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Luca Zordan 
GS11171426   (RM) 
Stevie Jean 
TRU3206302   (RM) 
Paper prayers with foreign characters
The holy bible on a table in a room
A person dressed as santa claus putting on a black boot
A splash of red and yellow paint fall into what appears to be water and create smoky patterns
A streak of yellow slime falls down a red colored hand and drips off
A cat crawling around under a rug
A vehicle with windows and curtains with trees the sky and clouds in the background
White blanket hangin over the edge of a crib in a baby room at home
The oven and dishwasher in a home kitchen during the day
A round headlight on a parked car
Coffee pours into the mug
Birds outside of a building in a rural area
Stairs on city park on a cloudy day
A view of a beach is displayed
A red see through cloth blowing in the wind on the beach with the ocean and the sky in the background
Cables and chains movie up and down via a pulley in a factory
Close up of barbed wire fence swaying in the wind in a field
Dark fabric drags across arid ground away from fog and branch
Smoke rises around weapons lying on textured gray cloth with scattered bullets
Blue face mask thrown over the sand of a beach next to the ocean
Close up of a measuring tape put against a laced cloth
Close up of a measuring tape against a laced cloth
The compass is sitting in the ship cabin
Water is dripping from the sink
A long red scarf blows in the wind on the beach
The stadium seats are all empty
Water is falling on the hammer outside
A branch is being dragged on a black robe
A boat in the water
Rusted nuts and bolts and tools sit on a dark wooden table in a room
A animal is walking in the sand
Steel pots sitting in a factory
Two skis lean against a wood structure
Snow covers mountains on a sunny day
A woman walking across a shimmering desert towards us
A plane is flying high off the ground above a desert
Woman stuffs things into the bag in the room
A woman picks up her backpack and puts the items back in it and shakes to settle the contents
A woman gathers up the flaps and picks her backpack up off the floor and walks away
A person throwing a dress onto the floor
Woman drops deployed parachute on floor of studio
A woman in a shop draws on a plank of wood
An employee cutting metal in a shop
Wood burning with fire ash and smoke
Person wearing coveralls pushes cart loaded with labeled buckets through building
A man is leading a camel in the desert
The wind ruffles a camels mane and the headdress of an arab man resting on the sand
A horse walks through sand on the beach
Person removes tempura vegetables from oil and places them on grill on tray to drain
Person wearing gloves cuts beef on wooden board with a knife standing outdoors
A person cutting a piece of meat in half with a knife
A man sharpens a carving knife above a slab of barbecued meat on a cutting board
A person with gloves sprinkling seasoning on a piece of meat on a cutting board on a table
Magnetic megal shavings around a gemstone
A close up of a crystal and metal shavings
Colorful streamers hanging outside of a building
Dog runs and does a long jump in training course to catch a toy hangin over a pool
A workshop floor covered in sawdust as more falls from a workbench
Sneakered feet walk through sawdust on the floor as more sawdust falls from the use of a power sander
Two beer glasses sit on a round table as lights dance across it and the bench seats
A person in a room with a glove filing a piece of metal
A man is closing a panel in a shop
Wave flows over discarded face mask and mat of kelp and leaves before retreating
Smoke rising from burning pieces of wood
A person uses a spinning buffer machine to smooth the sides of a surfboard on a crafting workbench
A person uses a spinning buffer machine to smooth the sides of a surfboard on a crafting workbench
Jonathan Bennett 
GS11112538   (RM) 
A man cuts material in a shop
A man puts material over a surfboard he is making
A woman at home dusts flour on a wooden board
A person wipes flour on the cutting board
A woman at home flattens dough
Preparing dough in a metal pie tray to bake a crust
Rolling dough on a pie plate to make a pie crust
Woman with blue shirt cracks egg into glass bowl in the kitchen
Liquid being poured in to a drink
A person squeezing a lemon over a glass using an aluminium lemon squeezer
A close up of a green board with plastic and metal components
The computer board is green in color
People ride skateboards at skate park at night
A skateboarder ascends a ramp and grinds along a pipe at the top before grinding back down
Person wearing cold weather gear peels bark off tree laying on snow covered ground in forest
A man with an ax splitting a log in a snowy forest with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A man pushes a button on a camera and a dial turns
Two people bike over a bridge in a forest
A beekeeper slowly removes a frame covered in bees from an artificial beehive outdoors during the day
A person wearing protective gear smokes a honeycomb with bees outdoors
A red liquid drips from a womans mouth
Three men clap as two women dance around a fire on a beach at sunset
People dance on sand around small bonfire as others clap
Aerial view of two women with black t shirts walk on the beach
A sculpture of a religious figure draped with cloth
A man resting on a cliff
People climbing up colorful stairs behind a large statue in front of a cliff
Birds flock at an outdoor market as a person stands and watches them
A woman chops wood with her hatchet on a cloudy winter day
Fireman walking over burnt wood after a forest fire
A person warming their hands near an open fire
People warm their bare feet and hands near wood burning stove with chimney
A large stack of bricks sit in the yard
Overhead as a person jumps over a fire pit at night
A person is welding metal with a torch
Light shines from beneath hanging curtains
A pair of tan drapes hanging in a window
Close up of iron filings moving and reacting to a magnetic field
Metal filings moving under a magnetic field
Movement of magnetic metal shavings
A woman cooks bean sprouts on an old fashioned pan
A person pours whisked eggs over a pile of bean sprouts on a grill
Powder iron filing moving under a magnetic field
Small pieces of material move in waves
A person cooking at a market
A woman cooking
A small dog yawns as it stands on the outskirts of a gathering of people outdoors during the day
People cooking at a market
A person with a dish of food
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