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Aerial view of the barren passing slope on a mountain range at morning
Adrian Houston 
GS11123636   (RF) 
An aerial view of mountains and forests with a small town in the valley
A pond next to a road surrounded by trees
A river running through a forest
Vehicles are plowing snow off of the streets at night
An aerial view of two lakes in a forest
Sunlight shines through the foliage of a group of trees in a woodland during the day
A house in a rural area with lights on and off in a rural area search helicopter light
A star filled sky over the ocean as shooting stars move across the sky at dusk
Dirt road stretching into dark woods at night search helicopter light
The leaves on a tree shimmer in the light as they fall to the forest floor search helicopter light
Aerial view of lit up buildings in a downtown area and traffic driving on streets
Shadows moving across trees in a forest search helicopter light
A time lapse of shadows from the sun in a forest search helicopter light
Cars driving a long a road on the shore with a city skyline across the water
A large bridge on the shore
Cars driving down a city street with office buildings and the waterfront
A city skyline with trees buildings and skyscrapers
A creek with a bridge with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of forest in autumn is displayed
A lake in the middle of mountains with snow with sunlight and blue skies
Drone flying through a forest
Forest path surrounded by tall trees in a nature reserve
Bird sitting on a branch high up in a tree
A pair of women walk a dog along a path beside a lake at the bottom of a hill in a small town in the country in the evening
Weeds swaying in the wind in a rural farmland field
An aerial view of a mountain forest in the winter
White car drives across a bridge as it passes through a fire damaged forest
Car driving down a road in a forest
Large rows of crops on a farm surrounded by trees and a small town
Hands picking fruit from a tree outdoors in overcast conditions
Aerial view of forest is displayed in autumn
Close up of tall green reeds in a marsh with overcast weather
Fir trees in a wide open forest on a sunny day
Giraffe standing behind a gate next to a building chewing
Two ducks in a cage eating from a bowl on the ground with water
River flowing over rocks in a rocky area of the woods with trees and moss all around
Nature reserve full of pine trees on a sunny day
While ascending through a forest of tall trees a towering mountain range can be seen above
Bare tree branch with water droplets and overcast weather
Trees in a forest in a rural area
Aerial view of the arctic in winter
A lake surrounded by mountain and forest under a cloudy daytime sky
The valley is green with streams running through it
Gates open to a large group of trees
A calm river running through a vast evergreen forest under a clear daytime sky
Aerial view of ocean waves break against the beach next to the forest
A boat travels a river through a vast evergreen forest during the day
The wind is blowing the tall trees in the forest
Sun sets on horizon tinting sky red as fog mutes colors of forest
People on a boat traveling down a river
A lake surrounded by mountain and dense forest on a sunny day
The sun setting over a forest
The sun shining over a landscape view in nature
An aerial view of a river in a forest area
Sun shines through thick forest trees
Sky shows through top branches of tall conifer trees in forest
Aerial view of a river flowing through a forest with hills in the distance
A landscape with a fence and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
Trees in a forest is displayed
Sunlight shines through tall trees in a forest
Landscape view of a forest and lake with a mountain range in the distance
Trees in a valley near mountains is displayed
A valley in the mountains near the bright blue sky
Some trees have fallen in the woods
A house out in a rural setting displayed in front of a forest where there is snow on the ground surrounded by a wooden house
An aerial view of mountains is displayed
A river runs through a heavily forested mountain valley
Snow and trees in a forest in winter
A forest with fall leaves covering the ground
Train follows train tracks away from mountains past forest and paralleling river
A river runs along a bank filled with fir trees
An aerial view of a calm reflective lake surrounded by mountains in nature
Cliffsand mountains close to the ocean
A mountain range and mountain peaks near the sky and clouds
A golf course with a pond and fountain at dusk or dawn
A bridge with vehicles over a river with a mountain range and the sky in the background
Aerial view of a city set on hills and greenery during the day in summer
A small island covered with trees sits in the middle of a lake in the middle of a forest
A city with buildings trees streets and vehicles with the sky and clouds in the background
An aerial view of buildings in a city
A mountain covered in a forest rises up near a lake
An aerial view of a mountain surrounded by trees is displayed
A snow covered mountain with trees
A snow covered mountain with trees
GS11121586   (RM) 
Trees in front of a mountain range
An evergreen forest in the snowy mountains and hills surrounding a lake under a cloudy sky
The water is calm in the lake by the mountains
Snow melting in the spring forest dolly
The lake is in between the forest and mountains
Trees in a forest with hills off in the distance
The snow is covering the forest area
A lone pine tree against a blue sky
An aerial view of a forest and mountains is displayed
A view of a forest in winter is displayed
A street running through a forest
Large rocks and snow are on the mountain top
A river flows over rocks in a forest
A small lake is surrounded by a forest and snow capped mountains
An aerial view of a snow covered forest on the edge of a body of water
Trees peek out from under a layer of snow on the side of a mountain
A light fog covers the mountains
Evergreen hills on the snowy hills surrounding a lake on a sunny day
A snow covered mountain
A construction site on a small flat island off the coast of a metropolis
An aerial view of a lake and the coast and a forest
A birds eye view of a snowy lakeshore with pine trees
Cranes and construction equipment sit on a large dirt oil field next to the ocean
An inlet of a lake pokes into an evergreen forest at the bottom of a snowy hill
Crane towers over construction equipment near tree covered hill while fog obscures city skyline and nearby bridge
A truck towing a trailer makes its way up a road that passes through a forested mountain range
Pine trees and snow surround a mountain lake on a cloudy day
Two lakes divided by land and trees with a mountain range and the sky in the background
A narrow river runs through a snowy forest
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