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Lodewijk Duijvesteijn 
GS11171455   (RM) 
An audi vehicle drives along a desert dirt road
Sun sits at horizon turning sky red over mountains while snow covered forest remains dark
Fog fills valley below snow covered mountains
Snow crusted trees stand on slope overlooking forest and other mountains as snow falls
Small snow flakes fall from the sky in the woods
A snow covered mountain is displayed
A tree is displayed during winter
Aerial view of an all terrain vehicle driving on a dirt road through the desert at sunset
Passing yellow lines in the center of a two way rural roads
Black car driving on a snow covered plain in the countryside at morning
Black sports car parked on th white plains of a desert near the mountains at sunset
A car travels along an open desert terrain with a mountain hill in the background
Dozens of ants move in and out of an ant hill in the desert
A camper is in the desert
A herd of bison grazing in a grassy field in nature
The fire rises and sparks at night
Dead dry branches surround flames as a fire burns on dry cracked earth
A large buffalo is charging in the grass
A bonfire made with tall sticks on a triangle formation burns in a desert at night
A bonfire blazes outside in front of a large hill
Buffalo roaming in a field
A fire burns from the ground in the desert
Flames covering an area of ground are burning in the darkness
A fire burning on some soil
A desert road surrounded by shrubs with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
Cars parking in the desert caught on vintage film
A black audi car is driving on a freeway with windmills visible in the background
Shot of a lake that pans to a forest hills
Skimming above the surface of a serene forest wetland
The sun shines high in the distance amongst some shadowy mountains
Camera inside of car showing the view of the mountain and trees
Time lapses in a barren desert with dunes from midday to dusk
Rocky mountain side with harsh plants and a few rough looking shrubs in front of a deep blue sky
A wood cross on the side of a road in mountains on a sunny day
A black car travels on a two lane road with utility poles along the roadside
A black car is driving on a road with desert on both sides
Aerial view of a landscape is displayed
Mountain range covered with green fresh plants with winding roads and a car driving by down below at daytime
Dark clouds hang over the green field and mountains
Sunlight peaks through heavy clouds over a lush green field and canyon
Traverse along desert cliffs and rugged rock formations as a car drives down an empty road that stretches to the horizon
Flying next to a a sheer cliff above a lonely and empty road in a desert landscape
Tilt up from an empty and winding gravel road to reveal a desert canyon landscape
Tracking ascent behind a black car driving along an empty road through a canyon valley
An airplane flying in the air with contrails with the sky and clouds above
A view of a desert sunset sky across the valley with mountains and clouds
Aerial of a red desert landscape with mesas and plateaus and clouds at dusk
A view of a car driving down a road
Mountains in the desert with a plateau and stormy sky and clouds in the background
A wallaby hopping through a field in the wilderness of australia
Mountain peaks covered in forest peak through a sea of clouds
Clouds floating over a snowy mountain landscape
Clouds floating over a snowy mountain landscape on a winter day
Thick fog obscures the valley between two mountain ridges covered in forest and snow
A mountain range with snow and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Time lapse of clouds passing over the snow covered mountain range
Time lapse of clouds moving over a snowy mountain range
Snow falls in pine forest covered mountain range
Snowy falls from the sky onto a snowy mountain ridge
Snow covers conifer trees as snowflakes fall against clear sky
Snow blowing over a snow covered forest
Snow falls from a cloudy sky onto an evergreen forest on a mountain slope
Its snowing in the forest while the sun is setting
Mountain peak in front of heavy cloud cover at dusk
An abandoned old train in a desert area
Steam billowing from the ground on a volcano
Water splashes as a black station wagon drives down a road in freezing rain
A metal guardrail runs alongside a road that is covered with snow and ice
Rain falls in a slushy puddle
A rocky shoreline on a summer day
Aerial of a huge snowy mountain range in the purple dusk
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial of a massive mountain range in pink alpenglow
Heavy machines plow snow in the morning light
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
Four skiers in a vast glacial field at sunset
A snow plow cleaning a street while it snows heavily
Yellow snow plows push snow during a snow storm
A snow plow clearing a mountain road during a blizzard as a car drives by
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Snow blowing out of a snow plow as it drives along
A snow blower removing snow outside near trees
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at day
A heavy duty snow plow throwing snow off a street
Flakes of snow fall from the branches of tall pine trees
Aerial wrap around a snow covered mountain and an old avalanche
Aerial wrap around a snow covered mountain and an old avalanche
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11162314   (RM) 
Under water footage of coral
Aerial view of snowy mountains and an old avalanche
A pine tree in a blizzard
Aerial of a mountain ridge covered in snow under a pale sky
Aerial wrap around snowy mountain flanks
Thick snow is falling softly onto evergreen trees and a raven
A blizzard in a coniferous forest
Aerial of glacial mountains in the mist
Tilt down following snowflakes falling against rock
Aerial of fog around a snowy mountain at sunset
A view of a snowy mountain surrounded by a forest
Aerial of winter mountain ranges
Snow gently falls against a white sky
Aerial view of a snow covered mountain on a cloudy day
Heavy snow in an old growth forest
Aerial movement along a mountain plain at sunset
Heavy snow falls onto towering trees
Aerial of snowy mountains draped in clouds
Snow falling on a tree covered in snow
Snow storm falling over a pine tree forest
Aerial of a skier descending a huge mountain at high speed
Heavy snow covers an evergreen forest
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Snow falls through the thick fog onto an evergreen forest
Heavy snow falls over a conifer forest
Aerial push over tidal area and ocean in front of snow capped mountain range
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Snow falls past flagpoles with ice crusted ropes
Snow falls around a flagpole
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