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Matthew Nighswander 
GS11174921   (RF) 
Rooftop solar panels provide electricity to a commercial building along a pier
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
Slow pullback reveal of sailboats and motorboats docked at a marina on a foggy day
A motor boat departs from a marina around a breakwater as dense fog moves in
Early morning sunshine starts to illuminate boats and yatchs docked at a urban city marina
A hydro power dam discharges water while generating electricity
Top down view of pristine and calm forest wetlands
Overhead traverse of a flooded marsh dotted with bare trees shrubs and grasses
Birds eye view of calm wetland pools as ducks and geese swim and forage along the vegetation
Traverse over healthy and vibrant golden marshland
Top down view of a colorful wetland bog
Evergreen trees of an alpine forest meet the edge of an icy wetland pond
Slow pullback tilt up of a wetlands ecosystem with native marsh grasses
Top down view of a frosty lake shore between an evergreen forest and glacial lake on a winter day
Flying along the frozen banks of a snow and ice covered forest pond
Pushing through the trees to reveal an alpine mountain lake
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Top down descent over the turbulent waters of a river flowing through a pine tree forest
A cold glacial river flows at the base of snowy mountains
Upstream traverse along a beautiful creek that winds through thick conifer forest
Thick green woods surround a beautiful waterfall flowing over jagged black bedrock
Descending a mountain creek as it cascades down a series of waterfalls surrounded by dense woods
Slow traverse down the banks of a wild and pristine mountain stream
Pushing through trees and brush to reveal a tranquil forest stream
Tilt up reveal of a small stand of pine trees growing on snow covered wetlands with many small streams and tributaries
Solar panels installed on the roof of a commercial building near a bay
Cars and trucks drive on a steep grade along a highway that leads down to a river
Wide view of a vehicle driving down the road in a rural river canyon
Semi trucks drive on a road between rock cliffs and a lake in the mountains at dawn
Vehicles driving on a highway along the edge of an alpine lake beween mountains and forests
Cars and trucks travel along a highway next to a beautiful mountain lake
A pickup truck drives along a road near a river gorge with mountains all around
A black pickup truck drives on a curved road near a deep river gorge with foothills in the distance
Flying through a stand of pine trees to reveal a white car driving up a rural road in a beautiful river canyon
An empty road winds through a snowy mountain valley
Trains pulling into a station
A footage of a majestic high rise tower
Overhead view of a busy city bridge
A building soars into the sky
View of skyscrapers downtown in a city
A highway in a city
Traveling past buildings and skyscrapers in a city
City buildings under a cloudy sky
Looking up at city buildings
Skyscrapers standing tall in a city
Buildings in a ctiy
Clouds floating over city buildings
Storm clouds forming in the sky
A city skyline at night
A train passing thru a city
The small red frog sits in the dark room
Orange frog sits on a log at night
The water flows past the monument
Birds eye view of crystal clear water flowing down twin waterfalls into an icy plunge pool below
Flying low above a river filled with rocks and boulders running through deep woods
An overhead aerial view of a winding river flowing through a frost covered forest
Slow orbit over the masts of sailboats and yatchs docked at a fog shrouded marina
Ascending over boats docked along a city marina at sunrise
A car drives down a beautiful mountain road near an icy river
A pickup truck drives on a forest road next to a rushing river and snow covered mountains ahead
A train yard
Underside of a bridge
An upward view of a skyscraper on a cloudy day
Aerial view of a city
A view of buildings and a park while driving down a city street
View of metropolitan area on an overcast day
A city skyline
Tilt up traverse along multiple pipelines that extend to the horizon and beyond amidst dense fog
The sunset sky reflects on the surface of a winding stream along a beautifully contoured mountainside
A small pond is nestled between the trees of a dense forest with a mountain range in the distance
Pullback reveal over a reflective stream that winds along a dramatic mountain valley at sunset
Small lakes and wetlands are surrounded by native vegetation and a natural landscape as the sun sits just above the horizon
Small lakes and streams cover a natural wetlands area as the rising sun glows red on the horizon
Birds eye view of a Seattle lakefront neighborhood covered with a fresh dusting of snow
Flying above houseboats along the Eastlake shoreline as a small yacht makes its way toward downtown Seattle
Tilt up reveal of the Seattle skyline at sunrise from over hundreds of boats docked at Elliott Bay Marina
Flying low over the water along lakefront homes of Matthews Beach
Aerial view of waterfront homes near a fog shrouded marina in the Magnolia neighborhood
Flying low over Elliott Bay with a tilt up reveal of the Seattle skyline at dawn
Tilt up reveal of tall rocky cliffs surrounding a deep canyon lake
Tilt up reveal of tall rocky cliffs surrounding a deep canyon lake
Aerial Edge 
GS11152258   (RM) 
Emerging from a wooded shoreline toward lakefront homes in the Matthews Beach neighborhood
A calm river runs along the bottom of a mountain gorge at dawn
Reveal of a narrow river flowing within a deep mountain gorge
Descending into a deep river valley surrounded by tall and dramatic rocky mountains
A mountain reservoir starts to run dry as the rocky shoreline grows larger and larger
Aerial top down view of the striations along a receding riverbank in a desert canyon
Flying along the edge of a deep river canyon where a hydro dam is generating power
Pull back tilt up reveal of a river extending away from a concrete dam built into a steep mountain valley
Pullback descent reveal of mossy river rocks and churning whitewater rapids
A low push above a pristine mountain river surrounded by evergreen forest
Skimming above the churning rapids of an alpine river flowing through a pine tree forest
Descending along the steep gradient of an alpine forest stream
A freight train travels quickly through a narrow path of carved rock along the shore of a wide river under the morning sun
Pullback reveal of a babbling brook flowing along a lush forest floor
Low and slow traverse over a beautiful little stream running through deep woods
Traverse above an alpine river in the woods as fog shrouded mountains loom high in the distance
An icy creek winds along the forest in a brilliant winter wonderland
Aerial view of downtown city of Baltimore is displayed
Lights in circular shapes receding and exploding in a colorful burst
Commuters travel on a drawbridge over a river between neighborhoods and downtown
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