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Plants grow by a beach near a home 8mm
Vehicles are traveling over the bridge
The statue of liberty looms over the ocean on a sunny day
Cars parking in the desert caught on vintage film
A view of the ocean from the beach
Vintage car decorated for a wedding parked in the garage of a house caught on vintage film
Sign outside an american legion veterans association caught on vintage film
A lake with rippling water with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Strong waves crashing on the coast caught on vintage film
Boat navigating on a lake in the mountains in the morning
A vehicle drives across the ground near cliffs
A shot from inside a moving car on a paved road with a hillside and a waterfall to the left of the road
Vehicle drives down asphalt road passing between grass covered fields
An old filmstrip of a cliff and water
Arched promontory over the waters on the coast of a beach on film
A film of a waterfall crashing in to a river below
A large waterfall send torrents of water over the side of a cliff under a clear blue sky
A river rushes over a cliff to create and enormous and powerful waterfall
Gullfoss waterfall located in the canyon of the hvt river in southwest iceland
A vintage film of a waterfall flowing
Wind blows across water and a sign rests on a rope nearby
A green sign board is posted with several lines worth of warnings
Vapor floats over rippling pond as traffic passes on road in background
A tribe of goats leisurely resting on the grass on a field bleating on film
A white vehicle is parked on a dirt road next to a field on a sunny day
Wind blows across the grass as the sun shines
Coarse yellow sand washing over black rocks in the coast on film
Multi colored sand surrounds and covers part of dark pitted rock
A film of a church by a field filled with wheat
A vintage film of water rippling in a river
A flag flies on a flag pole in the wind
Ocean waves crash on the shore
The wind blows swiftly causing the tall grass in a field to sway and bend
A view of a car drifting at night
Sports car leaves a trail of smoke behind while drifting on a race track at night
A filmstrip with clouds over the landscape
Yellow black barrier plastic piece flutters on side of trailer with open door near street as cars pass
Close up of a totalled car driving on reverse caught on vintage film
A pair of large pipes pass over the roof of a building during the day
The yard by the house is empty
The exterior of an old building with a sloped roof during the day
The facade of an old building during the day
A body of water with a bridge an opera house buildings and the sky and clouds in the background
American flag flutters against the cloudy sky 8mm
The sun setting over a lake and trees
The sun shines through the tree branches which are silhouetted against the sun rays
The sun is setting on the water
The sun is reflecting off the water
A light show is created using long exposure
The sun setting over a lake
The sun setting over water rippling on a lake 8mm
The water is rough on a sunny day 8mm
Sunlight shining on rippling lake water 8mm
Close up of waves in a lake shore caught on film 8mm
Sunlight reflects off waves of water outdoors on a sunny day 8mm
Utility poles and power lines in a town
Ambulance drives past building and marked parking spots
Pipes run from the top of the factory
A cement staircase leads up to the sydney opera house
A wide staircase leads to the sydney opera house
Rows of blue reclining chairs on a stadium at night
Close up of an orange metal basketball hoop
Spotlights lit up at an outdoor stadium
Lights lit up at a stadium
Michael Turek 
GS11159045   (RM) 
Vintage footage of the statue of liberty in new york
A narrow canyon between dirt mounds caught on analog Film 16mm
Waves roll in on a beach and a lighthouse is in the distance on analog Film 16mm
Camera shakily hovering over the asphalt on a road
Grass flutters in the wind on an ocean shore during the day
Sports car driving recklessly on a dirt track in the countryside
Cars driving around a track filled with white smoke at night caught on vintage film
A large antenna array sits on the roof of a building
Sun rises over the sea seen from a cliff with trees
Water reflects sun sitting in cloudy sky
The sun is reflecting off the water 8mm
The sun sets over the sea 8mm
The sun is setting over the water 8mm
The sun sits on the horizon across the ocean 8mm
Waves crash onto the sand at a beach 8mm
View of a corn field at dusk
A field of tall thick grass during the day
Tall corn in field on vintage film
A church with windows and a clock tower with the sky and clouds above
Black and white footage of a house in a neighborhood caught on film
The church has a large bell tower
Sunlight shines through the upper branches of a tree onto its trunk on a sunny day
The wake behind a boat and the waves extending from it
Exterior of a train moving with lights coming from the cars
Cars traveling on a busy city freeway in the daytime
Tall palm trees in a tropical city caught on vintage film
Traffic lights changing from green to yellow at a crosswalk
Tree with a few leaves on a winter day on analog Film 16mm
A bird flies over the pier
A lighthouse towers and two buildings on brown grass on the shoreline of a body of water
A vintage film of a rainbow over a field
A vehicle travels along a coastal road that overlooks the ocean on a rainy day
A film of a grassy shore and a body of water
Old stone buildings and stairs on a bright sunny day
A geyser preparing to explode
An old film with boats parked on the shore with hills in the background
A car is driving on a road toward mountains with the windshield wipers going
Vehicle drives through shallow water on heavily fogged day
Vehicle drives through shallow water on heavily fogged day
Matthew Thompson 
GS11149553   (RM) 
A vehicle is off roading through water
Vehicle driving on a mountain road in the coast near the ocean on film
A small beach with icebergs and mountains in the background and boats in the water
Car drives along road passing mountain and houses
A brightly painted dirt bike sits in an open lot filled with stack of tires
A sports car with an extremely large custom spoiler is parked outdoors next to another car
Sports cars racing on a dirt track in the countryside
Time lapse of clouds rolling over the snow covered peaks of a mountain range
A small boat is towed across a lake
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