in a downtown business district
A seventh avenue subway mosaic sign
A globe on a stand sits by a window in a room
Text written in black on a stone wall of a building or monument
A coffee shop on a city street on a winter day
Handwritten notes fill a page in a small notebook
Text on a computer screen
Pinball arcade sign with flashing lights at a carnival
A view of a sign on an arcade building
The volume is turned up as static plays on an old tube style television
Numbers count down on a retro television showing static
Static is displayed on an older television screen as menu options display at the bottom of the screen
Static and text flash on a crt style television
Static and text shake on a tube style television screen
A chain link fence protects a large isolated building
A bedroom with a bed with papers pillows and a blanket
A pile of papers is left atop a bed next to a takeout box with food in it
Receipts and desserts over the blanket of a bed at home
Close up of a business plan written on paper over a desk
Business plan hand written on paper
A paper with writing in a room next to a pen
Pushing past tugboats and port equipment toward downtown Seattle in the distance
A discarded and dirty toy bus sits in gravel
A discarded and dirty toy bus sits in gravel
Alex Cook 
GS11152229   (RM) 
A page torn from a book sits on the beach with other debris
Blueprints for new construction are color coded and include a sketch of a pond
A black sphere compass device moving slightly on a flat surface
Helmets and other sports equipment sit on top of lockers in a dingy locker room
Car drives along city street through intersection toward red stoplight
A needle moving on a number scale
Orange and red particles moving through a liquid
A vehicle turns left at a downtown intersection
A small globe with the map of the planet earth is quickly rotated
The outer edge of a race track is lined with garages with bright red doors
Commuters travel on a drawbridge over a river between neighborhoods and downtown
A grassy plain with wheatgrass
Gauges on a car dashboard
A small sign outside a business advertises pay rate for a job opening
Sunlight filter through the light snowfall over an encampent in the mountains
A cement mantle in a dark hallway is crumbling and covered in dust
Light shines brightly through window over boxes stored on shelves as sparks fly into air
Flags representing the united states and california fly above the entrance to a large building
Signs on a gate barring access to a closed beach
A sign hanging on a bannister on the coast
A price sign with tomatoes at a market
On Air neon sign lights up
Hands unfolding and laying out a travel map
A white man holds a map and then folds it in half
Business man checks cell phone at office
Glasses sit on a folder on a table next to a doctor that is typing on a laptop
A laser machine etches a piece of glass
Machinery etching letters into glass
A laser machine etches a large piece of glass
Words and written on a page in font
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