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Fog covers forest and plains under overcast sky
Skyscrapers sit in the city next to the lake under the bright sun
Forest of snow covered pine trees and snow covered mountains in the distance under a cloudy sky
Snow covered forests and mountains surrounding a lake under a cloudy sky
Rocks sit under the ocean water
Snow and conifer trees cover mountain slopes and valley under cloudy sky
Birds flying over forest under a hazy sky
Mountains covered with forests under a cloudy sky
Winding river under a darkening orange sky
River vale and mountains under a hazy sky
Winding river with a dam among hills under a hazy sky
Fog covers mountains in background under a red sky as light shines on downtown buildings of city bordered by forest
Crop fields border river under cloudy sky
Whale floating under the surface of the blue ocean water
Whale submerges under the surface of the blue ocean waters
A whale dives under the water
Whales floating under the surface of the blue ocean waters
Building lights contrast with darkness of city bordered by water with fog covered suspension bridge in background under red sky
Aerial view of the lakes near the mountains under the fog at sunset
Birds fly over coast near ruins and promontory under overcast sky on misty day
River vale between two mountains under a very cloudy sky
Arctic ice under dark clouds in the sky
Arctic iceberg under a dark cloudy sky
Arctic iceberg under a red cloudy sky
Vegetation covers part of beach as waves crash onto shore under cloudy sky
A forest full of tall trees surround a range of mountains under a sunny sky
A long freeway bridge through a mountain valley under a sky of thick clouds
Drone footage of large forest
Aerial view of ocean waves breaking against the rocky shore
Forest occupies peninsula stretching toward the horizon
Forest covers land between coasts under misty sky
Ocean water is moving towards the coast
Calm waves crash onto a remote beach surrounded by lush green trees
People dance on sand around small bonfire as others clap
Two people sit on the sand of an empty beach as the golden sun shines on the trees
Aerial view of two women with black t shirts walk on the beach
Woods and park separate city buildings from shore
An aerial view of waves rolling in to the beach
Aerial view of fishermen fishing with nets on a river near the jungle
A river runs under a bridge spanning two halves of a vast forest on a sunny day
The city sits near the blue waters
An aerial view of the water on the shore
Trees line shore near park while city stretches to horizon on sunny day
Rocky cliffs and trees surround buildings of a coastal city
Conifer forested mountains border water on misty day under cloudy sky
Snow covers ground under conifer forest occupying valley in shadow of mountains
Mist covers mountains on horizon under cloudy sky while statue centered among columns towers over buildings
Helicopter flies over narrow valley between snow covered mountains under red tinted sky
Helicopter flies over the snowy mountains under a blue sky
Pilot wearing red flies helicopter over snow and forest covered mountain range under a clear blue sky
A mountain ridge dusted with snow and trees under a bright blue sky and white clouds
Skyscrapers and buildings in Philadelphia with traffic traveling on the city streets under a blue sky
Pullback tilt up reveal of two new towers being built in the downtown area of a large city
Traverse along the steel beam framework of a large and complex building construction site
Orbit around two cranes at a highrise construction project near other skyscrapers
Slow push toward two new condo towers under construction in a large city
Pilot wearing red flies helicopter over snow covered mountains slopes under clear sky
Traffic flows along streets near city downtown under clear blue sky
Slowly spinning wind turbines cast shadows under cloudy sky
Mountains covered with forests under a cloudy sky
Snow covered mountains under a clear blue sky
An aerial view of a boat driving under a bridge with cars passing overhead
Grass covered hillside with mountains in the distance under a cloudy sky
Mountain forest under a cloudy sky and mountains on the horizon
Traffic flows along freeway past downtown skyscrapers under overcast sky
Heavy snow blankets mountains slopes and forest under a clear blue sky
A misty lake surrounded by sandy hills under a clear blue sky
Slow pullback from the Bellevue skyline under a stunning sunset sky
Snow covered community under a cloudy sky with mountains in the distance
Snow covered mountain valley with a lake and many trees around under a cloudy sky
A motorboat travels past people sitting under umbrellas at an on the water restaurant in a park with city skyline behind
City buildings and streets with mountains in the distance under a cloudy pink sky
City buildings and highway with mountains in the background under a pink sky
River reflects conifer trees as it winds through forest under overcast sky
Traverse over a new concrete foundation for a large building project under construction
Rooftop traverse along a city skyline with multiple new buildings under construction
Ascending orbit around three new high-rise buildings under construction as cranes tower above them
Looking down into the below ground foundation pit of a new building under construction
Orbit around three new condo buildings under construction in downtown Seattle at sunset
Tower cranes work above multiple new buildings under construction in a downtown city
Aerial view of two buildings under construction as contractors work on site
Orbiting around a tall tower crane in front of a city skyline with many buildings under construction in the distance
A blue construction crane works above a new biotech building under construction downtown
Aerial orbit of new condominiums and apartment buildings under construction in an urban neighborhood
An aerial view of a downtown area in a city with multiple new buildings under construction
The camera quickly flies above wide open grasslands under a cloudy sky
Swarm of dark fish swimming together at daytime in a bundle under water in shallow ocean water
A family walks under a pavilion thats surrounded by a lily pad filled lake and trees
Valley surrounded on three sides by mountains remains in shadows as mist sits over mountains on horizon under blue sky
Slow flyby of a red harvester working on a rolling wheat field under blue skies
Mesa stand among plains leading to mist covered horizon under cloudy sky
Aerial view of tall apartment buildings under construction
The city is under construction with unpaved roads and developing buildings
Several apartment buildings are under construction near a lake where more apartments sit on the other side
Snow covers ground under conifers in forest stretching toward mountains on fog covered horizon
People ride atop a train as it travels under an overpass in a dilapidated metropolis
A calm ocean is dimly lit under a clear sky
Vegetation growing atop the waters of a marsh under a sunny sky
Mountains and hills sit under a sunny blue sky
Mountains and hills sit under a sunny blue sky
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Flying along irrigation equipment on tilled farmland under a clear blue sky
Arched structure sits in a field under the bright sun
Aerial view of a grass field near a mountain range under the white clouds at morning
Low green mountain stands against blue and grey mountains on the horizon under a cloudy sky
Ascending from a plowed field to reveal lush green cropland under storm clouds
Vegetation dots depression in valley under clear blue sky
Pine forests on mountains under heavy fog
Ski lifts travel up and down the snowy mountain under a blue sky
Aerial footage of jagged, snow-capped mountains peaks under a cloudy sky
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