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Orbit around a cell site in a suburban neighborhood near coastal shoreline
Reveal of a 5G tower near homes in a small town neighborhood along a bay
Revealing trees and homes that surround a cell site tower
Orbit around a backlit 5G data tower high above the trees with a calm coastal bay in the distance
A tall cellular data tower serves a rural community
Vehicles travel on a rural highway near a winding river as a cell phone tower works overhead
Sunrise traverse past multiple cellular data antennas mounted to a monopole mast
A cell tower stands tall above a valley and mountain community below
Clockwise orbit around a 5G cell tower high above a mountain valley community
Pullback traverse of a tall cellular communications tower in the mountains
A cell tower working near a lakeshore community at sunrise
Counter clockwise orbit around a neighborhood cell tower at dawn
Pullback reveal of a cell tower that rises high above a forest and trees with mountains in the distance
A 5G cell tower located within a forest and near suburban communities
A 5G cell tower located within a forest and near suburban communities
Aerial Edge 
GS11114590   (RM) 
Clockwise descending orbit around a 5G cell site
Orbiting close below antennas mounted to a cell tower with blue sky and whispy clouds in the background
GS3659126   (RF) 
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