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Table saw in dark room with lamp and a window in the background
Proffesional microphone with a pop filter on a stand inside a dimly lit room
A black audi car is driving on a city street with multiple show rooms visible in background
The oven and dishwasher in a home kitchen during the day
Michael Turek 
GS11159012   (RF) 
Cat playing on the kitchen floor crawls under the rug
An outdoor kitchen and table sit on the back porch of a home with a pool
A living room dining room and spacious kitchen sit adjacent to each other in a home with an open floor plan
A robot on wheels in a room with a wall and windows in the background
A map hangs on a wall in a room
A person passing silverware at a table
A large piece of glass is etched by a machine
A machine moves a small stage back and forth as its head etches a piece of equipment
A laser machine etches a large piece of glass
A screen displaying white squares against a black background moves past a lamp post
A person in a room taking a tool from a shelf
Large tarantula walking across a room in a small house
Billiard table with organized 8 balls get hit and scatter across the table
Old rusty tool box with sockets and pliers sits on the floor
A person stirs a pot of oatmeal as it cooks on a stove top
People warm their bare feet and hands near wood burning stove with chimney
Sparks flying from end of torch with bokeh effect
A male lab worker wipes a pipette with a yellow towel
A person with a tool removing brown debris from an oven
A close up with a metal pipe and an attached gauge
Large metal vats in a factory
A woman cooks bean sprouts on an old fashioned pan
A frying pan and wooden spatula sit on a stovetop as the gas burner comes on
People cooking at a market
Food being heated up over an open flame on a stove
A pot cooking on a gas stove burner in a kitchen
A flame igniting on a gas burner of a stove
Sports equipment hanging on a wall
Horse bridles hanging on the wall of a stable
Items are shown in a store on display
A person driving a car reaches their hand to change the radio station with a button dial at nighttime
A person puts a cassette in a radio on a car dashboard
A person presses the button on their car radio
A hand turns on the radio in the dashboard of a moving car
A person sewing on a sewing machine
A man sands a surfboard
The light reflects off the knife
A man cutting up food
A man holds a grape in his hand and slices it with a large knife
A disc jockey rapidly turns knobs on a control panel as he plays in a night club
A disc jockey stands on stage wearing headphones in front of a large dancing crowd
A dj repeatedly moves a switch back and forth while playing in a club under flashing lights
A dj turns a switch while playing in a club under flashing lights
A violin is displayed in a room
Sheet of music on top of cabinet
Hand placing a tiny doll onto a chair in a miniature living in a doll house
Interior design of a living room
Miniature living room with a sofa and a chair inside of a doll house
Close up of the interior of a miniature room with furniture
A painted portrait of a mustached man hands against red and black wallpaper
A picture frame on a wall in a room
Artwork on a wall in a room
Toy crib with small stuffed bears inside of a miniature room
Miniature stuffed animals inside of a small baby crib
Toys sit on an oriental rug next to a bed
A cross stitch hanging in a home
Doll house on the edge of a table in a room
A ceramic jack in the box and stacking game sit on the floor of a bedroom next to a rug
Small brown teddy bear on a cushion at the head of a made bed
A miniature blue house sits on a table against floral wallpaper
A sign that reads home sweet home hangs on the wall of a room next to an open door
A retro styled bedroom in a house during the day
An antique chair and full length mirror sit at the foot of a gold framed bed
Miniature bed frame in a small dollhouse room
Furniture in a room inside a home
A dollhouse with a toy sewing machine and chair
Miniature toy bird in a cage inside of a toy house
Miniature bathtub full of water in room on top of a rug
Parrot perched on a ring inside of a birdcage hanging inside of a room
Surreal footage of a giant beetle crawling in a cradle
Hissing cockroach climbing into a miniature crib in a dollhouse
A cockroach walks across a dining room table in a doll house and knocks items over
A surreal image of a giant insect in a home
Two cockroaches roll on their backs in a room while they try to right themselves
Two roaches on the wall of a dollhouse
Cockroaches are on a miniature table in a dollhouse
A cockroach crawling on a globe in a dollhouse
A cockroach rolling off its back in a porcelain tub
Hissing cockroach climbing into a miniature baby crib in a miniature house
Bug crawling of table
Insect crawling on a desk
A cockroach struggles to flip itself over in a dollhouse living room
Roach crawling across a table inside of a small art fixture of a living room set
Hissing cockroaches walking up a wall in a miniature house
Roaches crawling on a wall inside of a miniature room
Two cockroaches climb a wall and door frame in a bedroom
Two roaches crawling on a home decor small setting
Bugs upside down on rug
Bugs upside down on rug
Derek Pueblo 
GS11089507   (RM) 
A bug is inside a dollhouse in the kitchen which has miniature furniture
Cockroach crawls across the floor in a dollhouse kitchen
A cockroach lays on a rug while attempting to roll over
A pair of cockroaches climb on the inside wall of a doll house
A camera with a dial with numbers and letters
A spider crawling on a window in a dollhouse
Tarantula walking across a miniature globe in a mini house
A large spider crawls across the wall of a doll house
Giant tarantula crawls out of crib on to the bedroom floor
Giant tarantula crawls on bedroom window next to bed
Spider walking over small toys in a small room towards a wall
A hairy tarantula crawls on a toy rocking horse in a doll house
Tarantula crawls over miniature bed in dollhouse
Tarantula walking around in a doll house on a small stuffed bear
Large tarantula walking across a miniature room next to small toys
A large spider walks through a miniature bedroom in a doll house
A tarantula crawls onto the bed of a doll house
A tarantula walking in a room with toys
A tarantula walking on a table with toy furniture
A spider crawls across toys on the floor
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