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Stevie Jean 
TRU3205845   (RM) 
A bird perched on a rope with boats and water in the background
A group of seagulls flying
A shipwrecked boat sits on the coast of a small beach Point Reyes, California
A boat in a river as cars drive across a bridge with buildings and construction cranes in the background
A seagull flies over the water
A view of a house on a lake
An eagle flying over water swoops down and grabs a fish and flies away with it
A view of waves crashing against a beach
Arched promontory over the waters on the coast of a beach on film
Waves rolling in to the shore as birds fly above
A flock of birds flying over the grasslands and some parked vehicles
An ibis bird looks around and stretches its wings
A bird on a branch flaps its wings and takes off after another
Two adult ducks and several ducklings eat in grassy area next to river behind a big tree with trees boats and houses in the background
A view of a lake and mountains
A view of a waterfall during the winter
Beautiful sunset in an orange sky as ocean waves roll in
A view of a waterfall during winter
Red chained buoys on the surface of water with clouds reflecting on the water at dusk
A view of a lake and mountains in the distance
Birds are in the water outdoors
A bird flying over the forest
A pair of hummingbirds drink from a bird feeder hanging from a pipe on the outside of a building
A hummingbird drinks from a hanging bird feeder on a sunny day
A bird of paradise is sitting on a tree in spring
A flock of birds flying over trees in a jungle
Palm trees lining a sandy beach gently sway in the wind as ocean waves wash ashore
A bird flies across the water near alcatraz
Seagulls fly near the surface of the water at dusk
Seagulls fly in the air over the sea at dusk
Bird jumps from leaf to leaf of a tree
Birds are in their natural habitat in a forest
A person walking on the beach
A bird walks on a sandy beach
Ocean waves crash in a cave through a large rock formation on the coast
Flock of ducks swimming under an arched stone bridge on a river at sunset
Predatory bird dives toward water capturing prey then continues to fly
Slow motion footage of clear flowing water in a fountain on a garden
A bird perched on a boat on a dock with water in the background
Red glow sits on horizon as waves crash on beach near standing bird
A bird is sitting on a ledge next to the ocean
Birds fly under bridge over ocean in low sunlight on foggy day with shoreline in distance
Seagulls flying over the ocean next to the coast as the tide rolls in
A bird with a long curved beak stands atop a branch while looking around inquisitively
A close up of a bird flying off
Birds perch on a tree with branches and leaves with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Ripples dance across the surface of the ocean near to a mountainous shoreline
A large bird flies over a shipping port by the ocean
Rough water and waves roll over rocks as a seagull flies by on a cloudy day
A flock of seagulls sitting on rocks along the shore and flying over the water
A view of waves crashing against rocks outdoors
Birds sit on the rocks by the shore
Geese make their way across a river near a bridge
Seaguls swimming on the calm surface of the ocean near the coast at sunset
A seagull on water with the reflection of the sun the sky and clouds in the background
Seagull standing at beach
A view of water flowing in a river during winter
Aerial shot of a boat in a lake
A bird flies over the pier
Chickens and roosters feeding on the ground in the countryside
A bird sitting on a handrail on a beach
A seagull stands in front of an ocean and a bridge
Pullback reveal of a babbling brook flowing along a lush forest floor
Seagull stands on a railing in front of the ocean with a bridge and rocky shore line in the distance
Sea bird walks on top of railing with the ocean and a bridge behind it on a grey foggy day
Pelican flying over the water on a marina in a tropical coast lands on a wooden pole
Seagull flying over the ocean where a coastal city lies in the distance
A bird with the sky and clouds in the background
Birds fly in formation in the sky above a large boat
A pelican is looking around and there is a tree in the distance
A pelican is sitting on a post and many trees are behind it
Birds are in a tree during the day
Flock of white birds perch in swaying tree against clear blue sky
Mountains and pine forest surrounding river at dawn
Flamingos on the shore and in the water
Flamingos walking on the shore
Flamingos walking in a lake in the daytime
Flamingo with pink feathers a long neck and long thin legs walks in the lake
A flock of birds flying over ocean waves on a beach in the daytime
An armadillo walking on the dirt with ducks and trees in the background
Blue and yellow ferry sailing near the coast on an overcast day
A cargo ship in the ocean
Signs on a gate barring access to a closed beach
Cargo ships float near suspension bridge under cloudy sky
Dozens of sailboats sail far apart from each other in the ocean near mountains
A bird preens itself in a tree on a sunny day
A coastal town with quaint buildings surrounded by mountains and lake
Birds swim in a lake by a mountain side town
A row of black and white ducks feed from the side of a pond
Fountain squirts in the middle of the lake in the daytime
Birds fly over a sandy beach
A bird flies over the rough water
Bird flies over a large body of water
The ocean off the coast of a thick forest on a sunny day
The bird is perched on the tree branch
GS11143863   (RF) 
The sun sets over the ocean
Sunlight shines through clouds onto a rocky cliffside
A bird flies off as the sun sets over the ocean
Ocean waves crash against the secluded beach on a cloudy day
River flowing down
A woman riding a horse on the beach coastal
A scenery of an ocean at the dawn
A turkey is pecking at the ground
Seagul with exteded wings standing over a pole in front of the ocean
A bird rests on the shore of a bay in city during the day
An aerial view of a hill with a waterfall
A view of a boat on a lake
People paddling kayaks on a lake near a boat at sunset
A view of boats out on a lake in the middle of a day
A view of boats out on a lake in the middle of a day
Joey Arcisz 
GS11135095   (RM) 
Silhouette of a wet bird cleaning itself on a branch inside a cage
A bird in a cage eating food
A bird flies over the ocean against a red sky
A coast with rocks and waves with the sky and clouds in the background
A view of a wave rolling up onto the beach
Bird sitting on a branch high up in a tree
Low tide with a bird flying across a darkening sky
Two ducks in a cage eating from a bowl on the ground with water
Geese swimming in a lake with a forest in the background
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