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The building is covered with red garage doors
Mirrored windows cover the front of a tall condo building downtown
Heavy smog covers the buildings of the city
A car is driving on the road near the forest
A black crossover vehicle drives on a curved snow covered road
A vehicle driving on a road with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A cat sits on a window sill looking out at the snow
A small cabin surrounded by densely packed snow on a cloudy day
A room with flashing lights with a window with snow trees the sky and clouds in the background
Snow covered bank and water stretching toward foggy horizon are visible through window glass
Window shows snow covering ground under leafless trees on cloudy day
Snow sitting on a windowsill on a cloudy winter day
Vine covers large portion of outside surface of apartment building
Glass of enclosed cabin reflects snow covered mountains
Leaning out the open door of a helicopter over snow covered mountains
Aerial view of snow covered mountains are displayed
Aerial of snow capped mountain peaks in the arctic
The snow covers the long mountain range
Snow covered mountains with peaks high in the sky
A view of snowy mountains on a winter day from an airplane window
Ascending twist as a car drives along a winding road through snow covered trees
A mountain range covered in ice and snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range from an airplane
A helicopter flying over trees snow mountain and road
An airplane flies over the snow covered land and buildings
The helicopter blades cast a shadow as they whirl while the copter flies over snow covered terrain towards mountains
Aerial view of white fog over the pine tree forests in the snow covered mountains
Snow falls behind an apartment building where a clothesline hangs in the yard
A clothesline with clothespins in the snow with a building with windows in the background
A steeple atop a church next to a foggy mountain covered in forest during the day
A rescue helicopter flies over the mountains
A tree that has shed all its leaves on a snowy winter day
Snow falling on a building
A table on a boat in the ocean is covered with papers binoculars a walkie talkie and other knick knacks
The snow falls over a weathervane
Snow falls around a tall apartment or hotel under a cloudy sky
Snow capped mountain ridge through the airplane window on a bright sunny day
A snowy mountain range view from inside of a helicopter high in the sky during the day
A helicopter flying over a snowy mountain range on a winter day
The view of mountains and snow from the windshield of a helicopter flying above
The moon glowing behind silhouetted pine trees in a forest at night
Michael Turek 
GS11159228   (RF) 
The table is covered with painting supplies
The shadow of the slowly decelerating rotors of a helicopter on the snow
A mountain range covered in snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
A vehicle driving on a bridge with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A black car travels on a snow covered road with headlights on and utility poles along the roadside
A helicopter lands near the cabin
A helicopter flies over the clouds
A chandelier with metal lamp shades hangs in a dimly lit room with artwork covering the wall
The snow is slowly falling on the church
Entering a clean decorated bedroom with black and white artwork above the bed
Bed with cover in a room
A monochromatic tone sets up a bedroom
A neatly made bed in a bedroom
A blue curtain over an open bedroom window billows in the breeze
Birds eye view of a Seattle lakefront neighborhood covered with a fresh dusting of snow
Dark grey audi car drives on snowy dirt road in the forest
A black car with headlights on travels on a road with snow along the roadside
The large trees cover a house by the lake
Black car drives along road bordered by snow and conifer forest
A vehicle driving on a road with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Black sports car driving over a bridge in the countryside near the mountains at morning
Car drives past foot of rocky mountain covered in dried grass
A building sits atop a mountain ridge covered with snow and trees
A snowy mountain range outside the window of an aircraft on a sunny day
A dog is walking towards the house on the mountain
Potted plants arranged in rows covered in plastic netting in a large greenhouse
Interior of a mountain shelter on the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at morning
A black dog is playing rolling around in the snow
The moon is high above the house on the mountain
Business truck drives past vehicles parked in front of church on snowy day
A large building with a red brick facade under a clear sky on a winter day
A dog running away from a cabin in snowy mountains
A person spins the mechanism to open up blinds covering a window
A man walks to an office window and opens the mini blinds letting light in
Push pins being applied to a large piece of paper that is covering a window
Light filters through a curtain covering a window on a dark room
The block is covered with a brick building
The ski resort is at the top of the mountain
A house out in a rural setting displayed in front of a forest where there is snow on the ground surrounded by a wooden house
Thin clouds covering the sky
Cows stand and graze in a snow covered barnyard on a mountainside
The small town by the mountains are covered with snow
The town is covered with snow
A small town is covered in snow with mountains in the background
The mountains and homes are covered with snow
A single vehicle drives in the town on the mountain
A vehicle is driving down a road in a town with a fresh snowfall
Traffic moves along a road through a snowy valley between mountains on a clear day
A vehicle with a window and rearview mirror with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Intermittent snow falls over cabins near snow covered mountains
Traveling towards snowy mountains passing frost covered trees
A snow covered mountain range with the sky and clouds in the background
Smog haze covers buildings surrounding space needle with water dividing city downtown from remaining city
Smog haze covers buildings surrounding space needle with water dividing city downtown from remaining city
GS11115128   (RM) 
Large snow plows clear the resort area
A shot taken from inside of a flying airplane window showing land from above
Close up of an airplane window as sunshine passes through
The window is covered with frost
Off road vehicles travel up the mountain
An off road vehicle drives on the dirt trail
A warehouse worker stands behind a ledge covered with plastic that is painted with fresh red stripes
Blinds on a window in a home
Fog is covering the buildings in the distance
A tall building covered in windows towering overhead at night
A partially frozen stream running between evergreen trees on a winter day
Steam pours out of two ducts and then a building is revealed afterwards
Snow plow plowing through heavy snow downhill in the mountains
Window bordered by vine covered walls reflects trees and sky
Large building on top of a snow covered mountain
Tower sits on summit covered by snow and conifer forest as clouds pass while village sits near foot of mountain
Curtains are covering a window in a house
Heavy fog is over the town
The mountains are past the town
A car drives down the road in the town
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