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The vietnam veterans memorial near the washington monument
Polished black stone of vietnam memorial reflects trees as colored envelopes sit on ground near memorial base
A view of a monument outdoors
Kadinjaca memorial complex
Valley of heroes monument at Tjentiste
A monument and a sculpture made of concrete surrounded by rocks and grass
Aerial view of a conical monument in the snow covered clearing in the forest
A large stone monument in an open arena setting with outdoor stone seating in a forest on a misty day
A large stone circular shaped piece of environment art outdoors in a forest at daytime
Aerial view of a monument erected on the snow covered mountains at sunset
Geometrical hollow concrete sculptures standing in the mist on a park
The Kosmaj monument in the hills of Koracica Serbia
Monument to the fallen soldiers of the Kosmaj detachment
Aerial view of a star shaped monument on the top of a snow covered hill
Aerial view of a star shaped monument on the top of a snow covered hill
Enrique Pacheco 
GS11110517   (RM) 
A large hammer like monument casts a shadow onto the grass in a rural field
Monument to the revolution of the people of Moslavina in Yugoslavia
A large concrete sculpture on a field
A large stone monument on a hilltop out in a forest at daytime
Vietnam War Monument of three male soldiers at a public park
Vietnam War Memorial Washington DC
A statue of three Vietnam War soldiers with trees leaves the sky and clouds in the background
William Moran 
GS0623027   (RM) 
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