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SEARCH RESULTS FOR: Wooden-Floorings

Stevie Jean 
TRU3206293   (RM) 
A brown dog sits in a living room and licks its lips before getting up and walking away
A view of a car driving through the snow outdoors
A cat crawling around under a rug
Slow ascent through a mossy green forest as dappled sunshine peeks between the trees
A black car with headlights on is sitting idle on a bridge
A painting and art supplies sitting in a room
Audi car drives on asphalt city road at night
Wooden board lays against room with damaged ceiling in room with windows
Hole in rotten floor in rundown house leaves broken splintered wood
A baby toy next to a white crib in a nursery
White crib and baby mobile play gym inside a modern baby room at home
Wooden toy with small black and white stuffed animals attached to it in a baby room
Oxygen tanks resting on a wooden floor with a building and trees in the background
A turtle swims under the bluegreen ocean as fish swims around it
A monkey laying on a wood floor
A vehicle driving on a snowy road with the sky and clouds in the background
A vehicle driving on a bridge with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
An outdoor kitchen and table sit on the back porch of a home with a pool
A modern kitchen has a mixture of textures and colors
Living room with furniture and kitchen with island
A home interior featuring a living room kitchen and external patio in the daytime
A living room dining room and spacious kitchen sit adjacent to each other in a home with an open floor plan
An open concept room has the kitchen and living room laid out galley style
Pullback traverse over a desolate and arid desert valley surrounded by high plateaus
A view out of a window at the ocean
Low and slow traverse over a beautiful little stream running through deep woods
Black cat sits on the stairs
Woman stuffs things into the bag in the room
A woman picks up her backpack and puts the items back in it and shakes to settle the contents
A woman gathers up the flaps and picks her backpack up off the floor and walks away
A woman stands in an empty house under construction holding something
A person throwing a dress onto the floor
A woman wheels her bike into a building and drops her backpack on the floor
Woman drops deployed parachute on floor of studio
Woman walking in from outside with her bicycle into vacant building
A woman sits on the floor in a large building pulling the rope of an object closer to her
Person wearing coveralls pushes cart loaded with labeled buckets through building
A view of a person drawing a circle with a compass
A person hammering a nail into a board
A close up of a screw going into wood
A parking garage with a wall buildings and skyscrapers the sky and clouds in the background
Ascending along the edge of a large multi floor building under construction
A view of a globe rotating
A view of a monument
Two beer glasses on wood round table in the corner in a bar
Lights shining on a barrel table and chairs in a restaurant
Two glasses of beer sit on table in booth with chairs shaped like beer kegs as lights dance around
Two glasses of beer sit on wooden table in booth as white lights dance across
Two drinks sit on wooden table with beer keg base in corner booth near window as dancing lights swirl around
A room with two glasses on a table with coasters with a wall in the background
A view of a table in a restaurant at night
Two beers sit on wooden table with pedestal made of beer kegs in corner booth near window
Small tree stumps in a destroyed forest where trees have been cut down and vegetation scattered around the floor at daytime
A person unwrapping a pack of butter
Wood beams on a wooden structure in daylight
A chessboard game with chess pieces
People ride skateboards at skate park at night
Inside of a dark house with chairs and a slightly opened front door
An oval shaped slab of wood being shaped on a machine indoors
Centipede walking over the rocks and leaves on the floor outdoors
Light shines from beneath hanging curtains
The sun hangs low in the sky above a fallen log on the forest floor
Decorated panels occupy side of building near columns
White bathrobes hang on the wall of a wood paneled bedroom
A chair and table sit on the front porch of a cabin on a lake
Slow push toward two new condo towers under construction in a large city
Sunshine glints off the metal framework of a new office building under construction
People sit at tables or wander through larger library building with skylights
A long table sits in the center of a computer lab
Cockroaches are on a miniature table in a dollhouse
Insect crawling on a desk
A cockroach struggles to flip itself over in a dollhouse living room
Roach crawling across a table inside of a small art fixture of a living room set
A bug is inside a dollhouse in the kitchen which has miniature furniture
Cockroach crawls across the floor in a dollhouse kitchen
People pass time at a transit hub for a train by reading newspapers and walking around
People pass time waiting at a train depot by reading newspapers and talking to other passengers
A spider crawls across toys on the floor
A tarantula in a dollhouse walking underneath a toy bed
A spider walking on the floor next to dice and books
Tarantula inside of a miniature room eating a smaller insect larvae
Surreal footage of giant bugs in a house
Close up of miniature dining room with chairs fallen over table windows and intermittent lights
Insects crawling around on a table inside of a miniature dining room
Smoke rises from floor of smokehouse toward hanging meat
A ship moves on calm water on a foggy day
A ship moves on calm water on a foggy day
Simon & Paul 
GS11084836   (RM) 
A limestone cavern illuminated by floor lights
A sculpture in the courtyard of a temple during the day
In a dark room a television set spontaneously turns on and displays only static on its screen
In a dark room an older television set placed on a chair is displaying only static on its screen
Smoke rises near windows in a room with a globe in a wooden stand with books stacked underneath
Globe in wooden frame spins with books stacked beneath in empty room
Andi Galdi Vinko 
GS11003670   (RM) 
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