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Black and white dog standing over a dog house on an outdoors dog pound
Snow covered forest of pine trees and mountains in the distance on a clear day
Thin sheets of ice stacked on top of each other melting
A broken tree stump on top of a pile of ash and dead plants outdoors
An insect resting on top of a branch
A view of a forest in the fall in the mountains
Razor wire topped fencing against a blue sky
Top down view of pristine and calm forest wetlands
Birds eye view of calm wetland pools as ducks and geese swim and forage along the vegetation
Top down view of a colorful wetland bog
The parking lot is full at a large domed resort on top of a mountain in the countryside
Rock formation at day time jutting off the side of a mountain slope next to a canyon with a river
Top down view of a frosty lake shore between an evergreen forest and glacial lake on a winter day
View of a church chapel with a cross on top from the inside of a moving vehicle during the day
A tall tree looms high over frosted and densely packed new growth of an evergreen forest
Pushing through the trees to reveal an alpine mountain lake
Ascending twist over the tops of a wintergreen forest
Top down descending twist of a frosty winter forest
Aerial view of clouds touching the top of a pine tree forest in the mountains
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Top down descent over the turbulent waters of a river flowing through a pine tree forest
Ascent at first light over a frosty evergreen forest with tall mountains in the distance
Silver suv with camping equipment on top at day time driving through a shallow body of water next to mountains
A dense fog flowing along the mountainside starts to envelop a forest below
A cold glacial river flows at the base of snowy mountains
Upstream traverse along a beautiful creek that winds through thick conifer forest
Tilt up reveal of the morning sun rising above a dense evergreen forest
Pullback traverse along the tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Twisting top down aerial view of ocean waves crashing over the rocks in the coast
Slow pullback reveal of rugged mountain tops beyond a vast forest valley
Fog and mist intertwine between the dark trees of a spooky mountain forest
A layer of fog hangs over dense woodland tree tops at daybreak
Alpine trees grow below the timberline of snow covered mountains under wintery skies
Pullback ascent over a mist and fog shrouded forest
Flying above the tree tops of an evergreen forest as the sunrise paints the sky above distant mountains
Top down view of streams and small ponds in a wintery alpine forest marsh
Tilt up reveal of a small stand of pine trees growing on snow covered wetlands with many small streams and tributaries
Birds eye view of a fast flowing river cutting thru sun kissed evergreen forest
Pullback descent over misty tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Traversing above the trees of an alpine forest on snow covered mountain slopes
A bright white moon emerges from behind a jagged and snow covered mountain ridge
The moon sets behind snow covered mountains at the first light of dawn
A beautiful mountain towers above a serene forest blanketed with heavy snow
A light floating in the sky shines from behind the top of a tree in a forest at night
Sunlight glints off parallel rows of solar panels lined up on a large utility scale solar farm
A person parachutes over the summit of a snowy mountain range at daytime
A person parachuting above many mountains and fog
A flat topped mountain covered in snow in a snowy countryside during the day
Glass of enclosed cabin reflects snow covered mountains
Aerial view of a landing in a snowy field with mountains in the distance
An aerial view of a rural snowy field on a winter day
Leaning out the open door of a helicopter over snow covered mountains
Snow covers the ground and sides of a mountains in a vast mountain range
The view of a snowy landscape as seen from a parachute in the sky
Aerial view bay of the tropical island
Aerial view from a helicopter of a snowy mountain range at daytime
Mountain range with trees on top of the mountains and a lake in between
Aerial view of snow covered mountains are displayed
Aerial of snow capped mountain peaks in the arctic
The top of pine trees in a forest
A neighborhood sits on a slope at the base of a tall mountain
Aerial view of white fog over the pine tree forests in the snow covered mountains
The heavy wind is blowing the tent on the mountain
A tent at the base of a mountain
The ship has large bull horns on the top
A cloud snowy cloud shrouded mountain looms in the countryside outside of a metropolis during the day
Mountain peak in front of heavy cloud cover at dusk
Heavy snow falls from a foggy sky onto a wooden cabin on the outskirts of a forest
Snow falling around a cabin on a ski resort
A small plane parked on a runway surrounded by snow capped mountains during the day
Small green plants grow out of a tree trunk as heavy snow falls
Water splashes as a black station wagon drives down a road in freezing rain
A metal guardrail runs alongside a road that is covered with snow and ice
A view of rain falling on the top of a boat on a lake
Truck driving on the wet tarmac on a snowy road
A black vehicle slowly drives down a slick road as rain falls and melts snow on the shoulder
Aerial of a huge snowy mountain range in the purple dusk
A large vehicle with tire chains drives through a snow storm
Aerial of a massive mountain range in pink alpenglow
Yellow snow plow with chains on the tires drives backwards n a snow storm
Snow plow operates in a heavy storm
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
Four skiers in a vast glacial field at sunset
A snow plow cleaning a street while it snows heavily
A snow plow clearing a mountain road during a blizzard as a car drives by
Birds are migrating in an arctic area
Snow blowing out of a snow plow as it drives along
Aerial shot of a jungle environment
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range at day
A heavy duty snow plow throwing snow off a street
Flakes of snow fall from the branches of tall pine trees
Aerial view of snowy mountains and an old avalanche
Aerial of a mountain ridge covered in snow under a pale sky
Aerial of glacial mountains in the mist
Tilt down following snowflakes falling against rock
Aerial of fog around a snowy mountain at sunset
A view of a snowy mountain surrounded by a forest
Aerial of winter mountain ranges
Snow softly falling on old growth trees
Aerial view of a snow covered mountain on a cloudy day
Aerial view of a snow covered mountain on a cloudy day
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11162266   (RM) 
Aerial movement along a mountain plain at sunset
Heavy snow falls onto towering trees
Aerial of snowy mountains draped in clouds
Aerial of a skier descending a huge mountain at high speed
Aerial of a car on a highway cutting through huge mountains in winter
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Aerial push over tidal area and ocean in front of snow capped mountain range
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Aerial view of a logged area in the mountains
Aerial of a man skiing down a mountain
Snow falling at night time
A vehicle driving on a winter road in a massive mountain landscape
Aerial pull over ice flow in the arctic at sunset
Aerial descent over a stunning arctic area at sunset
Snow falling on trees in the woods and a curvy road sign
Peaks of a mountain covered in snow under a clear blue sky
View of high snow capped mountains
Snowy peaks tower above a forest
Landscape view of a forest and mountain range
An aerial view of a snow covered mountain is displayed
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