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Sunrise over frozen water
Cars driving by along a building and trees
A tree with insects surrounding it and a rail car off in the distance
Cracked sheet of ice over a rock in the forest
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
The water is crashing against the rocks
The sun shines high in the distance amongst some shadowy mountains
Birds eye view of a frozen alpine lake with snow covered logs and shoreline
Rocky mountain side with harsh plants and a few rough looking shrubs in front of a deep blue sky
Top down view of a frosty lake shore between an evergreen forest and glacial lake on a winter day
Muddy river water churns and foams while flowing past forest covered shore
A view of wood in a forest smoldering outdoors
Suv with lit headlights drives over icy ground past forest of leafless trees
Birds eye view of a fast flowing river cutting thru sun kissed evergreen forest
Two trees loom above the rest in a forest
The field is full of grass and weeds
A flowing river next to a small town in a mountain valley on a sunny day
A beach of discolored sand bordering a forest on a sunny day
A beach on the edge of a thick forest during the day
A river through a thick forest separated from the ocean by a sandy river delta
Ocean waves wash into a long sandy beach in the wilderness during the day
Aerial view of empty beach
A blizzard in a coniferous forest
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Peaks of a mountain covered in snow under a clear blue sky
Bus crosses a bridge over a river next to a small town in the mountains
A dirt path lined by shrubs and trees in nature
Sunlight filtering through the silhouette of the handlebars of a bicycle in the forest at susnet
An old ragged building next to bridge spanning a murky green river
Tall thin trees in a forest on a summer day
Ivy wraps around the tree trunks in the forest
A dirt road through a dense woodland on a sunny day
Two vehicles drive across the land towards a forest
The forest is overgrown on a sunny day
A forest area with a narrow path in the middle
Birds outside of a building in a rural area
An aerial view of a forest is displayed
A vast forest beneath low mountain ridges on a sunny day
A verdant forest in the valley between mountain ridges on a sunny day
Litter left on a beach is used to spell on makay from viewed from a cliff above
Aerial view of a canyon with green trees and vegetation
Frost forms on some leaves of a tree in the forest
Dirt path sits in a dark forest
The pond is still at sunrise
Waves roll in on forested coastline
A vehicle drives on a rural road in a forest
Landscape of overcast gray sky with trees and fog
Water shows through bushes and other plants
Cows laying in the grass on the hills near the pine forest
Time lapse of clouds passing over the pine forests on the snow covered mountains
Aerial view of trees in a forest is displayed
Time lapse of mushrooms growing on a forest at daytime
A tree covered in moss in a field during the day
The forest on the hill is filled with fog
An aerial view of evergreen trees in a forest
Close up several green plants planted next to each other outdoors
River water flows rapidly past banks creating foam as water churns
A stream of water flows along and is lined by grass covered banks
An elk stands near a fallen tree in the forest
Tall pine trees grow in a dense forest near a mountain range
A shrub next to a tree in a woodland during the day
A water fall in the middle of a forest
A large letter m sits in the soil on the side of a hill near a forest in Montana
Thick vegetation in a lush green jungle
A clearing in a woodland during the day
A dog stands alone in a woodland during the day
A vintage vehicle travels across a bridge at the base of a forested mountain
Close up of green leaves waving in the wind in the forest
Time lapse of clouds rolling over a valley near the pine forest on the mountain
Time lapse of clouds running on the valley on the mountains at sunrise
An armadillo walking on the dirt with ducks and trees in the background
Roosters feed on the seeds together
A helicopter flying over a shoreline
The ocean is surrounded the small island
Following a river running through a forest below a snowy mountain shrouded in fog
Birds eye view of a river flowing through a misty forest during a snow storm
A clear stream runs through a snowy forest before merging into a river
Aerial view of an icy creek carving through a snow covered mountainside
A forest with trees plants soil and sunlight
A truck travels along a dirt road through a grassland
Pickup truck travels on a dirt road near the trees
Forest covered hills and a broad inlet on the outskirts of Vancouver city
A dirt path in a forest
Sun peeking thru the forest
Deer frolic in a forest
Fallen trees and charred earth from a forest fire
A fallen tree rests on its side
An aerial view of river flowing next to a forest and past a mountain range
A river runs through snow covered mountain and forest wilderness
Forest with mountains
Tall thin trees in a forest during the day
A river flowing through a forest with snow on the ground
A pipeline with a dirt road beside it cuts through trees and snow
A riverbed running through an evergreen forest
A muddy river basin in a mountain valley on a cloudy day
An aerial view of a forest in front of a mountain range
Snow and ice cover partly dry riverbed bordered by mountains hills and forest under clouded sky
An evergreen forest bordered by a snow capped mountain range during the day
A narrow road through an evergreen forest during the day
A river flows through a forest and toward snow capped mountains
A river flows through a forest and toward snow capped mountains
Jake Colletta 
GS11138431   (RM) 
Green field sits next to a forest
Rows of crops on a farm
Truck drives past in background between tractor towing mowing apparatusand forested mountains
Road through a forest area where trees are being cut down
A snow covered creek runs through a forest
A road winds through a valley full of burnt trees
Vehicles next to a river surrounded by trees and logs, cleaning up after forest fire
A river and road through a valley between mountains during the day
Dirt road winds over mountain plateau cleared of trees near conifer covered slope sitting across blue river from another forested mountain
Traffic winds along highway passing to and from town sitting near river beach and forest
A river running through a forest
Forest path surrounded by tall trees in a nature reserve
A tent erected on the roof of a vehicle in a hilly countryside on a sunny day
A lake surrounded by mountain and forest under a cloudy daytime sky
A calm river running through a vast evergreen forest under a clear daytime sky
Aerial view of ocean waves break against the beach next to the forest
A boat travels a river through a vast evergreen forest during the day
A boat travels across a lake surrounded by evergreen forest
A lake surrounded by mountain and dense forest on a sunny day
An aerial view of a river in a forest area
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