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Aerial view of the barren passing slope on a mountain range at morning
An ocean wave curls and breaks at sunset
Water pouring over a round ice cube in a glass
Ice is melting outdoors in an arctic area
Crystal clear liquid pouring inside a cocktail glass with lemon slices floating inside
Hyperlapse of a mountain covered in snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
An aerial view of mountains and forests with a small town in the valley
A river running through a forest
Vehicles are plowing snow off of the streets at night
Smoke out of a factory chimney in the horizon of an industrial complex at sunset
An aerial view of two lakes in a forest
Clouds of steam rising from a power plant in a small town near a lake at night
Sunlight shines through the foliage of a group of trees in a woodland during the day
Sunlight shines through the foliage of a group of trees in a woodland during the day
Jason Jahnke 
GS11121815   (RM) 
A person pulls containers across a bridge on their bike at night
Pedestrian overpass in front of tall apartment buildings in a city at morning
A house in a rural area with lights on and off in a rural area search helicopter light
A star filled sky over the ocean as shooting stars move across the sky at dusk
Steam and vapor clouds rising from a power plant at night
Boats go across water behind pier and in front of city skyline
With the sun below the horizon the san francisco skyline is filled with numerous illuminated buildings
Skyline of new york city in front of a river filmed from the highway at morning
City lights glowing in san francisco at night
A wide shot of a clock tower in san francisco
Dirt road stretching into dark woods at night search helicopter light
The leaves on a tree shimmer in the light as they fall to the forest floor search helicopter light
Time lapse of the stars rising over a road on a clear night
A city street on the shore with the skyline in the distance with vehicles driving people walking and riding bikes and a parking business
Aerial view of the piers in the port of san francisco at night
Beautiful colored sunset sky with colors reflected onto lake
A panning shot of a skyline
Vehicles drive on a highway alongside a river that leads to downtown
A shot of a undersupport of a bridge
Traffic travels along a road on a dark and misty night
A view of a city at night with the lights on
Cars driving down a city street with office buildings and the waterfront
A brightly lit landmark stands above the darkened city skyline of san francisco
A city skyline with trees buildings and skyscrapers
A creek with a bridge with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A bridge over water with buildings in the distance
Aerial view of forest in autumn is displayed
A lake in the middle of mountains with snow with sunlight and blue skies
Forest path surrounded by tall trees in a nature reserve
A pair of women walk a dog along a path beside a lake at the bottom of a hill in a small town in the country in the evening
Aerial view of mountains is displayed
Weeds swaying in the wind in a rural farmland field
An aerial view of a mountain forest in the winter
Windmills are moving in a rural area
An aerial view of rows of crops growing on a rural farm
White car drives across a bridge as it passes through a fire damaged forest
An aerial view of a snowy mountain range on a winter day
Car driving down a road in a forest
Vehicles driving on an avenue through new york city downtown at morning
People wander past parked car with its headlights on near building standing on promontory with attached lighthouse
Lighthouse and building complex on the peak of a rocky outcropping near the ocean
An aerial view of a slope on a mountain range
Large rows of crops on a farm surrounded by trees and a small town
Aerial view of forest is displayed in autumn
Rushing river flowing downstream in a woodland area
Fir trees in a wide open forest on a sunny day
A vehicle driving on a road through the hills
A tent erected on the roof of a vehicle in a hilly countryside on a sunny day
Low tide with a bird flying across a darkening sky
Aerial view of the ocean in a deep blue color with the sunset in the horizon
River flowing over rocks in a rocky area of the woods with trees and moss all around
Earth with large crevices as sun sets
The ski resort is at the top of the mountain
Nature reserve full of pine trees on a sunny day
While ascending through a forest of tall trees a towering mountain range can be seen above
A building on a cliff with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Snow covered mountains slope sits partially in shadow
The mountains are topped with snow
Four hikers hiking in snow on a mountain
Sunlight shining over a snowy mountain range in the wilderness
Sun sinks behind forested mountain bordering river under cloudy sky
Aerial view of the arctic in winter
A lake surrounded by mountain and forest under a cloudy daytime sky
A group of people stand around a camp atop compacted snow on a mountain slope during the day
The valley is green with streams running through it
Gates open to a large group of trees
Large sections of compacted snow on a mountain during the day
Mountains and peaks near a sunrise
Dense and fluffy clouds obscure the peaks of a mountain range
A calm river running through a vast evergreen forest under a clear daytime sky
A rocky mountain with cliffs
One side of ridge is a cliff and the other contains a camp with people walking around
A boat travels a river through a vast evergreen forest during the day
A boat travels across a lake surrounded by evergreen forest
Fog covers forest and mountains all the way to red sky on the horizon
Sun sets on horizon tinting sky red as fog mutes colors of forest
Sun rises on horizon turning sky red as fog obscures mountains and forest
People on a boat traveling down a river
A lake surrounded by mountain and dense forest on a sunny day
The sun setting over a forest
The sun shining over a landscape view in nature
An aerial view of a river in a forest area
Clouds are covering the mountain range
Sun shines through thick forest trees
Sky shows through top branches of tall conifer trees in forest
Aerial view of a river flowing through a forest with hills in the distance
A landscape with a fence and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Trees in a forest is displayed
Sunlight shines through tall trees in a forest
Landscape view of a forest and lake with a mountain range in the distance
Trees in a valley near mountains is displayed
Aerial view of high mountains with a valley on a partly cloudy day
A valley in the mountains near the bright blue sky
Some trees have fallen in the woods
A house out in a rural setting displayed in front of a forest where there is snow on the ground surrounded by a wooden house
An aerial view of mountains is displayed
A river runs through a heavily forested mountain valley
Snow and trees in a forest in winter
A fire spinner in dreamy out of focus
A snow covered mountain range with the sky and clouds in the background
Shadows recede from across a snowy mountain slope during the day
The clouds float near the mountain top
The town sits by a mountain range
A low cloud floats over a river through a mountain valley during the day
Train follows train tracks away from mountains past forest and paralleling river
A river through a fog shrouded mountain valley during the day
A river runs along a bank filled with fir trees
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