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Three liquids mix each darker then the next creating bubbles and changing the liquid from clear to amber to black
Red liquid with bubbles moves and ripples when a drop hits the surface making bubbles rise
A road with vehicles near a grassy plain with lightning the sky and clouds above
A lone wispy orange fire plume slowly drifts upwards surrounded by blank darkness
Low embers burning and blowing in the heat sparks flying
Low burning embers burn and float up and away causing shadows where cool
A man and a woman look at and point at a map with a campfire nearby
In a forest on an overcast day an insideout wetsuit hangs dry on a tree branch alongside a surfboard and a row of colorful singleperson tents populate the background
About 15 feet away from the passenger side of a car a bonfire is blazing in front of a lake with mountains in the background
Car changing lanes on the road
Two adult ducks and several ducklings eat in grassy area next to river behind a big tree with trees boats and houses in the background
Sunlight shines through the blinds and creates a pattern of shadows
Flying over a snowy area towards a mountain
Flying over a snowy area towards a mountain
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11162551   (RM) 
Medication is taken out of a bottle with a syringe and placed in a tray
A view of some large rocks off the shore in the ocean
Rain pours near a waterfront house around midday in a bay
Stairs on city park on a cloudy day
A train passing thru a city
Dog lays on the leaves in an outdoor kennel
A small bug is moving over sand
Hundreds of fish swimming around rippled water
A large bird of prey glides in the air above snowy mountainous terrain
Panda bear sits in a tree as it eats
Orange flames rise from a charred log
Metallic tibetan prayer wheel spinning
A city skyline
Ferry in a lake leaves a dock near a pine tree forest in the mountains
The sun sets over a mountain range
Birds fly in the sky in the distance
Wooden pallets are floating in the water
Footprints in a sand dune on a sunny day
A spider web cast between two reeds near a lake sways in the breeze
A stream is slowly pouring water
Grass growing in water sways under a stormy sky
Rock formations and plains
Texas Nature
A group of statues in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC National Mall
A large white cloud floating downward gathers into orange puffs in front of a clear blue sky
Dark storm clouds gather with a small patch of sunlight to the left growing smaller
Cloth designs on it floats through thick red liquid with balls or clumps
Driving on the road with shot of wind turbines
Red liquid is moving creating bubbles in changing light going from black to red to orange
A vehicle driving on a city street with buildings traffic lights and streetlights in the background
Flowers and leaves very close up and blurred
This is a view from the ground up of trees with sunlight poking through the leaves
Rugged tree trunk covered with patches of snow
Looking out of a rusted metal building at the desert
Snowflakes falling over a placid landscape of forests on snow covered mountains at sunset
Snow covered peaks of a mountain range under the clouds in the horizon
Colorful tibetan prayer flags waving in the wind
Water river flow hitting rock
A scenery of a river water stream
A footage of a river flow
Black dog in a red harness lays down over the snow
A group of people boating on a lake around a monument on the shore
People are getting into a boat in the water
Sun shines down on snowy mountains
Aerial view of a rainbow over a small rural church in the hills
A hummingbird is feeding on a flower
Hummingbird hovering near a flower then flying away
A dog standing around some people
A vehicle travels on a road in the wilderness
A person is driving in the fog
A man is driving
A vehicle traveling on a foggy day
A ferris wheel stands amidst a cityscape
Someone bounces a metronome back and forth
Rotting pumpkins in a field
A scarecrow sits on a fence
A scarecrow with a pumpkin head stands in a field
A scarecrow in a corn field
An empty classroom during the day
View of an empty classroom
Old pickup truck sitting in a clearing at sunset
The sun sets over the ocean with storm clouds and a lightning strike
Clouds hover over mountains and ocean
The lake ahead has ripples at sunset
Strong winds blow the water and trees near the this pier
A fallen tree leads to a canyon ahead
A fallen dead tree lies among green bushes
Waves crash on a stony shore
A person is in the water at sunset
A lion is laying in the dirt under the shade of a tree
Twinkling lights in the dark
Woman appears to walk down a tilted hallway with flashing lights
A sky full of stars and a light shining down
A person is standing in a corridor surrounded by strobing light and shadow
The black ceiling above has light shining in through holes
A person is raising their hands as they stand in a front of a projection of lights
A sky full of stars and bright light shining down
Close up of hand gently grasping wheat grass while walking by in a field
First crouching and then standing man examines dead tree
Hands unfolding and laying out a travel map
A man in a white coat using a laptop takes his sets his glasses next to him on the desk
A person looks at a pile of ropes and clamps
A man ties wires together
A person holds a bundle of wires in their hand and walks forwards
A woman examines ropes and tools
Some people are playing on the beach near a couple of boats
People on the street riding motorcycles with rice patties and the sky in the background
A persons feet jogging with sneakers on
A large sphere eclipses a bright star in outer space
A person with gloves using a welding torch on a piece of metal in a warehouse
A woman in a shop draws on a plank of wood
A person with gloves a hammer and chisel shaping a piece of metal in a workshop
A car drifting and doing donuts with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A car travels on the street inbetween the skyscrapers in the city
A person in a lab with gloves and a hazmat suit taking a container from a cabinet
A person in a room with gloves using a tool to collect gel with a wall in the background
A person in a room turning on a spigot with a clear gel oozing out into a container
A person in a warehouse pushing a cart with wheels with a wall in the background
A shadow of a persons hand on a wall in a room
Man exhales smoke while outdoors at night in the dark
A person in a room putting a key into a machine
A sulphur crested cockatoo is sitting in a tree looking around and flies away
A cockatoo is sitting on a tree branch as the leaves move in the breeze
A sulphurcrested cockatoo is sitting in a tree looking around
A sulphur crested cockatoo is sitting in a tree looking around
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