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Plants inside of a building in front of a window partially block the view of tall buildings outside
A dew covered funnel spider web among the fallen leaves and grass on the ground
Empty bleachers next to a racing track and grass field on a summer day
The shoulder of a road is lined with trees on one side and painted in red and white paint on the other
The fender of a vw beetle driving during the day
River reflects suns glare paralleling large highway running past building of city downtown near pyramid shaped building
Woman wearing face mask and apron holds metal shape with pincers and carries it across factory for near wide opening showing building next door
A person with gloves a hammer and chisel shaping a piece of metal in a workshop
Cars wait in long lines passing through series of tents as fog shrouds city skyline
Cars wait in long lines for covid testing and vaccines with a city skyline behind
Cars wait in lines to enter temporary buildings before leaving lot
Slow tilt down reveal of a beautiful and somber veterans veterens cemetary on an overcast day
Top down rise above paralell rows of white tombstones over the green lawn of a cemetery
Wiper runs on car window showing house and yard with large trees
A view of a person drawing a circle with a compass
Farm fields are butting up against a jungle landscape near a home in daylight
Roads and sand divide evaporation ponds with different levels of water
Close up of a computer motherboard components
Three scuba divers are surrounded by sharks
Cells move inside a green plant
A surfboard being shaped
A seed dies inside a plant due to lack of water
A school of fish appear as a dark circle in the ocean
A man drawing a line with a black marker over the surface of a surfboard inside a workshop
White lines in the middle of a rural road at daytime
An aerial view of a tall spiral structure surrounded by trees at dawn
An aerial view of architecture in the middle of a forest
A person in a room marking a surfboard with a pencil and ruler
Men wear helmets as they sit in a line of go karts in a parking lot
A city street lines with cars trucks trees and construction awnings
Tall modern skyscraper in the citys downtown at day time
A construction crane on a high rise office building
The sun is setting on the horizon past power lines
The sun is setting in the horizon past power lines
Water is poured from a pitcher into an odd shaped pot on a stove
A shelf with candles and perfume bottles
A panel of ice breaks on a mud puddle
Wind blowing through flags near trees
A diver is feeding fish to a group of sharks
Sharks circle a group of divers on the sunken ship
Womans hand takes dices to throw into the backgammon
A red alien planet floats in outer space
Fallen trees and stacked wood on a cleared patch of land
People standing over a scaffolding surrounding a tree in the forest
Forest of many trees seen from above
Forest of many trees seen from above
Marko Roth 
GS11095206   (RM) 
Aerial view of trees in a forest are displayed
A large ramp like structure sits amidst trees
A forest with trees with leaves
An aerial shot of a building
Aerial shot of a large round building
Garden washing line with clothes pin swaying in the wind against the beach at dusk
Bridges and power lines over the city water channel
Wide shot of a pyramid
Full moon rising through the fog at night
Hands picking white grapes off a vine in a vineyard
Paper lanterns hanging outside in front of an ancient building
A wide moat surrounds a pentagon shaped building with a red flag flying on top
A plant with stem and leaves
A purple flower with green plants in the background
A purple flower with plants and the sky in the background
The light shines on the growing mushrooms
Fern fronds brighten as day dawns then darken as night falls
The mushrooms are growing all over the patch
Green plants with stem and leaves with white dust on them
The field goes dark from day
Green plants with stem and leaves
Close up of a flower blooming on a plant
Light flashes on the plant leaf
The blades of a wind turbine turning
A blue triangle on the shore
The moon hangs above the mountains in the mirror reflection
The land below from space is swirling
Vines and leaves are clinging to a barbed wire fence during the day
White pillars in a room with strong architectural designs
Unique shapes cut into shrubs in a park setting
A plant buds in spring
The lawn and trees are green
Niv Shank 
GS1872079   (RM) 
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