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White pumpkins on an outdoor pumpkin stand on a fall day
Pumpkins are displayed in a pumpkin patch
Several colorful pumpkins and gourds sitting on a table
Street market displays bags and scarves
Snacks and wrapped goods are crammed closely together in store
Fresh produce on display in an outdoor market
Factory with yellow metal arms and green metal bases
A tall tree looms high over frosted and densely packed new growth of an evergreen forest
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Ascent at first light over a frosty evergreen forest with tall mountains in the distance
Wind farm stands on green hill with snow covered mountain on horizon under a cloudy sky
A city skyline is partially reflected in the gleaming solar panels that make up the roof of a LEED certified green building
Golden light softy reflects from the panels of a large solar power facility as the sun sets along the horizon
A colorful feather falling onto water in the dark
Wide overview of an immense solar farm located on an arid plateau with white data center buildings in the distance
Sunlight glints off parallel rows of solar panels lined up on a large utility scale solar farm
A car driving down the highway is dwarfed by a large solar farm surrounded by rolling hills and mountains on the horizon
Solar panels and wind turbines generate clean power together at a renewable energy installation
Hands wearing black gloves stirring a green liquid in a pot with a mixing spatula
Cars and trucks on an interstate highway traveling through fertile and lush farmland
Chickens stand around a red feeder eating while other chickens walk around the yard
A basket full of miniature pumpkins sits next to several large pumpkins
Subtle orbit over a large solar power facility as sunlight reflects softly off the long rows of panels
Subtle orbit over long rows of solar panels at a large solar power facility
A vast solar power station stretches on for miles producing megawatts of electricity
High voltage power lines from a solar power facility transmit electricity into the distance
Ascent over multiple rows of solar panels at a large scale solar power station
Top down medium shot of double tall solar panel rows bathed in early morning light
Birds eye twist of double tall solar panel arrays on a solar farm
Rows of solar panels aligned in front of wind turbines at a massive green energy facility
Low angle pass along row after row of high efficiency solar panels reflecting soft light
Corn plants growing in a rural field in the daytime
Reveal of multiple wind turbines arranged in a row on a green hillside
Descending towards the spinning blades of a wind turbine from above
Top down view of a wind turbine just above the arc of its spinning blade tips
Orbit around multiple wind turbines operating along the slope of green rolling hills
Pullback descent behind several wind turbines spinning on a hillside wind farm
Ascending up the mast of a wind turbine spinning along the foothills of a large wind farm
Pullback from close to the blade hub to reveal the entire turbine working on a wind farm
Pullback from a low angle closeup of a wind turbine to reveal an entire wind farm with the moon hanging low above the horizon
Tilting down from a beautiful mountain river valley to reveal a dam and hydroelectric power station
A stunning painted sky over frost covered trees in a forest with mountains along the horizon
Aerial view of wind turines spinning on the green hills near a highway
Worker uses a nozzle to spray paint black slabs of plastic in bright green
A cluster of wind turbines generating power along rugged rolling countryside
Low angle traverse around a motionless wind turbine on a completely idle wind farm at sunrise
Clockwise orbit around two wind turbines on a wind farm at dusk
Tilt up pullback reveal of a large data center complex as the sun sets in the distance
Black cow tied with a rope stands near a house over the green grass
Wind turbines in field from moving vehicle 8mm
A breeze ruffles the leaves of green potted plants lined up in rows with identifying signs
Potted plants inside a green house
The greenhouse is full of marijuana plants
Green plants growing inside a greenhouse shed
Greenhouse or plant nursery filled with green plants grown for transplanting
Potted plants growing in a green house
Plants in a green house
Potted plants in a green house
A pipeline with a dirt road beside it cuts through trees and snow
One hundred dollar casino chips are tossed next to a straight flush hand
Ace of hearts is placed on jack of spades on green felt surface
Blue and green liquid colors are displayed
A horse wearing a bridle on a sunny day
Sarah Krick 
GS11135834   (RM) 
Clouds of steam rising from a power plant in a small town near a lake at night
Steam and vapor clouds rising from a power plant at night
An aerial view of rows of crops growing on a rural farm
Vehicles drive on a highway that parallels an elevated light rail deck under construction through a green suburban neighborhood
Reveal of a huge clearcut along the edge of a mountain forest
Birds eye view of a stark and bare clearcut zone next to dense green woods
Rows of solar panels outside
A wind turbine turns on a clear day
Aerial view of wind turbines spinning on the snow covered hills at daytime
Green northern lights glow and dance in the sky above power lines and trees
A large full moon glows behind wind turbines on a hill slope
Electrical substation surrounded by trees on the outskirts of a small town
There are no people in the power plant
Aerial view of an electrical substation at sunset
Aerial view of an electrical substation in the outskirts of a small town
Sunlight shines down on the fluttering leaves of plant life during the day
A small farm in a green field near a treeline at daytime
A dam stretches across the water between green slopes
Top down view of a UAV flying over green vegetation on a sunny day
A sunset that is over a mountain area
Plants and tall grass gently moving in the breeze
Plants and tall grass moving in the breeze
Green vegetation across a snowy field from a ridge of snow covered mountains in the evening
Clouds floating above a large mountain range at dawn
Clouds floating above a large mountain range at dawn
Derek Pueblo 
GS11107827   (RM) 
Clouds flow over the icy tundra
A bird flies over a shore with the skyline and mountains in the background
Clouds over the snow covered peaks of a mountain range near a lake at sunrise
River with grass around and mountains behind it with pink clouds in the sky
Plants with leaves blowing in the wind with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
The town sits at the edge of the mountain
The sun is rising on the town near the mountain
A wide shot of a landscape
Clouds of steam and vapor rising from a power plant in a small town in the coast of a lake at dawn
A city below a mountain range and across a large lake is lit up at night
Small town in the coast of a lake in the mountains at sunset
A shot of a power plant across a lake at night
A factory producing smoke
Smoke rising from a factory next to a mountain lake at night
A power plant that has steam coming off of it near a lake
Smoke billowing out of a power plant
Pollution rising from a factory in a city at night
Skyline with smoke at night and lights on buildings
Smoke rising from a large factory into a black night sky
Smoke rising from a factory in a city at night
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