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Matthew Nighswander 
GS11174862   (RF) 
A time lapse of storm clouds moving across a field
A river in a forest surrounded by rocks and vegetation covered and snow
Scenic view of the yellow sunset sky over the city skyline
Sun rising over city with a few clouds in the sky
A large storm is raging in the distance
An audi vehicle drives along a desert dirt road
Sun rays punch through heavy clouds turning mountains and snow covered forest gloomy
Sun sits at horizon turning sky red over mountains while snow covered forest remains dark
House in a field near the mountains at sunset
Ocean waves crash against the beach at dawn
A dog runs in a field of snow next to a neighborhood
Rising over the Green Lake neighborhood to a wide overview of the entire Seattle metro area
Boat travels in the ocean near the mountains and the palm trees
A landscape with a mountain range with snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
Fog fills valley below snow covered mountains
Snow crusted trees stand on slope overlooking forest and other mountains as snow falls
Small snow flakes fall from the sky in the woods
A snow covered mountain is displayed
A tree is displayed during winter
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
A sport utility vehicle drives down an icy mountain road
Snow covered ground under a gray winter sky
Water pools in between melting ice on the ground
Snow covers plain bordering conifer forest under overcast sky
Sunshine backlights a mossy forest branch
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
An airplane ascends in the sky with clouds and a low sun
Water surrounded by ice
A car driving up a mountain road in the winter
The front end of a black audi traveling on a snowy road with trees in the distance
Dark grey audi cars rear lamps indicate left
A view of a sunset on a horizon
Trees next to the snow covered field with mountains in the distance
Snowflake shaped christmas decoration hanging from a pine tree at home
A plane flies while leaving an airport
Waves move across the water under and orange sky and land in the distance
A vehicle travels along a road through a snowy forest in the evening
Silhouetted hill with trees next to lake at sunset
The Washington Monument over foggy reflecting pool at the National Mall
Airplane window view of clouds above a sun setting horizon
Water slowly flowing over an ice sheet outdoors
A beach with waves with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A vehicle with headlights driving on a snowy roads with trees in the background
The sun shining through trees in a green forest flaring the lens
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
Dog stands in snow in individual kennel howling and barking as another dog stands nearby
A car is driving on a road in winter near the mountains
Heavy clouds sit over the long fields
The low sun shines through the trees
Sunshines from clear blue sky through swaying conifer trees
Dark grey audi drives on snowy country road next to farm
The sun sets on ice on a frozen lake
Black and white dog standing over a dog house on an outdoors dog pound
Ice with water flowing
Sun shines on a wave splashing and rolling in overhead
Audi car drives in the snowy field with hills in the background at dusk
A black car travels on a snow covered road with trees and utility poles along the roadside
Two dogs are behind a fence in winter
Dog standing outside
A static shot of light beams through trees and fog at sunrise
The yellow sky above a lake at sunset
A black car is driving on a road with headlights on during snowy season
Wind turbines spinning on the hills near the farms at sunset
Washington monument in the horizon behind the trees at evening
An automobile drives a long a road past a snow covered landscape
Frozen water on the surface of a lake near the mountains at sunset
A car with headlights on travels on an ice and snow covered road surrounded by tall trees
Snow covered field with tracks leading to a house and trees in the distance under a clear blue sky
Coffee being poured from an espresso machine into a paper cup
Static shot of the washington monument
Large bubbles and waves rolling over vegetation underwater
Dark grey audi car drives on snowy field at sunset
A vehicle with headlights driving on a snowy road with trees and a mountain range in the background
Thick layers of cracked ice cover a field
Wind turbines on the slope of a hill in a rural area with houses down below at daytime
Snow covered field in the countryside under a blue sky
A track with tire marks with grass and snow with trees in the background
Dark green race car doing doughnuts in an open lot at daytime
Ice shards glow and reflect golden sunshine
Tall windows in a building have a clear view of downtown New York City
A car drives down a road with a snow covered bank
Wind turbines on a grassland behind a house in a rural area
An audi vehicle travels a rural snow dusted road
Close up of ice on a lake at sunset
Wind mills are powering the city at dusk
Trees above a rock sway in the wind against a sunny sky
A car drives along a remote road that is lined with snow covered fields
A vehicle travels along a road lined with snow through a forest in the evening
Turbines spinning on wind farm on a cloudy day
Broken ice on a lake
A vehicle driving on a snowy road with a snowy landscape the sky and clouds in the background
Sunrise over frozen water
Aerial view of rows of white tombstones on a graveyard under the low clouds
A landscape with trees and wind turbines with the sky and clouds in the background
A small vehicle drives on a snow covered rural area
The birds fly over the small hills
Sunlight reflecting on ice on the ground in winter
A wind turbine rotating in a rural field on a cloudy day
A wind turbine rotating in a rural field on a cloudy day
Skip Armstrong 
GS11165376   (RM) 
Trees on the slope of a snowy mountain range on a clear day
Black car driving on a snow covered plain in the countryside at morning
A view of windmills rotating in a field
Snow covered pine trees with snow covered mountains in the distance on a clear day
Dark audi car drives on snowy dirt road in the field
The surface is covered with ice
A motor boat departs from a marina around a breakwater as dense fog moves in
Snow covered forest of pine trees and mountains in the distance on a clear day
Sunlight peaks through dark clouds that move east
Rain clouds floating above a mountain range during a storm
The sun shines on a frozen lake as it sets
Skimming over Elliott Bay to reveal the Seattle skyline at sunrise under cloudy skies
An audi vehicle drives on a rural snow dusted road
Forest area filled with snow covered pine trees and a mountain range in the distance
Still wind turbines out on a slope at daytime under a cloudy sky
A car with headlights on travels on a forest road surrounded by tall trees
A black car is drifting on snow
Time lapse of storm clouds rolling over the fields at sunset
Tall trees on the forest under a faded blue sky in the morning
Snow covers the ground and rooftops in a suburban Seattle neighborhood filled with tall trees
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