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Lorenzo Mazzega 
GS11171444   (RM) 
Stevie Jean 
TRU3206321   (RM) 
A boat in a body of water near the coast with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Ocean waves crash against the beach at dawn
Official building with vietnamese flags
A bowl of vietnamese style soup
Noodles being removed from a pot of water with a strainer
Smoke floating away from sticks of burning incense
Paper prayers on a wall
Paper prayers with foreign characters
Spiral shaped metal art hanging from a string outside at a historical site
Coil artwork at a vietnamese temple
Bags of grain are displayed at a market
Street market displays bags and scarves
Snacks and wrapped goods are crammed closely together in store
Fresh produce on display in an outdoor market
A market with food in packages
Food on shelves in a market
Ocean tide washes onto the beach at sunset
Statue of a woman in front of a church
Ocean water is moving fast towards the beach coast at sunset
Statue of a female saint outside of a church with a bell tower
City view across a river
A city skyline with water in the foreground with boats on a sunny day
Ferris wheel stands at edge of city near waterfront
Flowers are displayed in spring
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
Downtown filled with tall skyscrapers is visible behind a large ferris wheel
An urban city is displayed at night
Skyscrapers in a metropolis at night
Ferries travel along a waterway in a metropolis at night
Landscape of a tall set of building displaying lights with smaller buildings below doing the same
A large elaborately designed building on the coast at night
Bridge built around tree houses lighting up at night
An art structure of lights displays change color from red to green and smaller sets of twinkling white lights come on and off at night time
Dragon trees with bare branches sit evenly spaced
Branches are bare on mushroom shaped dragon trees
Slow push into serene woods as the morning sun filters through the trees
Slow traverse down the banks of a wild and pristine mountain stream
A gentle ocean wave washes into a sandy beach during the day
Ocean waves wash onto a beach on a sunny day
The back seat of a vehicle as it travels through a city in the late evening
A vehicle with windows and curtains with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Ocean waves slowly roll into a sandy beach during the day
Calm ocean extending to the horizon at sunset
A lake with stones and rocks with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A dog is resting outside
Under the surface of brilliant sparkling ocean reef
Sun is shining through the ocean water
Underwater view of waves creating underwater clouds of turbulence
Underwater footage of sunlight filtering from the surface of the calm blue ocean waters
An ocean wave churns and billows overhead
Underwater shot of an ocean and coral
Aerial of a huge snowy mountain range in the purple dusk
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial of a massive mountain range in pink alpenglow
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
Four skiers in a vast glacial field at sunset
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at day
Aerial view of snowy mountains and an old avalanche
Aerial of a mountain ridge covered in snow under a pale sky
Aerial wrap around snowy mountain flanks
Aerial of glacial mountains in the mist
Aerial of fog around a snowy mountain at sunset
Aerial movement along a mountain plain at sunset
Aerial of snowy mountains draped in clouds
Aerial of a car on a highway cutting through huge mountains in winter
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Aerial push over tidal area and ocean in front of snow capped mountain range
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Aerial pull over ice flow in the arctic at sunset
Aerial descent over a stunning arctic area at sunset
Colorful interior of a cave with sunlight entering through an opening in the ceiling
Snow falls along a rocky cliff
Aerial rise above a person walking through endless brown desert
Aerial view of the desert salt flats expanding to the horizon on a clear day
Ocean wave breaks against the coast at sunset
Upward shot from city street with trucks passing and building on a sunny day
Architecture in the middle of a city besides the ocean
Plants inside of a building in front of a window partially block the view of tall buildings outside
The illuminated exterior of a museum on the bank of a river at night
High rise buildings in a downtown area
A van parked on a street above the shore
Hood of a bright yellow volkswagen van open showing the engine revving up
A cliff looking down ocean waves washing into a sandy beach during the day
Top down view of sea waves gently crashing on the coast at sunset
Aerial view of waves in an ocean
Aerial view of waves in an ocean
Simon & Paul 
GS11157065   (RM) 
A landscape with silhouettes of plants with the sky and clouds in the background
A cliff covered in gravel and short vegetation overlooking the horizon at sunset
A dark ocean wave rolls over the camera
Bubbles and waves underwater in an ocean
Strong waves sweep over coral reef in the ocean
Aerial of snowy mountain peaks in pink sunset light
Aerial view of a vast glacial plain
Waves boil through clear ocean water
Blue and white clouds swirl roil and dissipate underwater
Aerial of a massive glaciated mountain
An aerial view of a rocky mountain peak and vast glacier
Aerial movement through stunning huge mountains
A living room dining room and spacious kitchen sit adjacent to each other in a home with an open floor plan
An open concept room has the kitchen and living room laid out galley style
View across a big asian city
Reflecting windows of a huge skyscraper
A marketplace with fruit and vegetables
A passing view of the interior of a cluttered exotic lamp shop in the daytime
Stores on a city street
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