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The sun sets over a snowy city
A family walks towards a glowing christmas tree in a city at night
An suv travels down a neighborhood road as a person crosses the street
An suv travels down a neighborhood road as a person crosses the street
A woman looks up and smiles with lights glowing behind her
A woman stands on a city street at night looking at all the shimmering glowing lights
A man carrying baggage heads toward a waiting car with its headlights on at night
A man rides a skateboard with a glowing flourescent light mounted on the bottom across a bridge over a city bay
A man and woman make out on a city sidewalk at night with a reddish light glow
City building lights shine and glow at night reflecting off the surface of the water in a park
A man starts his motorcycle and puts his helmet on while in his garage with the door open
A person walks down an empty sidewalk past a large building with flags flying in front and an american flag on top
A family party at the garden on the winter night
A woman laughs as she points a green glowing toy gun
Road in small town at night
A man stands next to a building with headphones around his neck
Michigan Road Trip
Casinos glow at dusk in las vegas
Woman At Hotel
A woman looks up at palm trees and street lights at night
Man Jogging In Woods
Man walks outside in the city at night
Man Riding Motorcycle
A car drives beneath a glowing street lamp
Man stands in front of a brick wall
A boxer punches the air on a building rooftop
Clouds roll over houses on a cliff
Three posts stand tall under the dark night sky
Girl stands in a dark hallway with flashing lights
The sun is nearly set on this city street
Cars parked in rows in a parking lot in a city
A basketball court sits in an apartment courtyard
Man walks in the city at sunset
An older man is walking outside in a city at dusk
An older man is walking outside in a city at dusk
OX Creative 
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Red car driving down a city street very fast at night
Lights are shining in buildings and skyscrapers in a city at night
Neon lights hang above the city street at night
A pickup truck passes a person walking on the sidewalk
A girl is sleeping in the moving car at night
Large city with mountains in the distance on a clear day
The sun sets over a snowy city
Sun setting behind mountains in the far distance of a large city
Birds fly high over power lines
City lights twinkle and glow
Neon lights illuminate the street at night
Fluorescent light on ceiling with graffiti
Coast during sunset
A woman is sitting under a tree watching the fireflies
A woman is leaning against a tree and gazing across a park filled with fireflies at dusk
Woman stands in city park at dusk
Fireflies glow and buzz in a park as a woman watches on
A woman is leaning against a tree overlooking a green meadow full of fireflies
A woman looks across a park where fireflies glow and buzz at dusk
Woman walks on dark city street with a glowing light saber
Man walks in dark alley with a glowing light
City building and vehicle lights illuminate the night sky
A woman carrying a lightsaber is walking down a street at night
A woman carries a red flashlight outside at night
Fire burning on torch in pitch black darkness
It is pitch black with little light coming from the city below
The street is empty with all the shops closed for the night
A lamp lights the sky near a power line
A lamp post glows in a city at night
Flashing lights and a blinking street sign
A woman is  running
A brunette woman staring at something
Clouds travel past as the sun shines and sets over a suspension bridge
A tall skyscraper glowing in the distance on a dark night
The sun shines and glows behind a city skyline
Timelapse of a large city transitioning from nighttime to daytime
Traveling along a mountain highway with a lake and oncoming traffic at night
A traffic light glows red with a hand signal for stop
An exit sign for the 401 west with street lights glowing behind it
Neon lights on a business store front glow and flash while cars travel past
The stratosphere tower with las vegas casinos and hotels glowing and shining at night
An aerial view of glowing skyscrapers in a large city at night
The silhouettes of three figures walking down a snow covered road on a snowy night
A man walks throw a narrow alleyway on a snowy night
Lights glow from a stadium city buildings and traffic as clouds pass overhead
A semi truck traveling beneath a glowing street lamp at night
A glowing orange light in darkness
Snow falling around a street lamp during a blizzard at night
Snow blowing around an illuminated street lamp during a blizzard at night
Snow flying in front of a light during a blizzard at night
Lightning flashes on a stormy night over a city skyline glowing with lights
City lights glowing in san francisco at night
City skyline lights glow and shimmer off the water at sunset
City lights glow and shimmer reflecting off the water in a city skyline
City buildings with glowing window lights and the glare of a street light against a cloudy sky
Headlights and red taillights glow on a city highway at night near a stadium
Rows of glowing chinese lanterns
People are waiting on a platform at an outdoor train station as a train approached with bright flashing headlights at night
Factory lights glow near building and tanks with semi trailer parked in lot and city skyline visible on horizon
City building lights glow at dusk
Mike Tauber 
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