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Ascent from natural wetlands to reveal coastal farmland plots
Flying over lush coastal wetlands and farm fields at dusk
Revealing tidal wetlands that are next to patterned farmland
Skimming above endless rows of cultivated vineyard grapes
Pullback ascent reveal of grape vine rows bathed in sunshine
Ascending from a plowed field to reveal lush green cropland under storm clouds
Pullback descent as the sun shines behind two large grain silos
Revealing two silos next to fertile farmland
Reveal of a grain storage facility as the sun sets behind two tall silos
Flying low over vast rural farmland in the American west
A pickup truck drives down a country road at sunset
Soybean field next to a rural road and grain elevators
Flying next to a rural farmland grain silo
Soybean field sunshine reveal
Skimming along lush and beautiful contoured hills covered with wheat and hay grass
Young wheat field hillside farmland reveal
Flying along an empty gravel road between lush green crops
Flying over vast and endless cropland
Flying over vast and endless cropland
Aerial Edge 
GS11081558   (RM) 
Reveal of beautiful rolling farmland foothills
Flying along lush green crops to reveal a fertile farmland river valley
Pullback reveal of a rural road river bridge surrounded by lush and rich farmland
Beautiful green farm fields run along a sparkling river and contoured foothills
Flying over a fertile and lush farmland river valley
Flying toward lush cropland as silos stand on a farmstead at sunset
Cattle graze on hillside range along a fertile valley
A river flows through farmland next to mountain foothills
Flying above a fertile river valley landscape
Justin Fantl 
GS1709073   (RF) 
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