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A tan dog, wearing a red shirt, looking around
A dog looking at something
A woman in a blue shirt reaches for a plate
A scarecrow in a corn field
A person is standing in a corridor surrounded by strobing light and shadow
Close up view of a pen in a mans shirt pocket
A man walks to an office window and opens the mini blinds letting light in
A woman picks up a strange hand device and plays with it
A woman gathers up the flaps and picks her backpack up off the floor and walks away
A view of an abstract sculpture in a room
A person wearing a jersey and number rides a horse
A man wearing a green shirt and sneakers stumbles through the grass
A person is washing their hands in the sink
A small window shows a man cleaning a surfboard in another room
A man wearing a respirator mask hand sands a painted surfboard
A man uses an air hose to clean off a board he is working on then uses it to spray dust off himself
A man wearing gloves pours a liquid into a container he is holding then stirs it
Pouring sealer with a paper cup and spreading it out on a surfboard
Sawing edge off a surfboard with a hand saw
A man fidgeting with a pencil
Motorcyclist riding a wheelie on a road in the woods
Stunt driver on a motorcycle riding a wheelie through the trees in the mountain
Motorcyclist riding a wheelie on a road through the woods
A man takes measurements and draws lines on a surfboard
A woman at home dusts flour on a wooden board
A person wipes flour on the cutting board
Mixing flour in a glass bowl by hand
Sprinkling flour on a piece of dough and patting it in
A man wearing a respirator mask uses a power tool to smooth and shape a skim board
Preparing dough in a metal pie tray to bake a crust
Rolling dough on a pie plate to make a pie crust
Person wearing long sleeve shirt plays piano in room with reddish walls
Night sky with many bright stars and a person looking at the sky
Woman takes cookie dough out of a bowl and starts to roll it into a ball
Female hands rolling cookie dough into a ball
A home cook in a brightly lit room picks up cookie dough and forms it into a ball with their hands
A woman places mound of cookie dough evenly spaced on a cookie sheet
Men climbing into and securing go karts on a speedway during the day
Person holds a bucket of red apples
Three men clap as two women dance around a fire on a beach at sunset
Bottle feeding a baby animal
A person warming their hands near an open fire
A fire dancer with a hula hoop at a bonfire party
Man stands on boat holding a woman who points out over the water a rocky shore line in the distance under a grey cloudy sky
A man slips on a golf glove and tightens it near his clubs
Golfer pulling out a club from golf bag
A man walks past trees and brush toward the sandy ocean beach
A man sits on his dirt bike touching the handlebars
A man sits on his dirt bike touching the handlebars
Parker Foster 
GS11098086   (RM) 
A man uses a power router and guide to cut into foam
A person is waxing a surboard
A man rides one horse while three others are tethered and running alongside of him
A man is peeling onions while standing in his kitchen
A man slices mushrooms on a cutting board with a sharp knife
A person taking vegetables off a cutting board
A man holds a red grape in his fingers and slices the top off with a sharp knife
A man holds a grape in his hand and slices it with a large knife
A person cutting a tomato on a cutting board
A person slicing a tomato with a knife
A chef thinly slices a tomato on a wooden counter
Woman wearing a white lab coat extracts medicine from a small vial with a needle
A man with headphones on in front of bright flashing lights
A disc jockey stands on stage wearing headphones in front of a large dancing crowd
Man walks up to a mirror beside rail road tracks and reaches there are cars driving down a road behind a fence and a building on a sunny day
A man opens a door in the middle of a field
Man in black walks up to a pole in a field with tall grass and shakes it in front of trees and a blue sky on sunny day
Man takes pictures of dark clouds in a field
A boy walks a long a road through a field under a sky filled with thick dark clouds
A man wipes his face with his shirt while descending a stone staircase in front of the lincoln memorial reflection pool
Man with a black t shirt and pants stands on beach with pebbles next to the sea at dusk
A person is spraying a spray bottle
Woman with pink shoes and tights cycles on a country road
Flames surround a man as he stands on the flat land
A man driving in a vehicle
A man folds a white sheet on a gray table
Two men move a video camera as someone walks by pushing a shopping cart
A man stands and looks out across the lake
Brian Shumway 
GS1912371   (RM) 
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