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Adam Voorhes 
GS11169609   (RM) 
White pumpkins on an outdoor pumpkin stand on a fall day
Pumpkins are displayed in a pumpkin patch
Several colorful pumpkins and gourds sitting on a table
The display has many pieces of jewelry
Restaurant menu on a chalk board mounted on the wall
The large menu on a wall in a restaurant during the day
A basket full of miniature pumpkins sits next to several large pumpkins
Street decorations in a downtown city
A close view of sparks flying from grinding on metal in a workshop
A car on a hoist in a garage
Spinning mirror ball hanging near wall with stuffed animal heads reflects light in red lit club
Lights are flashing inside an empty room
Two glasses of beer sit on table in booth with chairs shaped like beer kegs as lights dance around
Two beer glasses sit on a round table as lights dance across it and the bench seats
Beer glass on a vacant bar counter
Apartment buildings and high rise office buildings in a downtown area
The empty waiting area of an airport during the day
A person is welding metal with a torch
A man welding metal in a room
Sparks fly as a welder holds a torch to a piece of metal
A man welding on a piece of metal in a shop
A person is welding a piece of metal
Two welders work on a piece of metal
Dirt falls out of a large machine in a factory
A close up with a metal pipe and an attached gauge
Large metal vats in a factory
A large steel machine in a warehouse with piping and windows
Tables and chairs in front of a large window in a restaurant
A pile of mangos for sale in a market
In a store with many lamps for sale there is one with a moose statue attached to it
Items are placed in a business store
Items are shown in a store on display
Items are shown in a store on display
Joey Arcisz 
GS11097395   (RM) 
A brown horse standing in a stable
Close up of snot dripping from a bull snout
Bull with a dripping snout standing inside a dimly lit stable
Silhouette of bulls moving inside a dimly lit foggy stable
Bull energetically moving inside a dimly lit foggy stable
Bull with dripping snout moving inside a dimly lit foggy stable
Silhouettte of a bull energetically moving inside a dimly lit foggy stable
Silhouette of a bull energetically moving inside a dimly lit foggy stable
Air flows through the circular duct
A man using a tool to carve a slit in the surface of a surfboard
Shiny surface of a recently finished surfboard inside a workshop
White surfboards stand near wall
A man sanding a surfboard with a power tool in a workshop
A man working on a surfboard in a shop
A man in a shop sands a surfboard
A person usses a router power tool to perforate a surfboard
A man uses compressed air to clear the surface of a surfboard from debris
A man uses a power router and guide to cut into foam
A man sands and dust flies
A man rubbing the border of a surfboard inside a workshop
A man sanding the surface of a surfboard in a workshop
A man working on a surfboard
A man sands a surfboard
Dust flies as a man sands a surfboard
A man sanding a surfboard cleans the debris using compressed air
A man sanding the surface of a surfboard by hand in a workshop
Hands pull the dried lavender from the stem onto a pile on a table
Pairs of old leather boots rest on a old shelves in a building during the day
A factory by another building at night
Flares between metal columns indoors
Bright lights shooting between columns
A few people walk past desks and exhibits in an empty concourse
A train track in a tunnel
A disc jockey rapidly turns knobs on a control panel as he plays in a night club
Lights shine down onto club attendees changing colors
A man with headphones on in front of bright flashing lights
A disc jockey stands on stage wearing headphones in front of a large dancing crowd
A dj repeatedly moves a switch back and forth while playing in a club under flashing lights
A dj turns a switch while playing in a club under flashing lights
Moving rig holding colorful stage lights on the ceiling of a venue
A conference room with gray chairs and gray topped table
Hundreds of gold bullets and shell casings litter the ground at a gun range
A man feeds bullets into an assault rifle while shooting at a gun range
A man inserts bullets into a feeder for a machine gun
A hallway in a building that has doors and windows
Rifles sit vertically and side by side in a gun store
Bullet casings scatter across the floor as people shoot at hanging targets
Empty shell casings litter floor in empty shooting range
Decorations for sale hanging in a store
A clothing store with clothing hanged up on hangers
People pass time at a transit hub for a train by reading newspapers and walking around
People pass time waiting at a train depot by reading newspapers and talking to other passengers
Carvings in a grid format fill a dome cutout in the ceiling at a museum
People walk around near building decorated with lines and banners as pigeon flock takes off
Cow and a young calf standing on the dry hay of a corral in a farm
Cows eating hay inside barn
Cows in barn grazing on hay
A cow eating dry hay through a metal fence inside a barn in the farm
Sheep standing on straw in a barn
Sheep laying on hay in barn stall
Interior of large greenhouse full of plants
Rows of plants in a greenhouse during the day
Plants growing in a greenhouse
Young man carrying a bag steps out of an escalator in a mall
A man walks off an elevator in a shopping area
Man spray paints a surfboard in the workshop
A man uses a power tool to smooth the surface of a piece of polymeric foam
Man sanding a surfboard with a power tool in a workshop
Man uses a sanding machine on the surface of a surfboard in a workshop
Man wearing apron buffs white object leaving particles on hand tool
A metal saw cutting the styrofoam of a surfboard on a workshop
Man smooths the surface of a surfboards edge in the workshop
A man applying a protective coating on an item
Man working on building a surfboard at a workshop
Man with tattoos wears gloves and and apron as he carefully applies decal to surfboard
A man runs a sander along the edge of a large piece of plastic with a curved end
A person cutting out a snowboard with a saw in a factory
Large sparks fly as a round piece of metal is grinded by a machine
A machine is working in the warehouse
A man shapes a large piece of foam on a table using a wire cable cord
A worker pulling a snowboard out of a machine
A man is working placing a board on a machine
Equipment and supplies inside a factory
A man using a brush to apply glue to a panel
Sparks fly as a man shapes a skateboard on a power belt in a workshop
A worker grinds a piece of metal on the machine
A man uses a metal grinder to smooth out a snowboard hes making
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