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A computer motherboard with capacitors and microchips
City lights glowing in san francisco at night
Traffic travels along a road on a dark and misty night
A city skyline with trees buildings and skyscrapers
People walking with backpacks with a mountain range and the sky in the background
A group of people ride a large wave in the ocean as a boat passes by
A golf course with a pond and fountain at dusk or dawn
A construction site with many cranes on a river bank
Cranes and construction equipment sit on a large dirt oil field next to the ocean
The campfire is burning at night
Fire burns near a collection of military toys
Two birds are standing on a light post during the day
Smoke and sparks flow across surface of shadowy diorama of soldier miniatures
Smoke and sparks flow across surface of shadowy diorama of soldier miniatures
GS11121215   (RM) 
Multiple tower cranes work above a new office park complex under construction
Steel columns and girders make up the framework of a new building under construction
Sunshine filters between the steel columns and beams of a new office building under construction
Traverse over multiple tower cranes working above the framework of new buildings under construction at an office park
Reveal of a massive construction site complex from behind a stand of fir trees
A construction crane stands above a nearly complete office building
Ascending along the edge of a large multi floor building under construction
The sun shines down on steel beams and girders at the top of a new building under construction
A tall crane towers above a gleaming new office building under construction in a business park
Wide orbit around the steel framework of multiple new office buildings being constructed
Subtle orbit around two skyscrapers under construction in a dense downtown area
Scuba diver with yellow flippers swims toward murky shipwreck surrounded by sharks as light from surface brightness area
A male scuba diver slowly swims deep beneath the ocean water
A pair of divers close a box on the sea floor as sharks swim all around them
Bubbles surround a plant under water
Air bubbles move around small white flowers in an aquarium
Three women with snorkels and flippers swimming underwater with sharks
Abstract footage of a bright light moving
Rows of solar panels at solar farm sit on snow covered field reflecting the sun
Rows of solar panels on a solar farm located in a field next to a road on a clear day
Sunlight reflecting on rows of solar panels outside
Solar panels lined up in a field
Solar panels lined up on a field
Backlit yellow liquid bubbling inside a container
A landscape with a solar farm and utility poles with the sky and clouds in the background
A landscape with solar panels
A landscape with solar panels with utility poles the sky and clouds in the background
A landscape with a solar farm with utility poles in the background
Dog runs and does a long jump in training course to catch a toy hangin over a pool
Aerial view 30 St Mary Axe 'The Gherkin' London skyscraper
A vehicle with a steering wheel a windshield and a rearview mirror with toy boxing gloves hanged up on it
A view walking down a narrow canyon
A view of water rushing in a desert canyon
Pedestrians crossing the over the zebra crossing on a busy city intersection at night
Red black and blue colors that look like water and oil
An aerial view of a city at night
A lit up runway as a plane approaches and lands
An aerial view of lit up city skyline at night
Yellow and purple colors move around black spheres and explode into colorful lines and smoke
A sign hangs on a locked up playground
The television is full of static
Sailboats meander in the water near downtown Vancouver
A room with a window with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Solar panel array
A television screen is displaying only flickering gray images that do not resemble anything
The television screen is flickering with static
Seagull with city behind it as float plane takes off
A computer screen with text on it
Sunset sunlight enters the narrow corridor on a canyon in the desert
Sports car parked in a garage
Hot air balloons floating in the air over a landscape with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A pair of hot air balloons float through the sky during the day
A view of a monument at sunset
Silhouette of a woman covered in a veil inside a dimly lit room
The silhouette of a female figure is visible beneath a translucent sheet
A woman in a room with a sheet over her
A woman is wearing a dress and standing on a stage
The silhouette of a female standing under a sheet is illuminated by a bright light
The silhouette of a woman surrounded by leaves seen through the sheer fabric of a tent
A woman poses under a white cloth lit from below
A view of flashing lights on water
Ocean waves splash against the rocks and sandy beach
Dozens of American flags blow in the breeze in rows on the lawn of a capitol building
In a dark room with stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls a disco ball spins continuously
Spinning mirror ball hanging near wall with stuffed animal heads reflects light in red lit club
Lights are flashing inside an empty room
Sun shines from red sky reflecting off water near shipping vessels as traffic flows along freeway through city center
Sun reflecting off dark ocean turns landscape red
Close up of an airplane window as sunshine passes through
A woman swims in an infinity pool as two people along the ledge
The sky is black and red as the sun sets over the ocean
Paved walkway separates pond from ocean as sun sits on horizon in red sky
A view of the sun setting at the ocean
A diver is filming a school of fish underwater
City lights shine in darkness as city stretches to mountains on both sides of river
A person with gloves touching buttons in a machine with a screen
A mill working on a piece of metal
A close up view of text in a book
A bible in a room with a wall in the background
Electric blue moving shapes against a black background
Electric blue lights flares reflecting inside a dark room
Waves and ripples of red and blue colors flowing down the screen
In a dark and surreal setting wisps of purple waves drift past each other
Blue purple and pink colors that look like lights
Blue and green colors blend together
An abstract mix of blue and red color liquid
A match striking a matchbox and igniting with fire and smoke
A flame rises from a match and then goes out and smoke rises
Boats fill a marina below a bridge downtown
Close up of hand holding a burning matchstick
A view of a balloon with bitcoin logo exploding
Orange and red candles burning over a tray decorated with small pumpkins
Flames move up a balloon string causing it to explode and burn out
A match is struck on fire
The head of a match can be seen being struck against a match box to light it
Solar panels under a cloudy sky
Traffic travels along a road towards a bridge on a foggy day
Close up of a matchstick lighting a fuse
Two hot air balloons floating high in the sky
Time lapse of sun setting behind Vancouver's Burrard Bridge as boats move through the waterway
The television is displaying lines and static
A view of a screen with flashing items on it
Different color fireworks go off in the distance of a body of water over a city skyline at nighttime
Fireworks explode over the bay
A view of a drop of water falling into water
Fireworks exploding in the night sky over a body of water
A view of water dropping into a bigger pool of water
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