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Statue of a woman in front of a church
Statue of a female saint outside of a church with a bell tower
Ornate carvings on a stone wall
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
A view of a statue of a woman
Statue of liberty in new york with pigeons perched below
The statue of liberty with the sky and clouds in the background
A view of a church with a clock tower
A statue of a girl with her hands on her hips stands defiantly in front of a tall building in a metropolis
A statue of the blessed virgin mary praying with a rosary with snow falling in the foreground
A clock sits atop a city building
Fearless girl statue in front of new york stock exchange
A statue in a city
Slices decorate stone of cliff side topped by leafless tree
A large statue sits near the city
The sun shines on the lincoln memorial statue
A statue with a building with pillars the sky and clouds in the background
Vintage footage of the statue of liberty in new york
Three busts of man sits side by side in dark as the center most shows damage and a static digital overlay
Sculpture in the plaza of a building in the city at night
Family of monkeys relaxing and playing on the sculptures outside a temple
A statue of abraham lincoln at the lincoln memorial in washington dc during the day
Christ the redeemer statue in rio with arms outstretched overlooking the city and coast
A group of statues in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC National Mall
A sculpture of a panther with a fence in the foreground and a building in the background
A sculpture of an asian mans head runs the height of an ancient building
Grave monuments crowd together in graveyard with town and red horizon in distance under cloudy sky
Headstones and monuments in a cemetery on the coast
Clouds obscure red tinted sky on horizon of ocean in background behind cemetery
A statue with a brick wall in the background
Ancient stone statue inside of a building
A statue of buddha has the religious figure wearing a decorative crown with his eyes closed
Close up of a stone statue in a dark room
A stone statue in a dark room
Statue of woman stands in front of ornate building with a clock in one of two towers
A large textured tube is made to look like the ocean and shows views of the ocean
Wrought iron piece with scrolls and birds
Clouds are hovering in the sky over a metal artwork
The sky and clouds are reflected in a metallic structure
Clouds hang above a chrome structure
The sky and clouds are reflected on a metallic structure
A group of people boating on a lake around a monument on the shore
A statue in front of buildings
A view of an abstract sculpture in a room
Light moving over sculpture of reddish branches casts shadows before turning off to leave shape in darkness
A lattice of smooth red fibers has light shined upon it in a darkened area
Red tinted shape formed from multiple branches sits against dark gray background
An extreme close up view of a statue
A 3d printed object a red network of tubes sits on a printer
A red sculpture is made up of intertwining lines and sections filled with holes of varying sizes
Light highlights crimson branches forming sculpture against dark background
A light shining on a red structure
Changing light brightens then darkens branches of crimson art shape
A light is shining on a red plastic sculpture
A 3d printing machine with wires on a table in a room with a wall in the background
3d printer builds up shape as material flows from rotating spool
A machine is fabricating an item
Machine lowers until part that touches rotating reflective surface retracts
Machine arm moves down as black disc rotates on metal cylinder
A close up of moving machinery
A close up of moving machinery
GS11139160   (RM) 
A laser machine etches a piece of glass
A blue vase with swirls printed on a 3d printer
A bright line orbits around a machine
A view of a rotating blue vase
A very bright white light is shining on a blue vase
A large screw shaped piece on a machine spins clockwise as it self inserts
Light glares across 3d printer forming object
Print head moves over printer arm of 3d printer forming word by creating neon blue green letters
3d printer forms word composed of several neon colored letters
A 3d printer with a syringe system moves down a line
A machine with a laser printing a logo on a sheet of plastic
Machinery etching letters into glass
A spool of wire is threaded into an electronic device
Red metal with wires
A large piece of glass is etched by a machine
A 3d printer adds a layer to an object and lifts up
A close up of a 3d printer
3d printer forms a series of letter
A machine rotates around a gear
A machine moves a small stage back and forth as its head etches a piece of equipment
Robotic arm of 3d printer forms disc with textured edge
A 3d printer is slowly creating an item in a dark room
A laser machine etches a large piece of glass
3d printer arm constructs shape using small movements
3d printer makes small movements as it prints with material from spool
3d printer arm moves forming shape as light shines from one side of printer
Machinery etching glass
A 3d printer builds a layer in a circular shape
Machine sits against background of different shades of gray
A carving of buddha sits on a decorative wall
A sculpture of a standing buddha sits in a gazebo on top of a brick structure outdoors
A large statue is against the wall
Adrian Houston 
GS11117215   (RF) 
A reveal of a abraham lincoln memorial
A large sculpture of a seated abraham lincoln is illuminated by sunlight at the lincoln monument
A woman roller skates on a path along the waterfront across from downtown Vancouver
A person rides a bicycle past the Harry Jerome statue in Stanley Park with the Vancouver city skyline behind
A large sculpture in a park in Vancouver city on a sunny morning
A large metal sculpture casts a shadow on the grass nearby
A statue of a man on a horse stands in a park with buildings visible through the trees
Father picks up child near statue and are also silhouette by sun shining through city
A monument and a sculpture made of concrete surrounded by rocks and grass
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
Aerial view of a conical monument in the snow covered clearing in the forest
A large stone circular shaped piece of environment art outdoors in a forest at daytime
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
Geometrical carved sculptures standing in the snow in a park
Geometric hollow concrete sculptures in a fog covered park
Geometrical hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
A sculpture made of concrete surrounded by snow
A large architectural sculpture sits at the bottom of a hill near lighthouses
A wooden sculpture sits on a grassland above a forest
A large hammer like monument casts a shadow onto the grass in a rural field
A large concrete sculpture on a field
A sculpture in a park with grass and trees in the background
Sculpture of a herd of horses in front of waving texas flags
Gargoyle statue with fall trees in the background
A statue is outdoors in autumn
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