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Two dancers dancing as one in front of a striped wall jump apart and walk off
Two women sitting down on picnic blanket to eat watermelon
A woman is swimming
Young man at the river bank
Man herding chickens
Chickens and roosters eating green leafs from the ground in a farm
A man sits at desk in an office writing on a piece of paper
A man sits at a desk in deep thought looking downward
A man is throwing cards on the table
Man tosses a tarot card over into a stack of cards on a table
A man leans over a couch and throws cards on to a table
A man at home sits with cards in front of him and looks through a book
Mans hands flipping through a small book on a desk and arranging tarot cards in a stack
A man is in a house and looking at a notebook
A man with a beard and glasses looks down as he is deeply focused on his task
A man sits at a desk at home and reads through papers
A man with a beard and glasses gathers cards in his hands as he sits at a table with paper and a glass
A man lays down tarot cards while sitting at a round table
A man sits indoors at a table looking and placing cards on the table
A man wearing glasses and a blue shirt sits at a table while playing with tarot cards
A man is sitting at the table playing cards
A man sits at a table gathering cards indoors
A man flips over cards and looks at them
Man wearing glasses reading tarot cards over a table in a room
A man flips cards over on a table
A man draws tarot cards from a deck and places them face down in a stack on a table
A man looks down as he reads
A man is seated at a table and is placing cards on it
Airplanes move along the runway
Vintage footage of airplane about to take off from runway
Film footage of an aircraft flying over the water
A small boy rides a pony in a paddock
The kids stare out of a guillotine
Child in green jacket waves while riding a carousel
People ride a ferris wheel at a carnival
A mother and child ride a ferris wheel
A man holding a pole as a dolphin jumps out of the water and splashes him
Dolphin jumping and flipping in a pool at water park show
Film footage of dolphins jumping
Penguins walk away from a water park area
A white man watches a seal balance a ball on its nose while walking
Film footage of a guard letting a vehicle in to an area
A navy band marches with their instruments on a yard outside a building
Vintage film reel of person in white uniform walking outside of government building
The man walks away from his car
Man in army uniform shakes hands with a man wearing a suit
Sailors salute as a man in a military uniform exits a building along with a woman
A man in a uniform next to a helicopter
A man with a shirt and tie walking downstairs
A military officer arrives at a house in a car
A military officer teaches a civilian how to salute while standing on the beach
Man in uniform walks with a woman near a building on the beach
A military officer and an older white woman smile while walking on a military base
Man in military uniform gets out of the car
A blimp flies across the sky
The plane takes off
A helicopter flies across a blue sky
A helicopter flying in the sky
A chinook helicopter moves down a military bases tarmac
Vintage film reel of helicopter preparing to take off
A navy helicopter sits on the tarmac at an air base
Military helicopters sit and take off at a military airstrip
Vintage footage of helicopter taking off from tarmac in countryside
A military helicopter hovers over an airfield
An airplane takes off at an airport
A man and a woman looking at a laptop
A person sits using their phone by a guitar
A young bespectacled man is on a phone
A man sits on a couch and plays a guitar
A man sitting on a sofa playing the guitar
A bespectacled young man plays an acoustic guitar near a georgian window
A man playing a guitar on a sofa
Various Cell Phone Users
Two women carrying and unrolling a carpet on the grass in a park
Two women in dresses sit on a carpet in the grass
Two women sitting down on picnic blanket to eat watermelon
A woman wearing a wreath is laughing
A woman is sitting outside laughing and smiling
One woman pours a drink and another plays a ukulele during a picnic
Two women enjoying an outdoor picnic as one pours a drink while the other is playing a ukulele
A woman is taking a bit out of a piece of watermelon and smiling
Woman wearing a flower reef on her head is smiling at another woman
A woman laughs and turns her head
Two women sitting on a blanket and having a picnic with many trees
Two women are laughing and having a picnic during the day
Two women sitting on picnic blanket are talking and smiling
Two women in dresses smiling and having a picnic in park
A woman rolls out a rug on a grassy lawn
Two women unrolling a rug in a grassy area
Two women setting up a picnic on a blanket
Watermelon, drinks and a book sitting on a picnic blanket
Woman picking up and handing another woman a slice of watermelon
A woman is sitting in a park playing a ukulele
A woman is sitting and playing a ukulele during daylight
A person tears a leaf from a plant
A hand is picking an herb leaf off a plant
Mint leaf dropping into a glass filled with a pink colored beverage
Leaf dropping into a glass of pink colored beverage
A woman picks a herb leaf and places it in a drink while at a picnic
Glass cup being filled with a clear beverage
Two people cheersing glasses filled with pink colored beverage
Close up of a hand picking up a glass with liquid in it
A building puts on a show at night
Birds flying in the sky
A boat floating on the ocean at sunset
A woman emerges from gently rolling ocean waves at sunset
A woman smiling and laughing outside
Two people, one is wearing a mask, dressed in black hoodies and skeleton gloves perform a synchronized dance in front of a black and white striped wall
A woman is swimming
A woman is swimming
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A city with people walking birds flying in the sky and a monkey on top of a building
Julien Capmeil 
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