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Jessica Sample 
GS11172169   (RM) 
Vegetation grows near natural arch showing ocean and cliff
Natural sea arch made of stone on the coast of a beach near the ocean
Ocean waves are moving towards the cliff
A ground with smoke with trees the sky and clouds in the background
The sun shines high in the distance amongst some shadowy mountains
Rock formation at day time jutting off the side of a mountain slope next to a canyon with a river
Camera inside of car showing the view of the mountain and trees
Rocky mountain side with harsh plants and a few rough looking shrubs in front of a deep blue sky
Waterfall falling down a river in a forest between two slopes covered in moss and vegetation
A wood cross on the side of a road in mountains on a sunny day
Tilt up from an empty and winding gravel road to reveal a desert canyon landscape
Mountains in the desert with a plateau and stormy sky and clouds in the background
The mountainous coast of a rocky landmass covered in vegetation on a cloudy day
Water rippling on a sandy beach with rock formations scattered around
An aerial view of a mountain range is displayed
Foamy ocean waves crash against the cliff
Rock inside a cave
Rocky cliffs on a coastline on a summer day
Colorful interior of a cave with sunlight entering through an opening in the ceiling
Ocean waves was through an opening in a rock formation onto a beach covered in large stones
A canyon with trees and hills with the sky and clouds in the background
Snow falls along a rocky cliff
The forest leads up to the mountain range
Aerial view of a landscape with hills and canyons
Haze covers horizon and distant mountains near town occupying valley
Under a cloudy sky is a chain of rocky canyons that are breathtaking
A river surrounded by trees with a cliff the sky and clouds in the background
A rocky slope with blowing dust
An aerial view of vegetation on rocky mountains in nature
An aerial view of a canyon in the wilderness
Aerial view of canyons covered in bushes and shrubs in the badlands
Sand covers bottom of arroyo weaving past flat topped low mountains
A stream flows throw red rock formations in a canyon
Cave paintings cover stone wall under overhang
rock painting on a rock wall in the desert
The wall of a canyon with vegetation
Sunlight shines on a boulder in nature
A rocky cliff in nature on a sunny summer day
A red rock surface
Primitive paintings on a rock formation outdoors
Cave drawings on a rock wall
Ancient archaeological painting on a vertical rock wall
Drawings on large rocks
Fossils and a cave painting on a rock surface
The canyon has a small cave on the side
Small carvings are in the rocks
Close up of rock and slate
A red and brown rock wall
A painting of an animal on a rock wall
Artwork is painted and carved on the rocks
A primitive wall painting on the face of a rock formation
Close up of rock on a canyon
An aerial view of a cliff is displayed
Ocean waves washing over the stones and sand of a rocky beach during the day
Ocean waves wash into a cave in a rock formation
The water splashes against the rocks
The water splashes against the rocks
Chris Jordan 
GS11160915   (RM) 
Ocean waves crash in a cave through a large rock formation on the coast
A helicopter is flying above the mountains
Sunlight shines through a large gap in a rock formation onto a rocky shoreline
Two condors fly over the snowy rocks
Fog moves across water and rock formations are seen in the distance
Mountain lined with trees and snow
Views across the desert valley towards mountains and a mesa at stormy dusk
An aerial view of rock formations in a desert landscape
An aerial view of a desert mesa area at dusk with distant mountains
Mountain behind a valley where two sloping valleys meet in the center
Trees and shrubs grow in nature with a rock formation in the distance
Mountain ridge high in the sky with scattered clouds
Tilt up reveal along the gnarled face of an ancient mountain slope eroded by the elements
Slow pullback reveal of a vast and insane landscape of sculpted rock plateaus
A mountain stands tall and is covered in snow as the camera passes by quickly
A wide shot of a rock formation
Tilt up reveal of a dry and arid flat valley floor surrounded by tall rocky cliffs
Flying closely alongside a rugged cliff wall above a wide and barren canyon valley
Traverse above rugged scablands with rocky cliffs and multiple ponds of water
Flying along the ridge above a deep mountain valley
Ascending a steep mountain ridgeline toward the summit
Skimming above a rocky ridgeline along a tall mountain peak
Orbit around the backlit ridge of a tall and rugged mountainside at sunrise
Tilt up pullback reveal of a steep and rocky mountain slope
A calm river runs along the bottom of a mountain gorge at dawn
Reveal of the Snake River winding thru the deep gorge of Hells Canyon
Aerial top down view of the striations along a receding riverbank in a desert canyon
Tilt up reveal of hot and dry salt flats with craggy mountains in the distance
Low pullback over a vast desert of white salt as the hot sun shines down from above
A shot of a tree and ground covered in soot and smoke
An open area with fallen trees ash and smoke surrounded by a forest
The side of a canyon is heavily ridged and textured
The desert has large cactus all over
Rocky hills stands among scrub and vegetation
A group of rock formations at the base of a mountain in the desert during the day
Spires in badlands desert on a clear day with mountains on the horizon
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