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Matthew Nighswander 
GS11174897   (RM) 
An aerial view of a forest and a lake
A boat speeds through the ocean past tall skyscrapers
Rising over the Green Lake neighborhood to a wide overview of the entire Seattle metro area
Ocean waves splash against rocks on a clear day
A starfish is under the water
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
Aerial view of boats moving on the water above a reef
Aerial of a water front luxury neighborhood on the coast
A variety of fish and sea creatures swim near the surface of the ocean during the day
A beach with waves with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A river flowing over some rocks
Waves roll in splashing under a cloudy sky
Waves crashing in to a cliff on the shore
Sun shines on a wave splashing and rolling in overhead
A static shot of light beams through trees and fog at sunrise
Manta ray hovering over a coral reef underwater in the ocean
A sting ray under water
A very large manta ray gracefully drifts under the surface of the ocean
A woman is swimming under the water
Fish and ray fish swimming underwater in the ocean next to a coral reef
Close up of ice on a lake at sunset
A manta ray swims through a school of fish underwater during the day
An ocean wave crashes over a camera on the ocean during the day
Turbines spinning on wind farm on a cloudy day
Broken ice on a lake
An ocean wave crashing down in water on a sunny day
Underwater shot in the ocean where the sun is beaming down in a flare on the surface
A manta ray underwater in a coral reef
A sea wave sends clouds of bubbles reaching towards the sea floor
A boat hull reflects the waves as it moves through the water
An underwater camera operator resting on the sea floor films a manta ray as it swims by
A motor boat departs from a marina around a breakwater as dense fog moves in
A school of angelfish swimming in the ocean
Early morning sunshine starts to illuminate boats and yatchs docked at a urban city marina
Waves crash onto the shore of a beach at sunrise
Wave crests and collapse forming a translucent sheet showing the blue of the sky instead the blue green of the ocean
A large group of small jellyfish swim under the sea during the day
A shot underwater with plants and lights shining
River water flowing through a snowy landscape in winter
River water flowing through a snowy landscape in winter
Marko Roth 
GS11165171   (RM) 
A coral reef underwater with seaweed and fishes swimming
Natural sea arch made of stone on the coast of a beach near the ocean
A view of underwater in the ocean is displayed
A view of waves crashing against rocks at the ocean
Ocean plants halfway submerged underwater above a small coral reef
A landscape view of cliffs on the shoreline
A school of fish swimming into a hole on the ocean floor
A view of an island village seen from aboard a boat on a cloudy day
A coastline with boats docks boat house palm trees in overcast weather
A rocky coast with waves with the ocean the sky and clouds in the background
The tide washes into a rocky coastline in the evening
A ground with smoke with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Ocean near horizon under misty sky is a darker blue than area near cliff as waves crash
A lake with water with land the sky and clouds in the background
A rocky tree covered coast with rippled water surface on a cloudy day
Aerial view of houses in a forest close to the coast of the ocean
Ocean waves wash onto a sandy beach in the evening
Waves roll in over beach with a rocky coastline and mountains in the background and a cloudy sky
An aerial view of a beach
A storm is bringing large waves to the island
Waves crash onto a beach lined with cliffs
Rock promontories rising over the a beach coastline close to a cliff at sunset
Aerial view of ocean waves crashing on a rocky coast
A seagull flies over the water
A view of the cost on rocks and trees
Waves rolling in to the shore with a large cliff
Aerial view of a small town in the pine tree forests near the ocean
A view of waves crashing against rocks at the coast
Ocean waves form and break on a rocky shore on a stormy day
An aerial view of waves crashing on a cliff
A city with many buildings andbridges on a riverfront
Ocean waves crash against a small rocky island with remote beach house
Static shot of a ocean coast
A large elaborately designed building on the coast at night
Waves are lapping at a rocky shore near a forest
Waves rolling into Pacific coast next to thick forested mountain on a stormy day
A view of rain drops falling at night
The statue of liberty looms over the ocean on a sunny day
Water in a lake with the shore in the distance
A small boat near rocks on shore as green water ripples
A person is walking on the sand by the shore
An aerial view of a rugged island covered in lush vegetation during a storm
A view of the ocean from the beach
Aerial view of a narrow sand bank on the clear waters of a lake
A fishing line in water catching a fish
A boat is on the water with mountains in the background
Ocean waves crashing on the black rocks on the cliffs of a beach
People are riding a boat on the lake at dusk
Strong waves hitting the short as a bridge can be seen in the background
A cruise ship is docked down to downtown skyscrapers lit up at night
Birds eye view of calm wetland pools as ducks and geese swim and forage along the vegetation
A wave of water with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Top down view of a frosty lake shore between an evergreen forest and glacial lake on a winter day
The ocean with a wave of water with the sky and clouds in the background
The current in a river is moving
A landscape with snow ice and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Shanty hut on the coast of an island next to a sunset over the ocean
Building at the edge of a forest with ocean surrounding it
A lake with rippling water with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Waves crash on beach under bridge around rocks with cliffs in the distance on a misty foggy cloudy day
A ship is driving on the ocean water
Aerial shot of a coast
A view of waves crashing against a beach
Waves rolling in on the coast and a cloud filled sky
Birds flying over an ocean landscape with a small boat sailing in the water
Huts in a lagoon off the shore of an island in an archipelago
The sun peaks over distant mountains to shine on the long coast of a landmass at sunrise
A cold glacial river flows at the base of snowy mountains
Aerial of gentle waves lapping shoreline on a beach front bay
Aerial view of a small island with trees on the middle of a lake
An aerial view of birds flying over a lush tropical island in the daytime
The ocean connects with a bay and inlets that are completely covered in dense forest
Small remote controlled aircraft taking flight next to a cliff on an island
A coast with land with grass and trees next to water with waves
Aerial view of the tide coming in from the ocean towards beach houses and a neighborhood as fog comes down from above at daytime
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