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Lorraine Young 
GS11170441   (RM) 
Traverse along desert cliffs and rugged rock formations as a car drives down an empty road that stretches to the horizon
An empty road stretches along the side of a remote and rugged canyon next to a deep blue river
A car travels on a treacherous canyon road with steep drop offs down to a river below
Snow falling onto two brick houses
Two predatory condors fly together over a mountain slope
Two condors fly over the snowy rocks
Tilt down reveal of an extremely deep valley between two steep mountainsides
Pullback reveal of an inhospitable desert road near uneven rock mesas
Guard dog training by running in a field as two parachutes slow down his progress
People are getting into a boat in the water
Two people are sitting in canoe on body of water on foggy day
Two dogs on leashes fight
A happy dog
Group of people eating barbecue
Two people walk towards the stream below
Mom and son play on the green grass in the garden
A person with gloves using a welding torch on a piece of metal in a warehouse
A car drifting and doing donuts with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A car is drifting around next to two men on a city street
Car drives along street past domed capitol building
Shadow silhouette of a woman kissing the forehead of a boy
The shadow of a woman gives a man a kiss
A view of two shadow hands touching
A man is riding a bicycle in a bicycle lane on a sunny day
Two men fish from the pier
Surfer gets off of his surfboard and stands to face a large wave in the ocean
A group of people walking across a bridge
Tall shadows of two people walking on a sandy beach
A sailboat sails through the water with a city skyline and mountains in the background
People paddling kayaks on a lake near a boat at sunset
A chef is preparing sushi and cutting it with a knife
A gloved man rolls out several feet of butcher paper onto a long table
A person pulls containers across a bridge on their bike at night
A pair of women walk a dog along a path beside a lake at the bottom of a hill in a small town in the country in the evening
People on a boat traveling down a river
A doctor cleans a thermometer
A road with vehicles and people surrounded by snow and trees
Two dogs going into the water of a lake with people trees and a mountain range in the background
People with pet dogs on the shoreline of a lake near the pine trees on the mountain
Two people swimming underwater with scuba gear on a shipwrecked with sharks and fishes
A pair of divers close a box on the sea floor as sharks swim all around them
Two females are swimming underwater while wearing snorkeling gear
A pair of divers swim with a group of sharks underwater during the day
Close up of sharks swimming underwater
Scuba divers feeding sharks over a wrecked ship on the bottom of the ocean
Two people with scuba gear underwater on a shipwreck with sharks and fishes
A boat with people on it traveling down a river
A person with scrubs in a clinic washing their hands in a sink
An airplane flying in the sky with a landscape the sky and clouds in the background
A man and woman walk on a seawall past a marina full of boats
A man and woman walk on a seawall past a marina full of boats
Liam Mullany 
GS11116253   (RM) 
A view of a monument from a hallway
A woman in a wedding dress stands in a field and a man stands back looking at her
A person walking on grass towards another person covered in a sheet with the sky and clouds in the background
Male walking to female
Man stands in field facing shrouded figurebacked by red tinted horizon and forest
Man and woman are surfing on the ocean at dusk
Two men are in the ocean surfing at dusk
A woman swims in an infinity pool as two people along the ledge
A silhouette of people rowing on the water as seagulls fly overhead at sunset
A woman waits as her partner climbs up a ladder at a beach
Man and woman walk next to the lake
Sand piles up in a cove on the side of a cliff in the coast
Two scuba divers are swimming underwater near a school of fish
Two scuba divers swimming in front of a big school of fish on the ocean
Two people row paddle boards near a city skyline
Fireworks exploding in the night sky over a body of water
People walking in a city with trees and buildings with the sky and clouds in the background
Father picks up child near statue and are also silhouette by sun shining through city
The shadows of two young men are reflected on the sidewalk as they walk past a mound of snow
Small yellow boat arrives at the coast near the mist covered mountains
A boat on the ocean with birds flying in the sky and clouds in the background
Motorcycle driving on a two way road in the mountains stops in the middle lane
Large stone artwork with sculpted faces outdoors
Heavy fog surrounds the stone
Large stone wedges with faces carved into them stand with trees and fog behind
Flames from the bonfire burn brightly in the darkness
A large blue sign in a city at night time spells out the word toronto with a red maple leaf on the end
Two people in a raft with paddles going down a river with trees and cliffs in the background
People on a raft on a river next to railroad tracks with the sky and clouds in the background
Two people float down a river that runs through a canyon on an inflatable boat
Tilt down tracking shot of a drone flying over a beautiful beach as waves wash ashore
People grabbing yellow cocktail drinks from a table in a restaurant
A chess player swaps two game pieces
A chess player moves a piece toward another piece and moves those two pieces together to a third piece
A chess player moves a piece over two spots
Two people playing chess on a rotating board
Storefront with red walls and glass doors on a street with people standing and walking outside at night
A close up of a chess board with hands moving the pieces on the board
Two people review x ray images on a monitor
The outstretched legs of a man go through the imaging machine first
A medical worker operates a mri machine causing a patient to be guided through the scanner
A person pushing a button on a mri scanner as another person moves into it
Elderly hands control a computer mouse
A man sitting before a computer looks at a medical scan being displayed on its monitor as another person gestures at the screen
A doctor pointing at a knee xray on a computer monitor
Two men sit at a desk moving a computer mouse with one hand
People review x ray images on a monitor
Go carts racing on a track with a cone and a red line with a building the sky and clouds in the background
A close up of an asphalt race track with go karts moving down the track quickly
A pair of people pull up to the starting line on a race track in go karts
Competing go karts speeding over the curve on a race track
Two people with helmets racing go karts on a track with the sky and clouds in the background
A painter uses a paper plate as a palette while painting on a canvas
Two people sit in a canoe in a large reflective lake surrounded by dense trees
A path runs past the beach
Green grapes being harvested and placed in a bucket on a vineyard
Green grapes being harvested in a vineyard
Two people cut grapes off the vine with shears
Two people bike over a bridge in a forest
A person floating inside an indoor skydiving wind tunnel
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