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Snow crusted trees stand on slope overlooking forest and other mountains as snow falls
Small snow flakes fall from the sky in the woods
A tree is displayed during winter
Ocean tide washes onto the beach at sunset
Ocean water is moving fast towards the beach coast at sunset
Skimming above the surface of a serene forest wetland
Slow push into serene woods as the morning sun filters through the trees
A fire burns in a pile of vegetation at night
A gentle stream flows over moss covered rocks between the trees of a green forest
A view of wood in a forest smoldering outdoors
Stone is thrown into water with very small wind waves causing expanding circle of ripples
Smoking embers burning in what is left of a campfire
The campfire is burning out
A smoldering campfire next to a forest lake in the daytime
A lake during the day with a forest in the distance and a small tree on a division of land
A view of a lake with a reflection of trees
A body of water with water rippling with light reflecting off of it
A small cabin surrounded by densely packed snow on a cloudy day
Fire and flames on the logs in a campfire at night
Logs of wood burn inside of an oven
A room with flashing lights with a window with snow trees the sky and clouds in the background
Tree outside of frosty window
Snow covered bank and water stretching toward foggy horizon are visible through window glass
Window shows snow covering ground under leafless trees on cloudy day
Snow sitting on a windowsill on a cloudy winter day
A beautiful mountain towers above a serene forest blanketed with heavy snow
Light fog forms over a snow covered mountain range
Snow falls behind an apartment building where a clothesline hangs in the yard
Snow is covering the mountains during the day
A clothesline with clothespins in the snow with a building with windows in the background
A mountain range covered in snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
Ice melts and drips off the rooftop of a wooden cabin and frozen tree branches
Smoke rises from chimneys of stone walled buildings as it snows
Snow falling at a statue in a small city
Buds on a bush in the breeze
Snow falling over a church
A view of a lake and mountains in the distance
A landscape view of a lake in front of a mountain range
A steeple atop a church next to a foggy mountain covered in forest during the day
Snow falling around brick chimneys in winter
A lake with stones and rocks with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A flowing river next to a small town in a mountain valley on a sunny day
A city with buildings and snow falling
Light snow falls over an apartment building in a rural area
Its snowing in a forest during the day
The steeple of a church on a snowy day
A dog is resting outside
Snow falling around a church steeple in a pine forest in winter
Snow falling in front of a brick building in the winter
A log cabin covered in snow during a blizzard
A view of a church with a clock tower
Heavy snow falls from a foggy sky onto a wooden cabin on the outskirts of a forest
Snow falling around a cabin on a ski resort
Snow falling onto two brick houses
Snow falls on a tree with berries on the branches
Small green plants grow out of a tree trunk as heavy snow falls
A bird hopping on a tree branch in a snow storm
Snow is covering the forest in winter
Its snowing in the forest during winter
Snow falls on trees in pine forest
A large tree trunk and bare branches with snow falling
Under the surface of brilliant sparkling ocean reef
Sun is shining through the ocean water
Underwater view of waves creating underwater clouds of turbulence
Underwater footage of sunlight filtering from the surface of the calm blue ocean waters
An ocean wave churns and billows overhead
Underwater shot of an ocean and coral
Water splashes as a black station wagon drives down a road in freezing rain
Truck driving on the wet tarmac on a snowy road
Rain falls in a slushy puddle
A black vehicle slowly drives down a slick road as rain falls and melts snow on the shoulder
Aerial of a huge snowy mountain range in the purple dusk
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial of a massive mountain range in pink alpenglow
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
Four skiers in a vast glacial field at sunset
A snow plow cleaning a street while it snows heavily
A snow plow clearing a mountain road during a blizzard as a car drives by
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at day
A heavy duty snow plow throwing snow off a street
Ocean waves break against the beach at dusk
Flakes of snow fall from the branches of tall pine trees
Under water footage of coral
Aerial view of snowy mountains and an old avalanche
A pine tree in a blizzard
Aerial of a mountain ridge covered in snow under a pale sky
Aerial wrap around snowy mountain flanks
Thick snow is falling softly onto evergreen trees and a raven
Thick snow is falling softly onto evergreen trees and a raven
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11162294   (RM) 
A blizzard in a coniferous forest
Aerial of glacial mountains in the mist
Tilt down following snowflakes falling against rock
Aerial of fog around a snowy mountain at sunset
A view of a snowy mountain surrounded by a forest
Aerial of winter mountain ranges
Snow gently falls against a white sky
Snow softly falling on old growth trees
Aerial view of a snow covered mountain on a cloudy day
Heavy snow in an old growth forest
Aerial movement along a mountain plain at sunset
Heavy snow falls onto towering trees
Aerial of snowy mountains draped in clouds
Snow falling on a tree covered in snow
Snow storm falling over a pine tree forest
Heavy snow covers an evergreen forest
Aerial of a car on a highway cutting through huge mountains in winter
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Snow falls through the thick fog onto an evergreen forest
Heavy snow falls over a conifer forest
Aerial push over tidal area and ocean in front of snow capped mountain range
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Snow falls past flagpoles with ice crusted ropes
Snow falls around a flagpole
Snow particles flow through the night in the wind
Snow falling at night time
Aerial pull over ice flow in the arctic at sunset
Snow particles fall in the night
Aerial descent over a stunning arctic area at sunset
Snow particles fall in darkness
Snow falling on trees in the woods and a curvy road sign
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