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Two dancers dancing as one in front of a striped wall jump apart and walk off
Women in old fashioned dresses dance in unison
A couple are hugging
A woman smiles while embracing a man indoors during the day
Two people talk together inside
A portrait of a person standing in a room
A woman paints while another checks colors on cards
A person uses a paint roller to paint the wall of a home and a woman watches
A woman is painting as the other woman looks at paint colors
Two people sit in room under remodel contemplating paint samples
Two friends sits in room contemplating paint samples
A person uses a paint roller to paint the wall of a home
Two people sit on stack in room being remodeled contemplating paint colors
Two women look at paint colors together
Two women sit in a home and look at paint samples
A mother and son hugging each other
A couple look at paint swatches while sitting in an empty room in their apartment
A man and woman hug and dance in the bathroom
A man and woman hug and dance in the bathroom
Vanessa Vandy 
GS11854686   (RM) 
Two women are happy to see each other and hug tightly and dance
Woman with short hair and blue shirt holds woman with plaid shirt painting wall white in room
A husband hugging his wife while they paint
Female painting wall
Woman smiles and leans cheek against the person hugging her
Couple with blue shirts and black top discusses painting the wall in room
A woman waves a paint roller at her friend
Two people discussing something
People discussing indoors
A woman uses a small paint roller to paint a spot on a wall
A teenage boy stands behind a girl with his arms hugging her around her neck as they laugh and talk
A woman paints a wall in a home
Woman tests paint color on wall and smiles
Woman stands near window contemplating wall
Hospital personnel consult in hospital room before moving patient to hospital bed
Outdoors in front of light blue sky and tree with orange leaves a man focuses intently on the ground while taking some action coordinated arm movements
Women in old fashioned dresses dance in unison
Boat electronics screen with latitude and longitude coordinates
Someone is in the gym doing coordination exercises
Person reading a map inside of a vehicle
A compass pointing west
Brook Pifer 
GS3545451   (RM) 
Stevie Jean 
TRU1217703   (RM) 
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