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David Cabrera 
GS11172029   (RM) 
Scenic view of the yellow sunset sky over the city skyline
A boat in a body of water near the coast with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Sun rising over city with a few clouds in the sky
A boat speeds through the ocean past tall skyscrapers
Rooftop solar panels provide electricity to a commercial building along a pier
House in a field near the mountains at sunset
The building is covered with red garage doors
A neighborhood with houses trees streets and vehicles
Rising over the Green Lake neighborhood to a wide overview of the entire Seattle metro area
A view of a city next to a river
A dog smells tires on bikes parked outside an old brick building
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
The tall building is at the end of the block
The tall building is at the end of the block
Robin Mason 
GS11167528   (RM) 
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
A dark sedan is driving down a dark city street
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
An airplane ascends in the sky with clouds and a low sun
Aerial of a water front luxury neighborhood on the coast
Washington monument landmark obelisk in the distance
A plane flies while leaving an airport
A car travels a city road at night making a left turn and then stopping at a traffic signal
A vehicle with a steering wheel and a rearview mirror with a building in the background
The Washington Monument over foggy reflecting pool at the National Mall
Audi car indicates left and drives along the road in the city
A vast field in the countryside containing round hale bales and a herd of cattle
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
Dog stands in snow in individual kennel howling and barking as another dog stands nearby
A car towing a boat is driving on a road in spring
Traffic lights in a city with trees a building and the sky in the background
A vehicle driving on a road with buildings and traffic lights in the background
Cows and a tractor carrying hay move along a pasture during the day
Official building with vietnamese flags
Car towing a boat on the highway crossing a bridge at morning
Snow covered field with tracks leading to a house and trees in the distance under a clear blue sky
Smoke floating away from sticks of burning incense
Static shot of the washington monument
Tall windows in a building have a clear view of downtown New York City
Wind turbines on a grassland behind a house in a rural area
A time lapse of a bridges and boats in New York City
Coil artwork at a vietnamese temple
The new york stock exchange building with flags and a tree in the front
A dog sitting out in a field
A train riding on a track with buildings trees the sky and clouds in the background
A newspaper lying on a city sidewalk in the daytime with front page headlines about the presidential election
Cars driving by along a building and trees
A tree with insects surrounding it and a rail car off in the distance
Skimming over Elliott Bay to reveal the Seattle skyline at sunrise under cloudy skies
A bird soaring from a platform in the daytime
Time lapse of storm clouds rolling over the fields at sunset
Statue of a woman in front of a church
Flying over Gas Works Park to reveal Lake Union and the Seattle skyline at sunrise
Horses eating grass in a field
Statue of a female saint outside of a church with a bell tower
City view across a river
Mirrored windows cover the front of a tall condo building downtown
Skyscrapers and tall buildings in a metropolis during the day
Buildings and skyscrapers sit in the city
A person is digging through the rubble of a disaster
Tornado forming in a sky with a a thunderstorm going on in the background in tornado country
Dozens of homes sit below and along the slope of a wide mountain range
An aerial view of a building in a city
Aerial view of the tall skyscrapers on the city downtown at evening
Vehicles driving on the highway going through the city at sunset
An electrical tower on a hill with the city skyline in the distance
Skyscrapers in a metropolis in the evening
Skyscrapers sit in the city while cars travel on the city street
A rainbow appears over a white barn in a field as a storm turns the sky red
Heavy smog covers the buildings of the city
Dark gray audi car drives on snowy dirt road in the countryside
The sun is setting on the city with large buildings
Aerial shot of a city sky
The sky is red at sunset over the city
The sky is red as the sun sets over the city
A view of an island village seen from aboard a boat on a cloudy day
Beautiful pink sky with palm trees in the foreground and buildings on the horizon and a village beneath
Oceanside homes are lit up at dusk
Cabins with doors with one with a lock with the sky above
A city skyline at sunset
Thick storm clouds begin to swirl over a grassland during the day
A view of a city skyline at dusk
A bridge leading to a government building on a sunny day
Palm trees in front of a city skyline
A bridge over a river with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial shot of downtown
Calm neighborhood close to the citys downtown skyline
Clouds gather and move past two buildings and a water tower
Highways with overpasses with many vehicles moving
Cars are driving on a highway in a downtown city
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