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Stevie Jean 
TRU3206302   (RM) 
Black paint is splattered onto a white chair sitting at the end of a narrow room with white walls
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
A close up view of a horse
Several work shirts hang in an empty car body shop
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
Paper prayers on a wall
The new york stock exchange building with flags and a tree in the front
Vehicle tows trailed with motor boat along road through neighborhood passing other vehicles
Ornate carvings on a stone wall
A gray surface contains numerous horizontal ridges that are covered in imperfections
A close up of a car turning on headlights
Stickers supporting mask on a table
A table in a room on fire with a wall and doorway in the background
A table on fire in a living room next to a chair
Hens in a chicken coop on a sunny day
Framed portraits over a cabinet in the living room
A room with picture frames and a wall in the background
A clock on the nightstand in a room with dried up plants and a wall in the background
Black sports car with headlights on driving on a rural road next to transmission towers at evening
Lights flashing in a room that is destroyed as a picture frame falls off a wall and breaks
A waterfall cascades down a rock wall and feeds into a turbulent river
A plant in a pot falls over onto the floor inside of a messy room where lights are flashing
A dried out potted plant falling on the floor off a stool with a wall in the background
Pigeons in the windowsill on a red brick building fly away
Orbit around railroad cars sitting idle at a freight yard on a summer day
The race track below is empty
Car driving down a road at sunset in the country side in between a rock wall and grass slope
A painting and art supplies sitting in a room
Proffesional microphone with a pop filter on a stand inside a dimly lit room
Sparks fly indoors
Small blackboard in the wall of a classroom with the words the end written in chalk
Hole in rotten floor in rundown house leaves broken splintered wood
Espresso drips from the filter on an espresso machine into a cup
Framed painting resting over the wooden shelf in a wall of a room
A nursery room with a white crib dresser table and shelving on the wall with art work
A babys nursery with a crib and a rug there are pictures on a shelf with a plant and another picture on the wall there are flowers on a white table and a toy in the floor beside the window with blue
Flying through a stand of pine trees to reveal a white car driving up a rural road in a beautiful river canyon
White blanket hangin over the edge of a crib in a baby room at home
An empty road stretches along the side of a remote and rugged canyon next to a deep blue river
White crib and baby mobile play gym inside a modern baby room at home
A pineapple shaped neon sign on the wall is reflected off a nearby round lampshade
Train cars reflecting the sun move through city between building bordered by row of street lamps
Rocky cliff wall texture with sky visible
Smoke rises from chimneys of stone walled buildings as it snows
Snow falling in front of a brick building in the winter
An iv drip next to a pole and a saline bag
A wall of bamboo trees is swaying in the breeze while the suns light is peeking through from behind
Waves crash on beach seawall and rocks surrounding pool of town under clear blue sky
A row of boards flip around
Two bicycles leaned up against a wall of a building with windows with plants in the foreground
An alpaca adorned with decorations eats grass near a stone wall
Snow falling in front of a rocky canyon wall in winter
Snow falling on a building
Toy models on the top of a cabinet in a dimly lit room
Boxes of food sit on a table
Letters on a metal rivet
Fearless girl statue in front of new york stock exchange
A fishing pole sits in the dark
Honey flowing down the internal walls of a glass bottle
Honey flowing down the internal walls of a glass bottle
Raspberry & Jam 
GS11161415   (RM) 
Cave paintings cover stone wall under overhang
Bubbles form in a glass of gold liquid and gel
rock painting on a rock wall in the desert
The wall of a canyon with vegetation
Primitive paintings on a rock formation outdoors
Cave drawings on a rock wall
Ancient archaeological painting on a vertical rock wall
Artwork on a cracked natural stone wall outdoors during the day
Ancient archeological pictographs on a vertical rock wall
On the surface of a rock wall is a prehistoric looking cave drawing
A colorful and modern painting of a whale
A stone wall dividing the area in the street
A red and brown rock wall
A mosaic of a whale and other sea life on the tiled wall outer wall of a building
A painting of an animal on a rock wall
A primitive wall painting on the face of a rock formation
Aerial rise above a person walking through endless brown desert
A digital clock on a wall with white boards underneath
A digital display counting down above a white board with an exercise routine mapped out
A wall with a digital clock whiteboards pipes and an american flag above
Bright lights flash in a gym where fitness rings hang from the ceiling
A camera and a roll of film sit on a lamp base on a table
Sunset sunlight filtering through the opening on a rock wall in a beach
An empty bench sits on a train platform
Ocean waves crashing through rock wall at sunset
Posters line the walls of an empty subway tunnel
Ocean waves crashing through the rock wall on a beach at sunset
A fan is spinning in a hole in a wall
A truck next to a building with the sky and clouds in the background
Michael Turek 
GS11159461   (RM) 
Plant in the corner of a room in a house next to a window and corner with sun peeking in through the window
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