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Mesas with a valley below and mountains in the distance under a cloudy sky
Views across the desert valley towards mountains and a mesa at stormy dusk
A desert landscape with a distant mountain range and stormy sky and clouds
An aerial view of rock formations in a desert landscape
An aerial view of a desert mesa area at dusk with distant mountains
Sweeping aerial of desert landscape with distant plateaus and barren road at dusk
A desert mountain range is revealed across the valley over the mesas
Water is flowing downstream during the day
Cows are eating at a farm
A red sky and sun over a forest
A harnessed cow in a rural village
A simple suspension bridge leading to a hill covered in vegetation
A pillar rotating with writing on it
Metallic tibetan prayer wheel spinning
Birds rest atop a pair of buildings covered in artwork and decorations
Two monkeys on stairs eating outside
Family of monkeys relaxing and playing on the sculptures outside a temple
Several monkeys sit together and one grooms a smaller monkey
Two ropes covered with brightly colored flags sway in the wind
Monkey walks in four legs over the scaffolding around an oriental architecture building
A monkey is sitting on a rock outdoors
Monkeys sitting on a building
Trees and shrubs grow in nature with a rock formation in the distance
An american flag is hanging on the railing
An american flag ripples in the wind as the sun shines brightly upon it
An american flag billowing outside on a sunny day
A view of a flag outside
A group of statues in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC National Mall
Revealing tall mountains and a beautiful river canyon from behind a stand of pine trees
United states flag flying outside of window
Wind blowing through an American flag on top of a building
An American flag at sunset
A canyon with wetlands with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of a river flowing through canyons
Sailing through a river near some rocks
Uluru Ayers Rock pan up with trees in the foreground
Basket and shoes hanging from a wooden pole on a dirt road near a village on the mountains
Goat with kids sleeping over a rock on the ground next to a house
Small rural buildings on a farm in a tropical forest
Aerial view of a landscape at dusk is displayed
Mountains tower over conifer trees under cloudy sky
Snow covers summit of large mountain under clear blue sky
A bird flying over a remote mountain town on a summer day
Goats grazing outdoors
A grassy field with trees and mountains the sky and clouds in the background
A portable water tank next to a pile of bricks on top of a roof outlooking a farm field
Power lines lead over countryside to town nestled against fog covered mountain
A stone mountain ridge above an evergreen forest during the day
Clothes hanging on a clothesline in a rural area with the shore below
A line of flags flying over a river valley
Colorful tibetan prayer flags waving in the wind
An aerial view of a river running between cliffs and canyons
Flags representing the united states and california fly above the entrance to a large building
An Argentina flag is blowing in the wind
Flag of Argentina flutters in the wind
An Argentina flag flows in the wind
A landscape is displayed at daytime
An austrian mountain town with a tall church spire sits on the edge of a lake
A vast grassland between a brown stone mountain ridge on a sunny day
Flags line the top of the roller coaster loop ahead
A large turtle is casually making its way along an alleyway between houses in the daytime
A kangaroo is standing upright looking forward before it hops away as other kangaroos are nearby with mountains in the distance
Kangaroos hop and graze in a field with lavender plants
Car drives along street past domed capitol building
Tortoise walks along gravel and stone path passing building
Tan colored tortoise walks across lawn toward building
A pet turtle walks through the fenced yard of a house during the day
A turtle is crawling on the ground and eating something in the dirt
A tortoise is crawling around on the ground
A turtle is crawling on a sidewalk next to a building
A turtle is crawling around on the grass
A tortoise walking outside near vegetation on a summer day
Tortoise moves around slowly on the path next to lawn
A turtle slowly walks past a plant
Heavy fog settles over a vast canyon
Shadows on the mountains on a sunny day
A rocky cliff on a hillside
A house in a rural area with lights on and off in a rural area search helicopter light
Dirt road stretching into dark woods at night search helicopter light
The leaves on a tree shimmer in the light as they fall to the forest floor search helicopter light
Shadows moving across trees in a forest search helicopter light
A time lapse of shadows from the sun in a forest search helicopter light
A lake in the middle of mountains with snow with sunlight and blue skies
A river runs through a heavily forested mountain valley
A forest with fall leaves covering the ground
Train follows train tracks away from mountains past forest and paralleling river
A river runs along a bank filled with fir trees
The mountains line the sides of the large lake
Road runs through the forest next to the mountains
Cave drawings on a rock wall
A rough and rocky surface has a faint paintings of a pair hands on it
Subtle orbit around two skyscrapers under construction in a dense downtown area
River water flows in a canyon as sun shines on a mesa
Brown spring runoff water churns and splashes on a sunny day
The canyon is under a clear sky
People standing on a cliff with trees and snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of people standing under a natural rock arch in the desert
Water falls down a snow covered cliff in a woodland in the evening
Sunlight illuminates an engraving of famous words from an american civil rights leader I Have a Dream
Sunlight illuminates an engraving of famous words from an american civil rights leader I Have a Dream
Myles Shank 
GS11115986   (RM) 
I have a Dream Inscribed on Stone
American flags are scattered across an open field
Dozens of American flags fly in rows in a park
American flags blowing in the wind in a rural area
A grassy field with American flags waving in the wind with vehicles trees the sky and clouds in the background
A grassy field with American flags waving in the wind with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A narrow road runs through a dense forest
A river running through a dense evergreen forest during the day
A river flowing through an evergreen forest during the day
Water rippling and flowing in a river with rocks
Water in the stream flows through the forest
Tall fir trees loom over smaller ones in a dense forest
The water in the river flows near the rocks then goes down a hill
Water churns producing brown tinted foam then flows down black rock past white ice
River water flows down a rocky cliff
Water in the stream flows towards the forest
A view of a river and waterfall outdoors
Water flowing down a stream in the woods with snow covered trees around as the sun is setting
A river through a woodland during the day
The yellow waters of a waterfall flows down a cliff into the river below
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