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Water falls down a snow covered cliff in a woodland in the evening
Beautiful colored trees along the river on a cloudy day
Two geese are swimming in the river
Forest tree line reflecting in the calm waters of a lake at day time
A waterfall flowing over a snowy cliff in the wilderness
A river and waterfall surrounded by trees cliffs and snow
A town along the banks of a river in a snowy mountain valley on a cloudy evening
A lake surrounded by trees with a snowcovered mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Snow covered forest with a ravine running through it
Frozen lake in a snow covered forest
Frozen lake in a snow covered forest
Marko Roth 
GS11095188   (RM) 
Snow covered forest with a ravine nearby
An aerial view of a snow covered mountain with a river in the valley and a broken pathway along the mountain
A winding snow covered walkway ascending the wall of a canyon on a winter day
An aerial view of a river between mountains
Flying along lush green crops to reveal a fertile farmland river valley
Pullback reveal of a rural road river bridge surrounded by lush and rich farmland
Beautiful green farm fields run along a sparkling river and contoured foothills
Flying over a fertile and lush farmland river valley
Flying above a fertile river valley landscape
Brian Shumway 
GS1911909   (RM) 
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