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Jessica Sample 
GS11172179   (RF) 
Sunshine backlights a mossy forest branch
A sting ray under water
Dog sits looking around in slightly taller vegetation near mowed field bordered by woods
A turtle out of its shell in a lake surrounded by algae looking around
A hawk sitting on a boulder takes off over the green grass on the hills
A herd of buffaloes grazing on a grassy plain
A herd of bison grazing in a grassy field in nature
Buffaloes grazing on a grassy plain
A herd of buffaloes walking in a grassy plain
A herd of buffaloes walking in a grassy plain
Skip Armstrong 
GS11165157   (RM) 
Buffalo stands chewing grass in field next to where another buffalo is lying down
A bison in a field of grass
Close up of a buffalo
Bison grazing in a grassy field in the daytime
A large buffalo is charging in the grass
A herd of buffaloes walking on a grassy field
Buffalo roaming in a field
Buffalo calf walking with the herd on a pasture at morning
Two buffalo locking horns and fighting in a grassy field
A small group of bison walk and graze on the slope of a hill
A herd of buffalos running on the grasslands in the hills
Close up of horse legs running over dry grass kicking clouds of dust
Buffalo grazing on a pasture near a couple of coyotes
Ant eater walking around in forest
A herd of cattle are running outdoors in a rural area
Wild life standing in a grassy field
Car driving down a one lane highway at dusk out in the wilderness
Elk eats the grass in the forest as another elk walks behind him
Herd of elks walking and grazing on a forest
Baby deer eating grass
Landscape and zoom in to sheep sitting in a field with bright sunlight
A tribe of goats leisurely resting on the grass on a field bleating on film
A koala is sitting in a tree in spring
A koala bear in a tree
Koala rests curled up in tree as wind ruffles its fur
A mother koala bear holds her baby
Close up of a koala sleeping with its head on a tree trunk
A koala is climbing up a tree outdoors
A koala rests its head against a tree trunk while sleeping
A koala holding on to a branch and eating leaves
A kangaroo crouches before making a long jump across a flowing stream
A kangaroo hops through a field during the day
A group of brown kangaroos jump together up a grassy land mass with logs scattered throughout
Two kangaroos are jumping through the grass
A young wallaby or kangaroo eating grass on a field looking at the camera
Two wallabies stand near the coast with rocky cliff behind them
A kangaroo eating grass
A joey kangaroo sits in its mothers pouch as they stand in a field
Two birds walking and eating from grass
An emu walks across grass and rock terrain
A court or troupe of wallabies or kangaroos standing on the green grass on the hills
An ostrich walks through an open field near a fence
Kangaroo hopping across field past two kangaroos standing still
A wallaby hopping through a field in the wilderness of australia
Monkeys are sitting outside of a developing country
A view of a lake and mountains in the distance
Deer walking across a green field in nature
A bird hopping on a tree branch in a snow storm
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Thick snow is falling softly onto evergreen trees and a raven
A sea turtle swimming underwater next to fishes with sunlight shining on it
A turtle swimming underwater
A turtle swims under the bluegreen ocean as fish swims around it
A black crow walks down snow covered ground in the forest
An iguana sitting outside
Group of house dogs barking and howling in the morning
A bird flying over pine trees during a snowstorm
A dog is sitting by the fence in spring
Chickens eat from a metal pan on the ground
A chicken standing outdoors on a rock hops off onto the ground
A rooster with plants trees the sky and clouds in the background
Calves in a pen on a farm
Crow stands on the top of a snow covered pine tree at sunset
Monkey sits at base of ornate gold statue looking around
Two monkeys are playing on a building
A view of a mountain with snow and ice on it
A monkey laying on a wood floor
A light colored monkey hugs a tree branch before tilting to one side and then dropping off
Animal sits on the branch of a tree
Wild wasp hive with wasps walking all over hanging on the branch of a tree
Furry animal moves around in the bushes
An alpaca adorned with decorations eats grass near a stone wall
Mother and baby sloth are hanging from branch
A sloth moves around eating leaves in the tree
A condor flying in the bright blue sky
A river surrounded by trees with a cliff the sky and clouds in the background
A deer running in a rocky landscape
Mountain goat standing over rocks on mountain side
A deer in a grass field
Two dogs running through leaves outside
Golden dog runs on autumn leaves in a forest
Monkey clings to tree looking around as it chews on leaves
A monkey is sitting in a tree
A wild animal eats leaves in a forest tree
A wild animal eats a leaf while climbing a tree
A lemur hangs from a branch by its feet as it eats a leaf
A wild animal howls while hanging in a tree
Furry animal sits in the green foliage
A sloth reaches down and grabs a branch and leaves
A monkey is hanging from a tree
A sloth hangs from a tree branch
A lemur jumping from tree to tree in forest
A wild animal climbs a tree in a forest
A lemur hanging from a branch of a tree during the day
A bird of prey soaring over snowy mountains
A large bird glides through the clear sky with its wings held wide
A large bird of prey glides in the air above snowy mountainous terrain
Condor soars through the air under a blue sky
A condor soaring in the sky near mountains
A condor flying with his wings open with the sky above
A condor flies through the sky
A lizard clings to a green leaf in the dark
A condor glides through the clear sky with its wings open wide
Panda bear sits in a tree as it eats
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