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The vietnam veterans memorial near the washington monument
Polished black stone of vietnam memorial reflects trees as colored envelopes sit on ground near memorial base
A view of a monument outdoors
Sunlight illuminates an engraving of famous words from an american civil rights leader I Have a Dream
A view of a monument from a hallway
A reveal of a abraham lincoln memorial
A building with a wall and pillars with the lincoln memorial the sky and clouds in the background
The tall washington monument stands tall before a beautiful sky as the sun rises
A view of a monument at sunset
Ducks swimming in the lincoln memorial reflecting pool with the washington monument in the distance
A view of a monument
The washington monument and the lincoln memorial reflecting pool with a bright sun on the horizon
A large sculpture of a seated abraham lincoln is illuminated by sunlight at the lincoln monument
Rippling water reflects surrounding trees and nearby washington monument under red tinted sky
An american flag flies above a government building with large white columns
Mist covers washington memorial and nearby capitol building
Mist covers washington memorial and nearby capitol building
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People walk into a large downtown building with arched entrances as traffic passes by
Washington monument beside a building behind trees with a bright blue sky with wispy clouds
Multiple people walk around a water feature at a national monument
A group of people walk the sidewalk by the capital water features
Trees lined along a pathway where there are people walking towards the washington monument
At washington monument showing crowded people walking around water
People walking past a government building
A statue in front of a government building
The washington monument is in the distance
Young man jogging on the reflecting pool in front of the washington monument
The washington monument reflecting in the pool in the national mall
Fountain pouring water in front of the lincoln memorial in washington dc
Washington monument at daytime with people walking by in the distance on a cloudy day
Rippling pond in park reflections washington monument
A statue of martin luther king jr with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Carved stone sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr
A large statue of a man in a suit with arms crossed carved partially out of stone at sunset with trees and the blue purple and pink sky in the background
A statue of Martin Luther King Jr.
White monument of standing man contrasts with tree tops under clear sky
Letters in marble monument that read Martin Luther King Jr
American flag flaps in breeze near washington monument under blue sky
A man wipes his face with his shirt while descending a stone staircase in front of the lincoln memorial reflection pool
Ornate marble columns support stand against clear blue sky
Sunlight shining down on tall pillars on a monument
Washington monument and lincoln memorial reflecting pool
The Washington monument obelisk in front of the Lincoln memorial reflecting pool
The Lincoln memorial reflecting pool and Washington monument on a sunny day
A woman uses her smartphone to film the lincoln memorial pool and washington monument
Walking up stairs to Lincoln monument Washington DC
Vietnam War Monument of three male soldiers at a public park
Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC
A statue of three Vietnam War soldiers with trees leaves the sky and clouds in the background
People travel near the washington monument
People walk around pond near washington monument
The US Library of Congress building in Washington DC
The supreme court building in washington dc at sunset
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