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Grace McDermott 
GS11173864   (RM) 
A boat speeds through the ocean past tall skyscrapers
Suv pulls boat trailer carrying motorboat down street through neighborhood past houses and parked cars
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
An automobile drives a long a road past a snow covered landscape
Spiral shaped metal art hanging from a string outside at a historical site
Water in the river flows between blocks of ice and past the snowy river bank
A large brown dog walks past steps next to a flooded street
A river flows steadily past a snow covered rocks and tall leafless trees
Storm clouds travel past the rainbow
A small fiddler crab quickly scurries across a sandy beach past a discarded plastic fork
A river flows steadily past a snow covered landscape as leafless trees stand nearby
Clouds gather and move past two buildings and a water tower
A vehicle drives past bright street lamps on a rural highway at night
Aerial view of vehicles driving past a lake in a city
From an apartment window vehicles drive down a city street at night past high rise buildings and flashing lights
A car driving past a hill
A car drives past a small tower on the side of the road
Cardrives down snow covered road at night past power lines and a metal tower and brakes as it comes close to a few trucks
Muddy river water churns and foams while flowing past forest covered shore
An automobile drives along a dusty road past wide open fields
A vehicle drives down a rural highway past vast fields and an isolated farm house
Car drives down winding mountain road at night past grassy rocks
Audio sedan drives along city street past intersections at night
Suv with lit headlights drives over icy ground past forest of leafless trees
Airplane flies down quickly past snow covered mountain forest skimming through thin clouds
Whitewater flows past moss covered dark rock
Sedan drives along icy road past snow covered fenced pastures
A car is driving past the windmills
Kangaroo hopping across field past two kangaroos standing still
The large waterfall rages past the ice
Boat out at sea sailing past islands and islets
Car drives down city street past parking lots a digital billboard and a clinic at night
An abandoned old train in a desert area
The sun over a field with an old abandoned train
Snow falls past flagpoles with ice crusted ropes
Town and nearby crop fields and waterways flow past window of transport
Waves splash against rocky shore as sun shines past city skyline to reflect off ocean and wet sand
Clouds flow past briefly obscuring summit of snow covered mountain towering over forest
Ambulance drives past building and marked parking spots
Birds fly past a cathedral in a city
Piece of red metal on a table
The shotgun shell sits on the dark table
The book sits open on the table
Metal cylindrical object on a table
Cars drive past the intersection in times square
An open book page
Traveling past buildings and skyscrapers in a city
Picture of three rods
The book has diagrams inside
A blurry bullet comes into focus
Sand covers bottom of arroyo weaving past flat topped low mountains
Letters on a metal rivet
Bullets are lying in a pile on a table during the day
A shotgun shell is standing up on a table
A fishing pole sits in the dark
The bullet on the table has numbers etched in it
There is a shotgun shell on the table
Shotgun casings are strewn across a table
The water flows past the monument
A river flows past snow covered rocks and trees as it leads to a waterfall
Suv pull boat trailer with motorboat down road through countryside past intersection
Black truck speeds along highway through forest past mountain slope splashing water when it drives through puddles
Two ostriches are walking on grass next to a pond and trees with a road in the background with a truck driving past
Car drives down street at night in snow under power lines and past buildings trees and street lights
Waves move downstream past a promontory covered with dense green trees
A flock of birds fly past a steel bridge against an overcast sky
A car drives past a parking garage in a city
A large blue bus drives on a bridge that runs past an apartment building in a developing village
The large book sits on the wooden table
A fishing lure is hanging on a wood shelf
The metal cylinder has many holes in it
Feathery green plant with long stems
The fishing lure sits still on the table
Metal cylindrical objects on a table
A book is lying open and displaying an illustration
A residential home with two stories and a fresh paint job is past a leafy tree
Dark clouds over a city skyline as birds fly past
A white pickup truck drives past a field below rolling hills
Past the stones is a large town with many homes
The rapids are moving fast past the rocks
Sled dogs run with tongues hanging out over grass past trees on a sunny day
Pushing past tugboats and port equipment toward downtown Seattle in the distance
Car drives along snow covered dirt road past fenced pastures toward oil pump sitting on top of hill
River water rushes past snow covered banks
The water flows past the melting ice
River water flows rapidly past banks creating foam as water churns
Vehicles drive past buildings in a city
The stream is moving fast past the shore
Water slips between grill to outside to splash past plant
Truck drives past fields one snow covered the other browned grass
Car drives past foot of rocky mountain covered in dried grass
A boat moves past two boats anchored in a body of water
A car drives past a wind farm
The road runs past the row of storage units
A car is driving around the road past windmills
A car is driving around the road past windmills
Nick Thomas 
GS11149248   (RM) 
A car travels on a rural highway past wind turbines
An abandoned railway with rusted destroyed train cars lying all about
Oldabandoned train sits on train track in desert with town and mountains in distance
A ski lift moves slowly past a forest as heavy snow falls
Aerial view of a train wreck with a town and mountains in the background in the desert
Rusty train wreck with train wagons in the desert
A train is stopped on tracks near a field in a rural area
Rivers run past rough terrain under clear blue sky
White particles flow past light creating glare against surrounding darkness
Dozens of small black insects fly past a tree at dusk
An armadillo crawls past the homes
People are driving past the buildings in the city
Pushing past tree tops above an icy river flowing through a misty mountain valley
Vehicle travels down the highway past the trees as a truck passes in the opposite direction
Empty staircase leads past sign providing directions to platforms to glass doors in transportation hub
Traffic travels past a wrecked vehicle on a snowy road in the mountains
Cars driving past a building on a snowy day
Business truck drives past vehicles parked in front of church on snowy day
River reflects suns glare paralleling large highway running past building of city downtown near pyramid shaped building
Car drives past empty sidewalks and shops
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