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Woman Riding Bike To Coffee Shop
A person rolls back a fabric surface
A chef in a commercial kitchen is preparing a plate of food from small pans of ingredients
A chef cuts an onion in the kitchen of a restaurant
A blacksmith checks the blade of a steel knife
Medical marijuana buds in a glass canister on a stainless steel counter
A person places an item on a scale in a lab
A chef is deboning a piece of meat with a large chefs knife
A chef uses a large knife to cut a head of red cabbage
A chef cutting into a large head of red cabbage
A chef pouring flour onto a table and making a hole in the center of the pile
The camera looks towards a stove in a commercial kitchen
A cook with an arm tattoo pours powder into a steel bowl and swishes it around
Chef flips ingredients in mixing bowl in commercial kitchen
A group of men talking at a table
Three men stand by a table inside a steel framed building discussing blueprints and plans
Three men stand by a table inside a steel framed building discussing blueprints and plans
Ian Reid 
GS11613862   (RM) 
Bike Shop
Woman Riding Bike To Coffee Shop
Man Making Guitar In Workshop
Sparks fall to the ground near a table
A man grinds steel in a workshop
Man grinds a piece of metal as sparks shower around him
Chefs mix up food in large steel bowls
A man stands at a desk in a garage and puts on his welding gloves and mask
A man drawing on paper inside a shop
A man is writing something in a dark room
A man draws in a notebook while sitting at a workbench in a shop
A man uses a power tool that shoots out sparks in a workshop
A man welding something on a table on a bench
A man writes in a notebook with a pencil
A man using a grinder to grind something
Sparks fly to the floor of a workshop with a man's feet standing nearby
Person measuring a piece of metal with a small ruler
A man lights his torch and begins his work
A man drawing a line on something with a metal ruler
A man stands in a workshop
A man traces a line with a ruler
A man is welding a small piece of metal
Man measures a piece of metal on a desk
A man is placing a piece of metal on a slab
A man walks over to get some tools in his shop
Close up of dials and equipment
A blacksmith is arranging his tools and tending to his fire
Some tools jiggle on a table
A man using a large buzz saw on a table inside of a warehouse
Smoke billows out as a man drills a hole through a piece of metal in his garage
A man uses a sharp tool to draw an outline of a piece of metal on a wood table
A man draws a line on a wood table with a ruler
Narrow steel panels are lined across a table in a factory
A sheet of metal cut
Flare of light shining down on the blade of an unfinished knife on a machine
The table is full of metal letters and numbers for signs
Aaron Graubart 
TRU2469698   (RM) 
Florian Stern 
GS397935   (RF) 
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