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Rooftop solar panels provide electricity to a commercial building along a pier
A car drives on a street next to a snowy bank
A bridge leading to a government building on a sunny day
A helicopter coming out of a hangar next to a truck with the sky and clouds in the background
Shadows flow across floor in restaurant enclosed by floor to ceiling windows with view of city
Black sports car with headlights on driving on a rural road next to transmission towers at evening
A small cabin surrounded by densely packed snow on a cloudy day
Fire and flames on the logs in a campfire at night
Logs of wood burn inside of an oven
A room with flashing lights with a window with snow trees the sky and clouds in the background
Smaller buildings stretch from downtown skyscrapers to misty horizon on cloudy day
Tree outside of frosty window
Snow covered bank and water stretching toward foggy horizon are visible through window glass
Window shows snow covering ground under leafless trees on cloudy day
Snow sitting on a windowsill on a cloudy winter day
A baby toy next to a white crib in a nursery
A white crib sits in a room next to a window with a white blanket draped over the railing
Wooden toy with small black and white stuffed animals attached to it in a baby room
A steeple atop a church next to a foggy mountain covered in forest during the day
Glass and metal doors stand open to the interior of a large building
A large industrial fan has its blades spinning at first before it winds down and the blades come to a rest
The door to a home
Two green plants sit next to the window
Plant in the corner of a room in a house next to a window and corner with sun peeking in through the window
A commuter train travels over a bridge with a city skyline in the distance
A sign telling people to stay 1.5 meters apart hangs on a wall
Low orbit around a hunters deer stand built along sagebrush of the open range
Downtown buildings next to a river
Dinner table with a bowl and a cup next to the windows
A room with plants next to a window
Water slips between grill to outside to splash past plant
A vehicle is driving and a rainbow has appeared in the grassland to the left of the vehicle
A double rainbow is showing in the middle of a grass field to the left of a vehicle
Pullback along a boulevard that leads to a modern office park surrounded by trees and mountains
A fans blades begin to spin
A dog is walking towards the house on the mountain
An aerial view of skyscrapers next to a bay in a large city
Interior of a mountain shelter on the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at morning
A black dog is playing rolling around in the snow
A dog running away from a cabin in snowy mountains
A person spins the mechanism to open up blinds covering a window
A man walks to an office window and opens the mini blinds letting light in
Construction crane sits next to a skyscraper under a blue sky
Push pins being applied to a large piece of paper that is covering a window
A man adds a generous amount of seasoning to a large piece of brisket
Tilt up from Lake Washington to reveal the Bellevue skyline behind Meydenbauer Bay
The bridge leads to the town below
A spinning globe comes to a stop
Buildings and trees sit next to the river while a snowy mountain sits in the distance
Skyscrapers sit in the city next to the lake under the bright sun
A city skyline is revealed as the sun rises to a smoggy morning
A small white shed with a window and a light blue roof out in a backwoods setting at daytime
A house is in a rural area surrounded by trees
A house is surrounded by tall green trees
Street lamps lined avenue paralleling water leading to downtown skyscrapers can be seen through bridge rail
While moving down the street lined with trees the skyscraper comes into view up to the top
Stop light changing from green to yellow in new york city
Tall grass next to a wood fence near houses in a neighborhood
Men dig a hole and work next to a subway entrance an intersection and a building in a downtown area on a sunny day
Outside of an abandoned building with a small metal staircase leading to the roof
Downtown area with buildings and skyscrapers from the street view up to sky
A steel building with windows stands next to a stone building with windows and a balcony against a blue sky
Airplane shows on tarmac showing through windows next to empty waiting area
Aerial view of buildings in a village built on the side of a hill
Rural housing with windows
White convertible car sits parked next to a tree near a motel
Its raining in a rural area in midday
Multiple bridges lead to the city of Portland, Oregon crossing over the river
Its snowing in a forest area
Ice building on a car window and rain running down it
A window with ice and snow and water with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Small pieces of ice fall onto a piece of glass and slowly slide downward
The snow is falling on the windshield
Snow building up on a car window
Ice crystals slowly slide down the outside of a window building a snowy landscape
Frozen ice crystals in winter
Snowflakes fall onto and slide down the surface of a window during the day
Snowflakes piling up on the surface of a window in a house during a snow storm
A run down wooden shack with holes in the ceiling and no windows or doors sits alone in a field
A man stands at the end of a row of lockers in a locker room looking out of a window floor to ceiling window
A cockroach struggles to flip itself over in a dollhouse living room
Snow covers a house next to many trees
City skyline with large skyscrapers and high rise next to a river
Large modern office building in a city next to some mountains
Giant tarantula crawls out of crib on to the bedroom floor
Giant tarantula crawls on bedroom window next to bed
A spider crawls from one floor to another
A monkey look around and sits on a ledge next to a statue of a dragon
Silhouette of a cow standing on the dirt next to a road at sunset
Stairs leading up to the US Supreme Court building
The traffic light turns green to red
Buildings in a city sit next to the road under a blue sky
Ornate arched columns in a building lead to windows high on a wall
Grass grows next to a wood fence
Closed sign on store window due to quarantine
Fog covers skyline as pedestrians cross bridge leading to domed government building
A curtain slowly spreads to cover a window
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