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A train riding on a track with buildings trees the sky and clouds in the background
Tornado forming in a sky with a a thunderstorm going on in the background in tornado country
Vehicles driving on the highway going through the city at sunset
An art structure of lights displays change color from red to green and smaller sets of twinkling white lights come on and off at night time
Water from rainwater tank is used to water lawn
A sprinkler waters grass in front of a house with a sign stating that rainwater is in use
Water flows on dry grass from garden hose
Water flows out of a garden hose onto dry grass
An empty carousel with horses lit up spinning around at nighttime
Rail cars go quickly down the track with gravel in front and open grass land in the background
Fire works going off at night
A person parachutes over the summit of a snowy mountain range at daytime
A person parachuting above many mountains and fog
Glass of enclosed cabin reflects snow covered mountains
Aerial view of a landing in a snowy field with mountains in the distance
An aerial view of a rural snowy field on a winter day
Leaning out the open door of a helicopter over snow covered mountains
The dials and gauges of a dashboard vibrate and reflect sunlight
Aerial view of snow covered mountains are displayed
Aerial of snow capped mountain peaks in the arctic
The snow covers the long mountain range
Cars travel carefully on a icy mountain road as it snows lightly
Snow covered mountains with peaks high in the sky
A view of snowy mountains on a winter day from an airplane window
A mountain range covered in ice and snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range from an airplane
Birds eye view of traffic driving along a hairpin curve on a steep mountin road
Top down descending twist over cars driving on a hairpin curve through a snow covered forest
A helicopter flying over trees snow mountain and road
An airplane flies over the snow covered land and buildings
A car travels on a winding mountain road through a misty snow covered forest
The helicopter blades cast a shadow as they whirl while the copter flies over snow covered terrain towards mountains
A narrow road winds its way through a snowy forest up towards majestic mountains
Aerial view of white fog over the pine tree forests in the snow covered mountains
A golf ball going in to a hole
The sun goes down behind the mountains on the horizon with dark clouds
A monitor has some lines going up and down in static form
A monitor has some lines going up and down on it
Snow capped mountain ridge through the airplane window on a bright sunny day
Wave going over camera
A snowy mountain range view from inside of a helicopter high in the sky during the day
A helicopter flying over a snowy mountain range on a winter day
Flying over mountains and clouds in a helicopter
The view of mountains and snow from the windshield of a helicopter flying above
Michael Turek 
GS11159310   (RF) 
Water going down a drain
Sign of rainwater tank in use while a person waters plants in a garden
A small hose that is sticking outward slowly drips water from its end
The shadow of the slowly decelerating rotors of a helicopter on the snow
A mountain range covered in snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
A helicopter lands near the cabin
A helicopter flies over the clouds
A commuter train travels over a bridge with a city skyline in the distance
Overhead view of pipelines that go from above ground to underground
A view of water from the ocean crashing at a cave
Small ocean waves crashing on the rocks in the coast of a beach at sunset
Rough water and waves roll over rocks as a seagull flies by on a cloudy day
A flock of seagulls sitting on rocks along the shore and flying over the water
Small waves crash on the shore
A view of waves crashing against rocks outdoors
Birds sit on the rocks by the shore
The break lights on the car go out
Time lapse of tornado going through a field in the country
Twisting footage of a road going thorugh a tree tunnel at day time
A car is driving on a road toward mountains with the windshield wipers going
Dark gray car drives on highway at night
A close up of a golf ball going intoa hole
Red liquid is moving creating bubbles in changing light going from black to red to orange
Slow push toward a beautiful drawbridge as vehicles and pedestrians cross during a foggy morning commute
Commuters travel on a drawbridge over a river between neighborhoods and downtown
Commuters travel on a drawbridge over a river between neighborhoods and downtown
Aerial Edge 
GS11149249   (RM) 
Numbers show on control panels full of buttons and knobs
The cockpit has many gauges
Close up of the dials on the control panel of a helicopter during flight
A building sits atop a mountain ridge covered with snow and trees
A snowy mountain range outside the window of an aircraft on a sunny day
A fluffy white dog being walked on a leash in a forest
Clouds are silhouetted against the sunset
Pile of garbage laying on ground
A train is going down the tracks
Skiers are traveling on a ski lift in a mountain range on a sunny day
Going down an empty two lane road in a country setting
A close up of a screw going into wood
Camera going through plants
Abstract footage of dye going in to liquid
Several train tracks go through a large city
Aerial view of vehicles driving on highways and high rise buildings silhouetted against the sunset
Aerial view of vehicles driving on highways and the sun setting behind the high rise buildings on the horizon
Boats go across water behind pier and in front of city skyline
Two dogs going into the water of a lake with people trees and a mountain range in the background
Vehicles drive on a highway that parallels an elevated light rail deck under construction through a green suburban neighborhood
An airplane with lights blinking flies over a city descending as it goes
Shot of a snowmobile going up a hill
Different color fireworks go off in the distance of a body of water over a city skyline at nighttime
A small plane descends from the sky at night
Aerial shot of a river going through the valley
Flames go up and out as a fire breaks out in a clear sphere
Two people in a raft with paddles going down a river with trees and cliffs in the background
A view of a bridge going into a city with cars driving across it
Traffic is heavy on a bridge over a river going in and out of downtown
A wave crashing down and the camera going under the water
A rose that is going black in the middle
Cars drive down highway at night going both ways in six lanes
The outstretched legs of a man go through the imaging machine first
Go carts racing on a track with a cone and a red line with a building the sky and clouds in the background
Competing go carts driving over the curves of a race track at day
People race on a go cart track in a sunny day with a bright blur sky with buildings in the back ground
Men at a startline on a race track racing in go karts in the afternoon
A close up of an asphalt race track with go karts moving down the track quickly
A pair of people pull up to the starting line on a race track in go karts
People with helmets racing go karts on a track with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Men wear helmets as they sit in a line of go karts in a parking lot
People racing go karts around a track
Several people driving go karts race around a corner at a racetrack
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